Tuesday, 26 March 2013

~ 365 Cards: Day 85 ~

Today's challenge is called 'Throw Back'. Basically think back when I started papercrafting and use a trend from there. Well, when I started card making in particular, I was introduced to stamping. I fell in love with it and started an enormous collection of stamps (which I hardly touch now!!!) I was also interested in mixed media and came across the Zettiology dolls and got myself a few of them. So my card combined both of them! 

Card created using Angie Young's Dare To Nurture Your Inner Self kit and doll image from Zettiology. Font: A Wolf At The Doll.

Have to admit, it was fun to get back to stamping! TTFN!

Monday, 25 March 2013

~ Art Journal Caravan 2013: Itineraries #3 & #4 ~

Started catching up on my AJC 2013 Album. As usual, I'm wayyy behind! Anyway, I know I will eventually catch up. 

For Itinerary  #3, I work on the quote and came up with page:

Rebecca Mcmeen: Cyan
Fonts: QK Maggie & Ultra

Mindful that the port of call was still in the UK, I tried to find images that relate to the UK, hence this lady dressing up in a very British era. 

For Itinerary  #4, I worked with Word of the Week (WOW) and it was 'Open'. I found this particular quote and came up with page:

Rebecca McMeen: Violet Ink
Font: Bubble 1

Both my pages were created using kits by Rebecca Mcmeen (@ Scrapbookgraphics). She is one of my fav designers as her doll images are mostly hand-drawn and very unique! I'm find fun creating with the new format of AJC 2013. Tangie certainly knows how to run her AJC programmes! TTFN!

~ On Display ~

Some LOs that I've created but not displayed yet. (I so seriously need to keep on top on blogging. Life's getting busier each day! So much to do and so little time!)

Jen Maddocks Designs: Vintage Templates Freebie, Owl Magic
Anna Aspnes: ArtPlay Palette Siblings, Script Tease Family No1
Fonts: Pea Kadee & Dead Secretary

A LO done for a challenge when Jen Maddocks was having a spotlight at Oscraps. 

Anna Aspnes: ArtPlay Palette Savor, 12x12 Polka Dot Edges No1, Stained Glows No1, Canvas Textures No1, Chevron Textures No1
Font: Pea Daisy Doodles

A speed scrap challenge done during Oscraps 7th birthday celebration. Have to say, one of the fastest LO ever done in less than half an hour. 

Pink Reptile Designs & River Rose: Scraparazzi
Font: Pea Dacia

A LO done for Pink Reptile Designs using a collaboration kit between Mirjam and River Rose entitled Scrapparazzi. Fun kit. TTFN!

~ Traci Reed Designs: On Display ~

Playing catchup. My LOs done for Traci Reed Designs.

Name of kit is listed below each LO. Traci has done a few collaboration kits with other designers.

Traci Reed & Kristin Cronin-Barrow: Frankly My Dear
Font: Pea Christy

Traci Reed & Julianna Kniepp Designs: Hello, Handsome
Fonts: Xerography & Pea Alyssa

Traci Reed: (Extra)Ordinary
Font: Pea Haylie

Had fun designing these LOs! TTFN!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

~ Woot! I've Done It! ~

I'm in seventh heavens! I finally completed my Art Journal Caravan 2012 Album early this morning. I finished off the last itinerary which had been plaguing me. Anyway, I had a look again and suddenly, inspiration struck. Rather than going for the quote, I went for 'The Inner Compass' which was to describe how one looks at 100 years old and what one would be doing. I recently bought a kit which I thought would be a good fit for this itinerary. So here's my page:

I can't tell you how pleased I am to have completed this album. Yeah, I was a little slow but I was slowly but surely completing them. Finally, it's done. The whole album can be seen here:

Alternatively, the entire AJC 2012 album can be seen here. Now to continue with my AJC 2013! TTFN!

~ Scrap Art Studio: On Display ~

I've been playing with some new kits that came out recently from SAS. From Angie Young is an art journaling kit called Dare To Feel Alive

Here are 2 art journaling pieces.

