Saturday, 30 July 2011

~ Banana Frog Hop ~

We are at the end of July and it's time for another Banana Frog Hop. As the theme is on Summer, I've got some summer treats lined up.

Just before my boys left school, I made up some summer treats for their teacher. As they have quite a few teachers that they want to give, I made up these little sour cream containers (instructions can be found here) from scrap patterned papers. For labels, I stamped a large star from Just About Stars set and used the Teen alphabets for names. 

Using a souffle pen, I went over the name so that it was more visible. 

As these containers were easy to do, I made quite a few and filled them with chocolates. They made a lovely summer treats especially if you have a fair number of teachers to give to!

Who says labels have to be boring! Now these can be tailored to any occasions depending on the colours that you used. 

If you fancy any Banana Frog stamps, just leave a comment and you might just be lucky! Thanks for dropping by! TTFN!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

~ Summer Hols At Last! ~

Finally the school term ended amidst much tears (more from my part) than my eldest. He leaves Junior school this term. In fact, he couldn't wait for it to end as he's looking forward to going to his secondary school, which, I guess it's good!

However, the last week of term was filled with tons of activities... school leavers performance, award ceremony, violin exams etc. Not to mention packing luggage. Hence, it will be a welcome relief to board the plane to start my summer hols! Never mind that I'll be in the air for a good 24 hours!

Well, I plan to catch up on my digi knowledge, lots of tutorial to go thru', lots of pages to create, lots of albums to fulfil! Yes, it's gonna be a busy summer hols for me but more a learning one. Let's hope I can accomplish at least half of them! TTFN!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

~ Le Weekend! ~

Another busy weekend again.

Sent my wee one to camp. He was having a pirate theme camp for 3 days. He initially didn't want to go but I took no notice of that and he went. The Cub leader does an amazing job organising activities and I want him to enjoy the outdoor life. Well, he did have fun!

A quick LO I did to document his trip. 
Tiffany Tillman: 52 Template No.20
Cosmo Cricket: Mr Campy
Celeste Knight: Weathered Overlays
Fonts: Travelling Typewriter (TT), Impact & Oh {Photo} Shoot!

A lot of errands to ran in the morning. Test drive 2 cars, Polo Match (very new) & Renault Modus. I preferred the latter due to the gadgets in there. Such a minefield when looking for a new car... so much to choose from... just make it so confusing.

In the evening, we sent our eldest off to his Prom Night. Yup, a group of parents organised a Prom Night  for the Year 6 students. It was a grand affair. My boy wasn't into dressing up but I made sure he put on something decent! A good way to say goodbye to his friends as the majority have opted to go to another school. 

While he was there, SIL and fiance came over and we headed off to an Indian restaurant. So nice to eat without the kids arounds. She has also asked me to help out with her wedding preparation so I guess I've got some work to do after my summer vacation. 

The morning saw us rushing to a recommended shop to get the eldest's PE kit. He has a compulsory list but the shop owner knew what we wanted and sorted us out! All his stuff will have his name on and hopefully, will last 2 years! With that sorted, I'm done with the boys' uniforms & shoes!

In the afternoon, we picked up the wee one from camp, got home then headed for their violin concert rehearsal. It lasted a good 2 hrs but it was worthwhile. They are due to perform at the Adrian Boult Hall this coming Friday based on the The Sound of Music theme. I now have to get some outfits for them for that day. 

Managed to create another LO today as I haven't had the chance to sit down for the last few days. 

My boys had their sports day last Friday and lucky for them, the weather was fine. The wee one had his in the morning while the older one was in the afternoon. Made sense otherwise it would have been too crowded on the field. This LO was based on the older one. 
Tiffany Tillman: 52 Template No.19
Robyn Meierotto: Vintage Days
Gennifer Bursett: Toolbox Mist V5
Dana Zarling: Lakeside
Karen Funk: Sweet Spring
Anna Aspnes: ArtPlay Palette Science/ Vacation Word Transfer
Splendid Fiins: Office Borders
Fonts: Traveling Typewriter & Old Typewriter


Friday, 8 July 2011

~ Published! ~

Not in the magazine sense! Finally, I received my Summer Vacation 2010 Album. It's bounded in a book. Have to say, it's an amazing feeling but can't say I'm thoroughly impressed with the printing though. Seems quite shoddy so I've shot a complaint. I expected the entire page to be covered but apparently, there's a margin at the top and side. It's annoying when you follow the rules given and it doesn't get printed out properly! Still it won't stop my publishing my works in a book format now. It certainly save a lot of space and you get to see your LO in print! Cool! Just have to find a good reliable company that prints out properly! 

Some sample pages. Noticed the white margin at the top of the page. Not pleased at all! Still it's a blast seeing them in print. 

Well, will be doing this summer's vacation photos as a digi again and getting them printed. Bought a Groupon offer for a Photobook from another company ... hope they do a better job! TTFN!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

~ 365 Cards: Day 127 ~

Today's challenge is Triple It! Well, basically, taken an item and triple it twice i.e. same embellishment, then make it the same in another way... same colour, same size, same something! Sounds confusing? Here's my example: 

In this card, it's the buttons that are being tripled! 3 buttons, all red and similar size!


Friday, 1 July 2011

~ On Display! ~

My last page of my Summer Vacation 2010 album. Once I've sorted out the cover page, they will be ready for publishing. 

Looking forward to it! TTFN!