Monday, 31 July 2006

>>> Take Off! <<<

Hardly slept the nite which isn't very unusual! I was busy packing until 5am but also partly on the net too doing some last minute stuff! Had about 4 hrs sleep and I was up again, doing last minute errands. Thankfully we do not have to check in until 3pm so we had time to sort our stuff out. Managed somehow to get all the bags packed.

At 3pm, the taxi came and brought us to Birmingham Airport. Checked in counter at Lufthansa was empty. Got our boarding pass but only from Birmingham to Frankfurt. The airport staff couldn't book our onward flight from Frankfurt to Singapore ... now that was a bummer as it would mean that we might end up with separate seats!!! To make matters worst, the flight was delayed too due to bad weather. Anyway, we somehow got onto the flight and made our way to Frankfurt.

Reached Frankfurt and that's where the connecting flight fiasco happened! First we had to get the boarding pass so went to check into the Lufthansia counter where I showed the lady our flight iternary and she directed us to the SIA counter. We went there and was told it was a Lufthansa flight instead so back again to the same counter where this stupid bitch now directed us to another counter to get the boarding pass. Went there and was told that the counter was closed (it was 1 hr to departure) and that our tickets had already been booked and we had to go directly to the departure lounge!!! So off we went to the departing gate and again queued at another counter. This time headed straight for a guy instead and boy was he more pleasant than the rest of the bitches encountered (god! some of them were so testy ... probably PMS problem!!!) Anyway, he had luckily booked us in when he saw our names on the reservation and thank goodness he did as the flight was overbooked and they were offering passengers 600 euros+accomodation if they gave up their flight. He laughingly asked me if I was interested adn I laughingly told him to piss off! Got him to check our outgoing flight to see which airline we would be travelling on and was told it will be SIA. Now all this happened due to online booking as our flight iternary showed BMI (British Midlands)/Singapore Airline flight. Instead it ended up as Lufthansa/SIA instead! This will be the last time I book any air ticket online!!! Really miss my Emirate airline... Lufthansa didn't even have a screen at the back of the seat!!! And to think we paid so much for a second rated airline! Sorry but in this modern day age, any airline that doesn't provide a TV screen at the back of the seat is considered second-rate to me!

The flight was slightly delayed too due to seating problems of passengers with babies. They are usually allocated seats opposite a wall so that a bassinet can be put up for them. This flight had a few babies and as it had been overbooked, the flight attendents had problems persuading some people to give up their seats! They had to even sacrifice 2 attendents seats at the back to passengers! Eventually it was sorted and we took off!
Thankfully my boys travel well and within an hour of taking off, they were asleep. We were lucky it was a nite flight (plane left at about 10.30pm). Dinner was served at midnite but that didn't stop me from eating! I had requested a seafood meal and I was served early. Meal was great as I had fish. It was lovely!

Onflight movie was Ice Age2 (quite disappointing as I expected more recent movie!) Anyway, read the newspapers and browsed through my scrapping mags instead. Eventually, settled down to go to sleep... TTFN!

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KimmyS said...

What a nightmare!!!! I used to think that Lufthansa were really good but my only ever flight with them was just as disaterous as yours!

Glad you finally made it! Enjoy your time and I hope your flight back will be better