 Itinerary #49

 Itinerary #50

Now I've been slowly but surely trying to complete my Art Journal Caravan 2012 Album. Have to say I've nearly done so I'm quite pleased with myself. The above two are part of the album. 

The second is a kit by Courtney's Digiscrapin & Outside The Box Design Studio called Big Ideas

This kit is amazing! There is so much in it! Here are my 2 pages.

AJC2013 Itinerary #02 

AJC2013 Itinerary #08

The above 2 pages belong to my new Art Journal Caravan 2013 Album. Yup, I started another year of it and as usual, I'm behind again but I'll will catch up. TTFN!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

~ Monthly Challenge @ Scrap Art Studio ~

I almost forgot that I'm hosting a challenge at Scrap Art Studio (SAS). I've been running a series of challenges called Inspired by.... This month's challenge is Inspire by Wordart which can be seen here. I love using Wordart on my pages. Here's my page: 

Aria: Winter Magic, Country Road
Cilenia Curtis: Art Dolls 2

You have till the end of the month to participate. TTFN!

Friday, 22 March 2013

~ Jenni Bowlin Studio: On Display ~

Playing catchup on my blog. Here are some LOs done using products from Jenni Bowlin Studio.

I played with Vellum Butterflies.

Here's my LO: 

Jenni Bowlin Studio: Vintage Patterns, Vellum Butterflies, Classic Border Shapes, Pets Bingo Cards, Printed Tickets Expressions, Reader Buttons, Town Square Collection, Be Our Guest, Definition Labels, Vintage Cream & Black Collection, Rhinestone, Buttons & Bows, School Days Alphas
Julianna Kniepp Designs: So Sweet (lace)
Fonts: Pea Danley & Pea Daisy Doodles

I scattered the vellum butterflies about on my page. I've also made used of other JB stuff for my page. 

My second LO showcased Be Our Guest Collection:

Here's my page: 

Jenni Bowlin Studio: Be My Guest Collection, Jeweled Butterflies, Vintage Whimsy, Feather Stencil Cuts, Transferware Flowers, Chalkboard Alphabet Red On Cream
Traci Reed & Kirsty Cronin Barrow Frankly My Dear
Fonts: Pea Friend, Snap ITC & Pea Erwin Script

Have to say, I do love this collection. Luv the colours here. 

Finally, my last LO involved using Memo Embellishment Kit. 

Memo Embellishment Kit

Here's my LO:

Jenni Bowlin Studio: Front Porch Collection, Labels & Seals, Memo Embellishments, Classic Border Shapes
Pink Reptile Designs: Stunning Stitches (stitch)
Anna Aspnes: ArtPlay Palette Enamored (lace)
Traci Reed & Jenn Barrette: The Bad (paint)
Font: Pea Emmie & Ultra

I've always enjoyed using JB's stuff and I'm so glad for this opportunity to play with them! TTFN!

~ Pink Reptile Designs: On Display ~

Mirjam brought out two new kits today at The Lilypad. 

Luv the black and white theme here and here's my page: 

I made use of embellishments from Naturally kit and a Love's Delight template from Simply Tiffany Studio.


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

~ 365 Cards: Day 78 ~

Today's challenge is 'A Matter of Twinches'.  Basically have four 2x2" on the card with similar themes. I wasn't sure what twincies are but a check on the net showed me samples and here's my card: 

Card created using Rosey Posey's You Are Unique kit.

Recently bought a new kit from Rosey Posey, You Are Unique and I couldn't wait to use it. The card was easy to create using the various elements and I fulfilled the similar theme. This card was be sent to my SIL for her birthday. TTFN! 

Monday, 18 March 2013

~ Val C. Designs: March Challenge ~

Val is hosting a challenge over at Oscraps as seen here. You can pick up the free Happiness add-on as well. The challenge is based upon using this quote: 

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."

Here's my page:

You have till the end of the month to play. TTFN!

Friday, 8 March 2013

~ Val C Designs: Art Book Collection - My Star ~

Val brought out a new kit, Art Book Collection - My Star, available at Oscraps. 

Here's my page done with this kit. Went for an art journal:

This was a cool kit to play with! TTFN!

