Friday, 31 August 2012

~ Last Nite! ~

... in Singapore. Wow! This month has gone way too quickly for my liking. This week has been a whirlwind, meeting up with friends, relatives, shopping etc. 

I'm so glad to be able to go to a computer fair yesterday. I had certain items that I wanted to buy and there was an offer on them! First, I was searching for a network storage, one that could store stuff from PC and Mac. Found a Western Digital My Book Live, like a Personal Cloud Storage, akin to Dropbox (but minus any subscription fees as it resides in your own home). Based on the description it caters to both PC and Mac as well as Apple products such as iPad, iPhone, iTouch etc. And it works wirelessly too. OMG! Exactly what I wanted! So I got a 3TB set. I had my sight set on Apple's Time Capsule but it comes with a router and that would have interfered with my broadband as the latter is both a router & modem too. This storage is on it own and you connect using an Ethernet cable. Perfect for my house setting. I'm so looking forward to setting it up in my home when I get back!

Another item I bought is WD My Passport external hard disk. A 1TB cost a bomb in the UK and I got it for a song at the fair! One can never get enough of EHD especially when you have tons of photos and digi files! Electronic devices can fail and one should always triple backup just in case!!! Trust me to get excited over my geeky purchases!

And I got a new handbag from Charles & Keith (a local shoe and handbag store. Apparently Louis Vuitton has a stake in it)! I was merely walking past the store, trying not to go in when suddenly, this particular bag caught my eye! Had to take a look and fell in love with it. It's something I've been looking for and I found it! Luv accidental purchase!

Today, I met up with the 4 gals from the Joy Luck Club (that's what we call ourselves). Finally, all of us were able to meet up. We had a jolly good time! We had a tim sum breakfast. Then headed to Jaz's place to convene and natter and then off to town to wander about. Of course, we had to take photos in between and when you want all 5 gals in the photo, you find innovative ways of capturing ourselves! We had such a laugh!

Presenting the Joy Luck Club gals! Altered this photo using an Aviary app.
Oh and if you find me in the same outfit, that's because I have very limited wardrobe. I brought only essentials as my luggage coming out was filled with items for a friend's baby! Good as I can now fill it with stuff that I bought here! 

Now that all of us are contactable via Whatsapp, we are going to get even closer!

Got home and did the most sensible thing... pack! Yup, got my stuff together and separate them in 2 piles... need to bring back and able to leave behind for my bro to bring over! Have to be mindful of the luggage weight restriction. I'll find out tomorrow how heavy they are when everything has gone in! 

I'm glad I had the chance to be here. Yes, I was on my own but no, I wasn't lonely. Yes, I did miss my boys but no, I don't regret leaving them with their dad (good they had a father and son bonding). It's gonna be sad leaving here especially the food! I think I ate all that I wanted to eat especially this: 

Chilli crabs! Yum!

Well, one more day to eat ...  what shall I have? TTFN!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

~ 365 Cards: Day 181 ~

This week's challenge is sponsored by DRS Designs

I chose this particular image as I liked it. Not that I'm a lover of this snack:

Background from Anna Aspnes' ArtPlay Palette Magic kit. 


Monday, 27 August 2012

~ Last Week! ~

... in Singapore. Last week was terrible as I was suffering from diarrhoea after my trip in Shanghai. Something about the water there just doesn't sit well with me. It was enough to prevent me from eating properly and I didn't fancied going out at all. However, I did manage to meet up with various group of friends during the weekend and had a fun time clubbing on Saturday night (can't remember the last time I went to a club...years ago!)

Luv these gals!

This gal brought me to new places in Singapore. A long time friend! 

New friends!

I'm grateful my friends made time to meet up with me despite their busy schedules. I'll definitely miss them when I leave this country! TTFN!

Friday, 24 August 2012

~ Easy Scrapbook Pages: August 2012 ~

This came out on Easy Scrapbook Pages which can be seen here

Ju Kniepp Designs: Easy & Breezy, House Party August Borders1, Love Is A Verb
Karen Funk: Simple Stitches
Font: Writing Stuff

This LO came about rather quickly which was a good thing as I was so pressed for time then. Instructions are given on the EIS site. TTFN!

Monday, 20 August 2012

~ Pink Reptile Designs: Twiddle Twiddle ~

Mirjam, designer of Pink Reptile Designs came up with this kit called Twiddle Twiddle, available at Zig Zag Scrap. Such a fun kit: 

Here's my LO: 

Just being silly and having a fun pose!

The irony, got a DSLR yet I rely so much on my iPhone camera which sometimes do not take sharp photos, mostly blurry ones! However, doesn't bother me one bit. Memory captured so I do try and scrap it as best as I can!

