Monday, 6 August 2012

~ Checking In From ... ~

Singapore. Reached here early at 7am on a Sunday morning. Makes a change from landing at night usually. Took a Singapore Airline flight from Manchester with a brief stopover in Munich. A 12 hour flight but having been so used to Emirates 8-3-8 flight (i.e. 8 hrs to Dubai, 3 hrs wait, 8 to Singapore), 12 hours in a plane was a stretch. I was starting to feel a bit fidgety after 8 hrs had gone pass. Food was edible but by breakfast, I had enough and wanted to get out of the plane. Thankfully it was another hour to go. Can't say I slept well as I don't sleep well on planes. 

At the immigration, I tried the biometric system. First, scanned my passport on the till, then my thumbprint. Success! I got through in less than a minute! Man, I'm very impressed! However, this new system has reduced the number of years of my passport to only 5! It used to be 10 years!

As for jetlag, suffering a little. I'm up all night (partly to watch the Olympics as we are 7 hours ahead of UK). Anyway, now that I'm here, I lost no time to tucking in to my favourite food. Yup, having all my favourite dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner! So nice not to have to prepare any meals! 

On the scrapping side, busy catching up with my DT assignments. Got a few pages to produce. Had a slight problem opening a psd file. Been working on it before I left and now, when I tried to go back to it, it mentioned an unexpected end of file error! Googled it and found out that basically the file is corrupted and won't open. Darn!!! I had loads of layers on it and did a lot of work on it. The mere thought of replicating all those layers just fills me with dread!!! 

Also been offloading my photos off iPhoto onto a EHD. My Mac was running on 5GB of space and when working with Photoshop, I kept getting disk full messages. Hence, had to offload this year's photos onto an EHD just to free up some space. Definitely will be shopping to get a few 1TB EHD here (it's far cheaper buying here than in the UK!) Have been checking out the new Macbook Pro with retina display. So the screen is fabulous but storage is small and they took away the internal DVD drive. Eh why? I do burn my digi/psd files onto disk and having to get an external DVD drive is merely adding to the cost. Not to mention that the ram and hard disk is glued onto the motherboard hence, there is no chance of further upgrading. May have to rethink about a new laptop now! TTFN!

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