Sunday, 19 August 2012

~ I'm Back ~

in Singapore. After a boring 5 hour flight, finally got back to Singapore (mental note: never take China Eastern again). The plane even left Shanghai late, a good 45 mins late, like I need any more delays! Thank goodness for my Kindle on my iPhone. 

Can't say I did any sightseeing in Shanghai as this is my 3rd trip! My main aim was to see my best friend's babe, spend time with her and to do a bit of shopping. I bought what I wanted (bulk was done online and it was cheaper) and I was satisfied! The weather was way too hot to do any sightseeing. Couldn't wait to go back each time I was out just so I could cool down. Let's just say the air conditioning unit was on throughout the day!

Shanghai is still the same except more traffic on the road. In fact, if the government isn't careful, they will be heading for a perpetual traffic jam scenario, akin to Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. That would be a major nightmare! As for the driving system, it was very erratic! I'm just thankful that my friend has a driver to chauffeur her around as seriously, unless you have guts, you wouldn't want to be driving in China. Many a times I had to close my eyes due to near misses and not to gasp too loudly! 

Internet access to certain sites are restricted eg. FaceBook, Blogger and god knows what other sites. Thankfully I was able to post using Blog Press app but was not able to view my posts. Couldn't access my FB app on iPhone. You could access Blogger using a VPN site but these sites do get shut down sometimes! 

The main thing is that it was good to see my best friend again. We do communicate a lot via Whatsapp but nothing beats tete a tete communication! It has been a few years since I last saw her but thanks to FaceTime, we do see each other and chat. The different time zones does make it hard though (7 hrs difference between us).

I know I'll be looking forward to seeing her next year in the UK! Roll on 2013! TTFN!

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