Just catching up on posts hence the amount of posts suddenly! TTFN!

~ Sketchbook 365: September 2012 Challenge ~

Over at Sketchbook 365, a sketch challenge site, here's September's challenge: 

Here's my LO: 

Anna Aspnes: ArtPlay Palette Epic, Distressed Dates No1, Distressed Months No2, Foto Wallets No1Ju Kniepp Designs & Honey Designs: Photo BoothFonts: KG Sweet N Sassy & Lemondrops

You do stand to win a prize from Stamp Attic. Check the blog for more details. Closing date is 20th Sept 2012. Have fun. TTFN!

~ Charlize Creations: Be Yourself ~

Recently played with a new kit from Charlize Creations entitled Be Yourself, which is available at Oscraps. 

I adore the colours in this kit and came up with this LO. Perfect kit for boys: 

Took this photo of my boys just before I left UK. The only time I got them to smile (they were probably thankful I won't be around to nag at them). 


~ GIS: Ideas Using Machines In Flight On Pages ~

This article came out recently and can be seen here. Here's my LO:

Supplies: Anna Aspnes: Skinny Lined Overlays No2, Warm Glows No1, ArtPlay Palette Ablaze, Find My Way Overlays No1, Magic Sprinklez No2, ArtPlay Palette H2O, ArtPlay Palette Jardinier; Julianna Kniepp: Hello Beautiful, So Sweet; Webster Pages: Paris Couture; Dido Designs: Fly Like A Bird; Fonts: Pineapple Delight, Border Line & Lauren Script

Had a fun time creating this LO. I would seriously love to go up an air balloon but my fear of heights might just prevent me. It's too open for my liking! TTFN!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

~ I'm Back ~

in Singapore. After a boring 5 hour flight, finally got back to Singapore (mental note: never take China Eastern again). The plane even left Shanghai late, a good 45 mins late, like I need any more delays! Thank goodness for my Kindle on my iPhone. 

Can't say I did any sightseeing in Shanghai as this is my 3rd trip! My main aim was to see my best friend's babe, spend time with her and to do a bit of shopping. I bought what I wanted (bulk was done online and it was cheaper) and I was satisfied! The weather was way too hot to do any sightseeing. Couldn't wait to go back each time I was out just so I could cool down. Let's just say the air conditioning unit was on throughout the day!

Shanghai is still the same except more traffic on the road. In fact, if the government isn't careful, they will be heading for a perpetual traffic jam scenario, akin to Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. That would be a major nightmare! As for the driving system, it was very erratic! I'm just thankful that my friend has a driver to chauffeur her around as seriously, unless you have guts, you wouldn't want to be driving in China. Many a times I had to close my eyes due to near misses and not to gasp too loudly! 

Internet access to certain sites are restricted eg. FaceBook, Blogger and god knows what other sites. Thankfully I was able to post using Blog Press app but was not able to view my posts. Couldn't access my FB app on iPhone. You could access Blogger using a VPN site but these sites do get shut down sometimes! 

The main thing is that it was good to see my best friend again. We do communicate a lot via Whatsapp but nothing beats tete a tete communication! It has been a few years since I last saw her but thanks to FaceTime, we do see each other and chat. The different time zones does make it hard though (7 hrs difference between us).

I know I'll be looking forward to seeing her next year in the UK! Roll on 2013! TTFN!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

~ The Weekend ~

Coke by any other name is still a Coke!

Had a BBQ too. Didn't really eat outside as it was way too humid & the neighbour's air conditioning unit sounded like a jet engine! Serious! Felt as though I was next to an airport!

Flying back to Singapore tomorrow. Had a great time here but all good things have to come to an end. Not looking forward to a 5 hour journey with no flight entertainment unit in front of me!!! Urghh!

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Friday, 17 August 2012

~ Friday ~

My stay in Shanghai is almost coming to an end. Been playing with my friend's babe, he's so adorable! Reminds me so much of my boys, especially the eldest when he was a babe!

Speaking of them, hubs sent these over to me

Apparently M&S was using Vespa items as decorations in their store.

Been playing with a new photo free app called Aviary. Quite a good range of adjustment. You can make adjustments to a photo already taken or take a photo with it. On a side note, thankfully, dog is not mine! He's only a puppy but way too big for my liking!

For dinner tonight, we went out for a Thai meal. Absolutely scrumptious! Best dish... Mango fish!

Yum yum yum! That's all I can say! TTFN!

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

~ Another Day ~

Today I had a manicure

Had my long nails cut. Amazing it stayed long as I always manage to break one. I supposed not having to do housework or cook have something to do with it! Also coloured it with a shimmery lavender shade. Normally don't do a manicure as I find it uncomfortable having a colour on my nails. But it felt good to have the cuticles tidied.

