Friday, 25 April 2008

>>> On Display! <<<

A few stuff that I created for Banana Frog using their stamps:

Paper by Rouge de Garance Picoti Picota. Stamps from Greenwich Park (my fav), Steelfish & Tag It.

Card using stamps from Greenwich Park & Tag It. (The card appears crooked due to bad scanning but it was almost impossible to try to get it straight!)

Stamps from Greenwich Park and Retro Greetings. Coloured using Twinkling H20s.

Here's my letter C entry for my BOM. Chose chocolate as I luv them. Doesn't do much in reducing my expanding waistline. Seriously need to an abstinence from them if I'm ever gonna lose the inches off my waistline!!!

My purpose of doing the BOM is twofold. To scrap about myself as I don't do it often but also to explore the world of mixed media. I'm combining both and exploring mixed media techniques and applying them to my pages. It's fun. Let's hope I can last till the letter 'Z'. I've still yet to finish my A-Z album started in 2006. I've only got a couple of letters left! TTFN!

Thursday, 24 April 2008

>>> Strike! <<<

The boys are off school for 2 days due to strike actions by the Birmingham Council workers as well as the teachers! They seem to be off school more than they are in! Thank goodness I'm around but I do feel for those working parents who have to try and find alternative arrangements.

Actually I kinda like them around as it means not having to wake up so early. Thankfully my boys aren't early risers. They have never ever woken up at 6am before. Earliest have been 7am. In fact if they do, we tell them to go back to bed as it's still early! LOL! However, sometimes, the eldest do wake up early so that he can play his DS and he's ever so quiet about it! Caught him once crawling, yup crawling into my bedroom so that he could take his DS. I keep their DSs in a bag next to my bed. Since the school term has started, I've restricted their access only to weekends. Trust me, they will play all day if I don't stop them! I've never came across any toys that have held their interest for that long and it's still ongoing! But seriously it can be quite addictive as I do have one myself and I tell myself, ok just another game and it goes on and then I find that 2 hrs have passed! Eeks! I could have been scrapping.

Guess what came in the post last week! Forgotten to mention it! This:

A delish amount of Maya Road goodies, FOC!

I couldn't believe the amount of stash that Maya Road had given me. Just to recap, my mini album was chosen to be showcased on their booth at CHA 08. In return, I was given $75 worth of MR products. Seeing that there's many mini albums, I'll have my hands full for this year! :)


Saturday, 19 April 2008

>>> Music Time! <<<

The boys have violin lessons in schools and once in a while the teacher offer extra session on Saturdays. Today was one of the days and we brought them to George Cadbury Hall for their lesson. There are 2 lessons, one for the beginners and the other for the slightly more advanced pupils. Have to say, it's quite popular judging by the number of pupils that turned up. I thought the lessons were great and the boys learnt a great deal, especially with regards to their bow holes! The teachers do stress a lot on holding the bow properly.

Haven't been scrapping lately. Since doing the part-time job, I've been so exhausted that I much rather watch TV than scrap. Doesn't help that my fav US programmes are showing right now i.e. Dirty Sexy Money, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy (a repeat but nonetheless still nice to watch), House and not forgetting all the CSIs. Also have been chauffeuring the boys a lot for their activities too. They do have extra curricular activities from Mon-Sat (except Tues). I think it's the driving around that is exhausting. As for me, I'm hardly at home in the daytime too, helping out quite a bit in Zac's school. The irony... now that I've got dosh coming in, I'm less inclined to spend due to lack of time in playing with the products that I've bought! Still have tons of kits not used as well as stamp sets!!!

Weather sucks! Spring is here yet I'm still shivering without a thick coat or jumper! I marvel at people walking about in just t-shirts. I can't! It has been quite cold on certain days.

Yay! It's the Solihull crop tomorrow. I'm hoping I will get some pages done. Looking forward to 'me' time as I'm need a break badly. Gonna do some packing now... TTFN!

Saturday, 12 April 2008

>>> On Display! <<<

A few stuff that I did with BackPorch Memories April kit:

A 12x12 LO. I actually did all 3 LOs in this size. Anyway, decided to play with paint and stitching.

A LO based on a Becky Fleck sketch although seriously it doesn't quite follow it. As much as I like sketches, I don't like to follow it exactly as I find it impedes my style. Hence I tend to use part of it.

A card using Imaginisce papers. Luv those penguins.

This LO was done for the newsletter. Wrote an article about using craft tissue paper and make use of it on this LO. Can't see it but it's behind the birdie.

I'm currently hosting an A-Z BOM challenge on the BackPorch Memories forum. Well, this is my letter B LO. The word chosen was 'baby'.

Made use of Scarlet Lime March kit using Making Memories Fifth Avenue paper. The photo was printed out on transparency and attached using snaps.


Sunday, 6 April 2008

>>> Snow! <<<

Woke up this morning to a blanket of snow! Gosh, it was inches thick and made a beautiful sight.

We were invited to MIL's house for lunch and the boys had a play with whatever snow that was on the ground. Dusted our sledge from the garage and Zac had a play with it but slope wasn't steep enough.

Little monkey forgot his gloves and complained how cold it was! What did he expect???

Ollie getting ready to snowball me but not before getting a photo outta him!

Unfortunately, the sun came out in full force as well and by afternoon, it was gone! So annoying!

That was what left of the snow by 3ish in the afternoon!

Spent the afternoon chilling out and scrapping a little. The boys enjoyed their DS games. Well, not long before they go back to school on Tuesday. Gosh, can't believe that their 2 weeks hols is almost gone! Time sure as hell is flying past! TTFN!

Friday, 4 April 2008

>>> On Display! <<<

Here's what I did with BackPorch Memories April's kit:

Papers from Imaginisce, Cosmo Cricket and SEI.As usual, the kit is packed full of goodies. The rest of the LOs will be revealed on the 10th!

I' m currently hosting an A-Z Book of Me (BOM) challenge at the BackPorch Memories forum. Instead of a sentence prompt, I'm giving word prompts and participants choose which word appeals to them and create a LO. For me, I chose 'artistic endeavours' for the letter A and came up with this! I was influenced by the mixed media style and wanted to incorporate a little of that art into scrapbooking.

A - Artistic Endeavours
I decided to use 8x8" size for my BOM. Once done, this will be binded using my BIA. Just hope the 1.25" wire is big enough at the end of letter Z!