~ Pink Reptile Designs: Year In Year Out & Fold'em ~

Mirjam brought out two new releases this week at The Lilypad, Year In Year Out and Fold'em.

Here's my page done using the above items:

Pink Reptile Designs: Foldem, I Want Candy, Date Me All Year Round, Journal Cards No2, True To Yourself, Easy Peasy, Year In Year Out
Font: Tangie AJF Mad Hatter

Luv the Year In Year Out kit. I can see myself using it for my Chronicles 52 pages. TTFN!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

~ Simply Tiffany Studios: New Templates ~

Tiffany came out with a new set of templates at Pixels and Company (P&Co) called Lucky Bum Templates.

Initally when I started using Photoshop to create my pages, I made use of a lot of templates to help me out. The difference between digi and paper LO is that in digi, one can easily clip papers and photos to a page template. In paper LO, when you have a 'sketch' to follow, you literally create a page from scratch based on the sketch. I don't have to say which is easier to complete!!! Anyway, page templates are a life saver especially when completing albums. Quick and easy to use! Here's my page done using the template on the left:

Simply Tiffany Studios: Lucky Bum Templates
Mye de Leon: La Boheme, Dream On, Kraft Alpha
Font: Just Ducky

I did make slight adjustments to the template as I can never ever use a template on its own. Took away certain elements and add some of my own. 

I also spotted this set of templates at P&Co called Easy Going Mini Templates Set 2 and just had to have a play with one of them.

Here's my page done using the top right template:

Angie Young: Dare To Rest On Wings Of Butterflies
Simply Tiffany Studios: Easy Going Mini Templates Set2
Fonts: Janda Truly Madly Deeply & Grinched

I went flamboyant with this page, making it as colourful as I could, well, the kit itself was delightful to play with! Again, removed elements I didn't want and added some of my own but basically kept the placement of photos as they were. 

I really had fun with these templates! TTFN!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

~ Pink Reptile Designs: Basketful Of Love ~

Mirjam brought out an Easter kit entitled Basketful of Love, available at The Lilypad. 

This was perfect for all my Easter photos I had of my boys:

The photos were taken last year when we were in a caravan at Burnham on Sea. So I held the Easter egg hunt in the caravan. I'm sure they did miss out a couple of hiding areas! TTFN!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

~ Get It Scrapped ~

Two articles came out recently on Get It Scrapped Blog. The first is an article on using Stencils and Paint on pages as seen here.  Here's my page:

Rosey Posey: Love This
Font: Pea Button

I made use of a bird mist mask and used it like a stencil to sponge paint on it. Have to say, that is one of my fav bird mask! Also luv the kit that I bought too, my all time fav kit as there is so much in the kit to play with!

Another article is about using Navy Blue as a Neutral on pages as seen here. Here's my page: 

Anna Aspnes: Torn & Tattered Flutterby Templates No3, Friends Word Art No2, ArtPlay Friends Addon Brush, Mod Grunge Foto Blendz No2
Julianna Kniepp Designs: Sew Mama Sew, Home Comfy Home
Julianna Kniepp & Captivated Visions: Love Is All You Need
Font: Pea Kel's Belles

This was an eye opener for me as I don't usually use dark colours for my background but it did work out well on this page! 

Have to say, I still luv using butterflies and and any flight creatures on my pages. They still hold a special place in my heart and make great embellishments! TTFN!

~ 365 Cards: Day 64 ~

This week we are sponsored by Bugaboo Stamps.

Today's challenge is 'Tag! You're It". The challenge entails including a tag and adding fibre/fringe/twine on the tag. Here's my card:

Card is made using Mye de Leon's Hello Love kit. Tag from Bugaboo Stamps, recoloured in Photoshop.


Friday, 1 March 2013

~ Jenni Bowlin Studio: Haven Collection ~

I played with Haven Collection from Jenni Bowlin Studio, available at Jessica Sprague. Luv the kit and there is quite a few interesting bits in there. 

Here's my page done using this kit: 

I played with some Photoshop features and got the photo colourised and vignetted! And I adjusted the hue and saturation of one of the papers and got it to match my photo. Had fun creating this page and it can be seen here. TTFN!