Then I did a bit of last minute shopping (Xmas isn't too far away). E & I had lunch at a Japanese restaurant (food was fab). Then we did food shopping. Had to pop into the wet market & boy was it hot in there!

There were only the fans to keep cool but frankly, you couldn't feel them. Here's today forecast

Still nice to feel the heat! Haven't felt like that for a long time! TTFN!

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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

~ 365 Cards: Day 167 ~

Today's challenge is All Boy. Make a masculine card! That is something I don't have a lot so here's my card: 

All digi and used a Mother Goose kit by Lynn Marie.


~ Today ~

The weather today...

It was too hot and I stayed at home & had a massage & facial. Bliss! Also entertained a baby

And FaceTime my boys

Both are in separate places at the moment! TTFN!

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Monday, 13 August 2012

~ Shopping In Shanghai ~

Did my favourite activity today! Shopping!!!! Bliss!

Internet access is limited here as it's heavily monitored. Can't get into Blogger or Facebook. Hope this is able to be posted!

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Thursday, 9 August 2012

~ Mr Whiskers: Stone Heads ~

Mr Whiskers came up with a new kit today! I take my hat off David, the designer. He comes out with some amazing images. Incidentally, he had 2 new ones recently which I've yet to play with! Anyway, this kit is entitled Stone Heads, available at Deviant Scrap.

Here's my art journal:

I also combined it with kits from Forrest Stump & Special Effects.

This art journal came about rather quickly. Somehow, the stone heads reminded me of the show Night of the Museum, the statue called Dum Dum (something like that). Hence, I gave it a mystical feel to it with a tornado in the backdrop!

I had better head off to bed as I've got an early flight tomorrow to Shanghai. Not gonna bring my Mac (although I know I'll suffer from withdrawal symptoms. I've been digi scrapping so much the last few days, mostly CT assignments). Part of me wanna stay up and watch the Olympic athletics but I know I'm gonna suffer the next day! Darn! TTFN!

~ Happy Birthday Singapore ~

It's Singapore's National Day today. I'll be watching the National Day parade in the comfort of my home later today. It would have been nice to see it in action at Marina Bay but my dad failed to get tickets for the show and they are like gold dust! Impossible to obtain. I did take part in it once, a very long time ago and it was the best experience of my life. I still remember so well and it was just a buzz to be performing. 

Will be packing for my trip to Shanghai later. Three quarters of the stuff I'm bringing belongs to my friend & her baby. I'll be glad when the luggage is empty to carry back stuff I'm gonna buy! I leave with this photo:

A little blurry as it was taken by my friend's li'l boy but he still manages to capture us in our essence. So happy to see them again!

And this: 

Hot fudge sundae! Yum!
Just can't understand why the MacDo in UK doesn't bring it back (they have it in caramel and strawberry, favours I don't particularly fancy).


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

~ GIS: Ideas For Misting ~

One of my pet technique in scrapping: misting on pages, be it paper or digi. I still use my mists when I'm doing any papercrafting. Now that I've gone digi, I still try to employ the misting technique on my page. 

When I was given this topic to do, I was in seventh heavens. I really love the look and effect of mist on pages. And I learnt how to do it digitally too! Well, here's my page as seen in this article:

nna Aspnes: ArtPlay Palette Sweet Baby, Children Quotes No1, 12x12 Edge Overlay No5
Dido Designs: Notions Set
Gennifer Bursett: Toolbox Mist V5
Mye de Leon: Mists
Font: Kelly

The areas I misted are the numbers and hearts. Yup, you can get misted digi elements. Then I varied the  opacity to suit my page. That's my best friend's baby. He's so adorable! Be seeing him soon!

And speaking of that, just found out that Shanghai is experiencing typhoon. And guess who's going there tomorrow! Talk about perfect timing! NOT! Well, it won't keep me from traveling. TTFN!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

~ 365 Cards: Day 160 ~

This week we are sponsored by Robyn Fetish

Today's challenge is Darling Doily. I luv using doilies on card. Here's mine:

 Bird image from Robyn Fetish, coloured using Copics markers.


Monday, 6 August 2012

~ Checking In From ... ~

Singapore. Reached here early at 7am on a Sunday morning. Makes a change from landing at night usually. Took a Singapore Airline flight from Manchester with a brief stopover in Munich. A 12 hour flight but having been so used to Emirates 8-3-8 flight (i.e. 8 hrs to Dubai, 3 hrs wait, 8 to Singapore), 12 hours in a plane was a stretch. I was starting to feel a bit fidgety after 8 hrs had gone pass. Food was edible but by breakfast, I had enough and wanted to get out of the plane. Thankfully it was another hour to go. Can't say I slept well as I don't sleep well on planes. 

