Friday, 30 November 2007

>>> Busy Busy Busy! <<<

Haven't been blogging regularly as I've been busy. I had to get stuff ready for an Advent swap that I have with my team members at UKScrappers and also a Christmas one for a member on Scrapitudes forum. Also my DT kits from BackPorch Memories and Homegrown came as well and I was busy churning out LOs. I had kinds lay dormant doing LOs as I was getting scrapped out and did a lots of Xmas cards and altered arts. So it was nice to start doing pages again.

Looking forward to 1st December where I can start opening my Xmas pressie from the Advent swap! TTFN!

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

>>> Grrrr! Major Rant! <<<

Why is it that there is a dismal of colour selection in the boys department? I was out trying to get a purple t-shirt, a yellow shirt and a red trousers but could I find any in those colours .... Nada, Zilch and NO!!!! So frustrating!!! When I looked at the girls aisle, what an array of colours! It's so unfair. The only colours I could find in the boys section was all shades of blue, black, green and colours that boys usually wear. No yellow, purple or red!!! Perhaps a red top but as for trousers, zilch! Why the sexism or discrimination for boys? You can bloody buy a pink shirt in the adult men's section yet for little boys, they have to be dressed in drappy colours! Sigh!

Rant over.... have to try and raid the wardrobe to see what I can dress Zac in as he has a Letterland day on Friday and supposed to come in a letter character. TTTFN!

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

>>> Up Manchester Again! <<<

Headed off to Manchester for the boys' osteopatic treatment. This time we were advised to cut out dairy products for Zac due to his eczema problem. Come to think of it, his eczema started since he began to eat cereals with milk. I reckon we also started buying yogurt and cheese strings for them too. They never used to eat that much dairy products before and Zac was also breastfed from young and never ever had cow's milk. Hence, I'm not surprised by this diagnosis. In fact, I had an inkling that dairy products might contribute to it.... call it a mother's instinct... you just kinda know but can't explain it. Gosh, it's gonna be hard but thankfully, alternatives exist these days. He can't even have chocolates!!! My poor boy but anything to get rid of his eczema is welcomed!

After treatment, we went to Chinatown to have lunch. Then we headed back home. Didn't feel inclined to walk around.

Gosh, it has gone so cold suddenly. Sometimes wish I could hibernate till Spring! TTFN!

Monday, 19 November 2007

>>> It Snowed! <<<

OMG! It snowed last nite! Couldn't believe it. It had been raining the whole day... threw our plans to go to the German Fair in Birmingham outta the window and then at nite, it started to snow. Hubby alerted me to it and by midnite, it was inches deep. Neighbour's garden was completely covered with snow. Our had too many trees about! Unfortunately, this morning, it disappeared when the rain took over. Sad. I was hoping to be able to get some snow photos but no chance. However, I did take whatever that was left on the ground... a smattering of snow lying around...


Sunday, 18 November 2007

>>> More LOs To Share! <<<

Here are some LOs done using Homegrown October Trilogy kit. Some great papers from K&Co Wild Saffron, We R Memory Keepers White Out Promenade and Your Pictured Memories Sunkissed collection:

Luv those K&Co Wild Saffron tags.

Those AC vinyl thickers are just so cool to use!

Luv my stamps! Need to use my sewing machine more often!


Monday, 12 November 2007

>>> Remembrance Sunday! <<<

As Oliver is in Beavers, he was asked to do the march from his Scout Hall to the church. Little did I know we had to attend a service too. Oliver was then chosen to be the flag bearer and he did such a brillant job! So proud of him. At 11am, we stood outside the church for the Remembrance ceremony. As they played the tune, have to admit I got quite emotional. Here's some photos of the event:

Getting ready for the march

In the church, waiting for the procession to start.

The two boys

The Remembrance service.


Sunday, 11 November 2007

>>> LOs To Share! <<<

Here are some LOs and project from BackPorch Memories Nov Medley kit:

A 12x12 LO! First time since switching to smaller sizes 3 years ago.

Another 12x12 LO.

Zac and his chocolate-coated strawberries. He thoroughly enjoyed it and never even offered to share!

Scanner problem. Gotta adjust the brightness. Far better IRL!

LO created using a sketch that I've drawn. Part of BPM Nov challenges.

Luv those Heidi Swapp mega playing cards. So great for altering!