At the immigration, I tried the biometric system. First, scanned my passport on the till, then my thumbprint. Success! I got through in less than a minute! Man, I'm very impressed! However, this new system has reduced the number of years of my passport to only 5! It used to be 10 years!

As for jetlag, suffering a little. I'm up all night (partly to watch the Olympics as we are 7 hours ahead of UK). Anyway, now that I'm here, I lost no time to tucking in to my favourite food. Yup, having all my favourite dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner! So nice not to have to prepare any meals! 

On the scrapping side, busy catching up with my DT assignments. Got a few pages to produce. Had a slight problem opening a psd file. Been working on it before I left and now, when I tried to go back to it, it mentioned an unexpected end of file error! Googled it and found out that basically the file is corrupted and won't open. Darn!!! I had loads of layers on it and did a lot of work on it. The mere thought of replicating all those layers just fills me with dread!!! 

Also been offloading my photos off iPhoto onto a EHD. My Mac was running on 5GB of space and when working with Photoshop, I kept getting disk full messages. Hence, had to offload this year's photos onto an EHD just to free up some space. Definitely will be shopping to get a few 1TB EHD here (it's far cheaper buying here than in the UK!) Have been checking out the new Macbook Pro with retina display. So the screen is fabulous but storage is small and they took away the internal DVD drive. Eh why? I do burn my digi/psd files onto disk and having to get an external DVD drive is merely adding to the cost. Not to mention that the ram and hard disk is glued onto the motherboard hence, there is no chance of further upgrading. May have to rethink about a new laptop now! TTFN!

Saturday, 4 August 2012

~ I'm Off! ~

That's it! Laundry sorted, ironing done and bags are packed! I'm off to visit my family in Singapore but this time alone as my boys didn't want to come along (they hate being bitten by mosquitoes, despite every precaution taken!) I had two glorious weeks with them although at times they drove me up the wall! I'm sure I'm gonna miss them but it's good for them to be with their dad for some men to men bonding as he hardly see them due to his long hours at work! I'm sure they will have fun! I just dread to think what the house would be like or laundry when I get home! TTFN!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

~ Mr Whiskers: Midnight Masquerade ~

Deviant Scrap designers came up with a collaboration entitled Midnight Circus. The difference is that kits from the designers can be individually bought. Lucky me got to play with Mr Whiskers' kit, Midnight Masquerade, available at Deviant Scrap. 

Here's my page: 

This was such a fun kit to play! TTFN!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

~ Oscraps Collaboration: Journey ~

The Oscraps designers done it again. They came up with this fabulous kit entitled Journey

There is so much in there, including 2 templates. Here's my LO using one of the templates: 

Talk about drama on a Monday afternoon. My son's Sports Day. The highlight is the parents race. Well, I do take part. This year was no different except that there was this lady who was itching to beat me as I won her last year. So much so that she took off before the whistle was blown. Well, it took every ounce of muscle strength to chase her and I did beat her in the end, only just! So annoying when people resort to cheating! Just had to rant it off on this page! Friend of mine took some good shots with my DSLR, and she was a first timer using it! 

This kit is so versatile. Can be used for summer photos, traveling etc. One of my favs! TTFN!

~ GIS: Inspired by Fashion ~

GIS came out an article on how pages could be inspired by fashion. I took a different take on it and here's my LO as can be seen here

Jodie Lee: Home Sewn Papers
Juliana Kniepp: Butterfly Fly Away, Cluster Tags
Anna Aspnes: ArtPlay Palette Bask, ArtPlay Palette Globe Trotter, ArtPlay Palette Authentic, ArtPlay Palette Special One
One Little Bird: Making A List
Val C. Designs & Sue Cummings: Focused & Photographed
Val C. Designs: Secret
Fonts: Snuff & KG Sweet N Sassy

I had fun doing this page. Took me a while to come out with this page but luv the result! TTFN!

~ Easy Scrapbook Pages: July 2012 ~

My LO appeared in Easy Scrapbook Pages recently as seen here

Supplies:Jodie Lee: Home Sewn Papers; Juliana Kniepp: Butterfly Fly Away, Cluster Tags; Anna Aspnes: ArtPlay Palette Bask, ArtPlay Palette Globe Trotter, ArtPlay Palette Authentic, ArtPlay Palette Special One; One Little Bird: Making A List; Val C. Designs & Sue Cummings: Focused & Photographed; Val C. Designs:Secret; Fonts: Snuff & KG Sweet N Sassy

Edited: Just found out that this LO made it to GSO! Cool! TTFN!