Friday, 9 November 2007

>>> NEC Again! <<<

Yup, went again this time to shop! I was quite restraint and actually got myself some friendly plastic and moulds to play with after seeing what could be done with it! Looking forward to making some embellishments!
Let see what else did I get, some Xmas papers by Kelly Panaci, papers from Pink Martini, replenishment of the cateyes chalk inkpads in browns and some stamps from Stamp Away and a nameless brand (one of those selling for £1 but you had to search real hard for images you want). Have to say I finished shopping for a Xmas swap as well as an Advent one too. Good to be able to feel and buy stash on the spot instead of online! Makes a big difference! TTFN!

Thursday, 8 November 2007

>>> NEC Hobbycraft <<<

Was at the NEC Hobbycraft helping out at the Banana Frog stand. Had great fun playing with BF stamps and just went mad experimenting with the stamp sets I don't possess! Can understand why it's so addictive to own them all! Tried out the Bejeweler for the first time and luv it. It's a tool for attaching crystals and boy did I went mad blinging all the cards that I made! Not surprising, came back with one (thanx to Bev) and a couple of stamp sets. Couldn't resist buying some 7 Gypsies papers and stickers too at another stand. Will be there tomorrow to do some serious shopping!

Moi with Bev, owner of Banana Frog!

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

>>> Manchester Again! <<<

We had to go up to Manchester again for another dose of osteopathic treatment for the boys. A senior consultant was around and he had a long chat with hubby regarding Oliver. Poor boy is having slight problem internally, apparently something to do with his diaphragm and tummy. I feel so guilty... wish I had him via caesarian in the first place. He wouldn't be in this condition as the poor boy was stuck inside me for more than 24 hours and probably came out feeling very stressed! Also wished I knew about this treatment when he was a baby... it would have solved so much problems that he had as a toddler. The boys need 2 further treatments so we will be up in Manchester in 2 weeks time. I've to say the treatment worked wonders for Zac. He always had sinus problems at nite and in the morning when he wakes up. Even sometime in the middle of the nite too. I brought him to see a GP but all I got was a bottle of antihistamines. He can't be taking medicine all his life! Anyway the treatment certainly alleviated his sinus problems in that he doesn't suffer so much from blocked nose now. These days he sleeps far better without waking up and crying about his blocked nose. However there's still tension around his cranial area that needs alleviating. Sometimes when traditional medicine doesn't work, one has to seek alternative methods of treatment and osteopathic treatment helps tremendously!!!

After the treatment, we headed for the The Trafford Centre to look around. Impressed with the building but can't say I was impressed with the shops.... the same old kinds that you can find in Birmingham. Boring!!! Needless to say we walked out empty-handed! Yup, we merely and literally window-shopped! Good thing about it is that I burnt off tons of calories just walking around!

Tomorrow I'll be helping out at the Banana Frog stand at the NEC Hobbycraft show. That will be fun! TTFN!

Saturday, 3 November 2007

>>> Dental Care! <<<

Received a letter from our Dental Clinic telling us that they will no longer accept NHS patients. So now we have to pay consultation charges at £25 an adult and £12.50 for a child. What a bummer! Gosh that's gonna cost us well over £100 after they are done with us as we have our dental check-up together. I'm surprised Hubby's work doesn't have any dental plan! We do fortunately have private health care but they should add dental into the scheme too. Just so amazed how essential services like dental care, eye care (i.e spectacles) cost a massive bomb here!

Today was a day of grocery! Headed to Tesco early in the morning to stock up on next week's food. As it's getting colder, had to stock up the pantry as I tend to be slightly hungrier during this season! Food bill was almost double what we usually pay but then I added a fair bit of snacks too. Hubby's useless in that department. He doesn't mind eating them but won't add them into the trolley! Boys are gettting hungrier as well especially Zac. He's constantly eating yet still so skinny (now where did he get that from.....). I reckon in future food bill will constitute the highest expenditure of this household!

Hubby was thinking of getting some fireworks but I had to fob him off... waste of money! I'd rather he spent it getting a nice box of choccies instead of stuff that will simply burn up in the sky! Why pay when you can easily watch it for free in the neighbourhood! The boys aren't that fuss about them! And these fireworks don't come cheap either!

Rite, off to bed early as we are heading off to SIL's place in Leicester early in the morning to see her eldest play in a rugby match (yawn!) How very interesting! TTFN!