Tuesday, 31 January 2012

~ 365 Days: Day 337 ~

Today's challenge was to use note paper, a sticky note, or some other similar item on the card. Here's mine: 

Paper from Pink Paislee Sweetness digi collection. They recently started selling digi version of their papers, embellishments etc. at Jessica Sprague. Dug out my MME card stack and used one for this card.


Monday, 30 January 2012

~ On Display! ~

A new kit by Mr Whiskers, African Mix, available at Deviant Scrap. This kit has so much potential!!!

Here's my effort: 

The hurricane came from Special Effects kit. And the font is actually my handwriting! Turned my handwriting into a font, courtesy of the Digital Art Journaling class that I took! There are software that can do it but I much rather search for fonts on the net than create my own!

I'm not done yet as this kit just came out! Looking forward to playing more with it! TTFN!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

~ On Display! ~

The weekend was a-buzzed with activities! We held our Chinese New Year dinner on Saturday with hubs' relatives. As usual, it was the traditional steamboat (fondue a la chinoise!) and then followed by homemade scones, apple crumble and ginger cake! Talk about over-eating!!! No doubt, a LO will follow soon after.

Spent all day Sunday at a violin workshop held at Blue Coat school. The boys had a series of violin sessions, followed by a concert at the end. Knowing I had to wait long hours, I brought my Macbook along and managed to create thereby keeping boredom at bay. Loads of parents had a book with them! 

Anyway, in between those hectic schedules, managed to complete a few LOs for challenges at Design House Digital. 

A Colour Swatch challenge whereby I used the freebie papers that came along with the challenge. Papers were supplied by Erica Coombs.

A LO created for 2 challenges, Blueprint (based on a template) and Inspiration challenge.

A Scraplift challenge.

I'm so used to doing artsy style that it was strange going back to traditional style. Most of the supplies I used were from DHD since the challenges are originated from there. TTFN!

Saturday, 28 January 2012

~ On Display! ~

Played with a new kit from Val C. Designs entitled Day After Day, available at Zig Zag Scrap.

Here's my LO:

Have to say, the colours of the kit are muted and quite easy to play with!


Thursday, 26 January 2012

~ On Display! ~

Where did time go? It's rushing by so quickly and I feel like I'm left behind!!! Anyway, played with a Dinosaur Safari kit by Mr Whisker, available at Deviant Scrap.

This kit is amazing. There is so much room for creating and I've got ideas floating about... just no time to play!

Just discovered another LO of mine chosen for Gallery Standouts! Super cool! One of my fav LOs too!

Created using supplies from Anna Aspnes. Incidentally, this LO was also chosen as a scraplift challenge! 


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

~ On Display ~

Just discovered that one of my LO has been highlighted at Gallery Standouts. That would be my 3rd LO! Nice to be recognised!

 Actually did this LO for a challenge, making use of a challenge template! 

The next LO is also a challenge LO, to get inspiration from a particular LO. Killed two birds with one stone by adding a page to my Dec Daily album! I've now got 6 more pages before my album is completed!

Day 29. Trying out the Wii Zumba. Super fun! 
All supplies by Anna Aspnes. 


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

~ 365 Cards: Day 330 ~

Today's challenge is to use 2 different patterned papers in the background. Here's my card:

Card created using Kitty Designs' Year of Dragon kit

As I can't find Chinese New Year cards here, this will do! TTFN!

~ Digital Art Journaling: Prompt 3 ~

In the Digital Art Journaling class , we get 2 prompts, one for the lesson and the other for practice. The second prompt for Lesson 3 is 'Beautiful'. I love this quote that I chose:

One of my favourite quotes. I had to choose this Japanese lady for my art journal. Just wanted to do something oriental.


Monday, 23 January 2012

~ Gong Xi Fa Cai! ~

Wishing my Chinese friends and those who celebrate Chinese New Year a blessed year ahead!

E-card created using Year of Dragon kit by Kitty Designs

Unfortunately, the UK don't celebrate CNY. It sucks and I give anything to be in Singapore right now to soak up the atmosphere & food of course! Man, what I would give for pineapple tarts, hay bi rolls, kueh bo loo, bak kua, and all the seasonal goodies! Sigh! 

It's the Year of the Dragon, a very auspicious year for the Chinese. No doubt hospitals in the Far East will be preparing for a baby boom! Hubs and eldest are born in this year too. TTFN! 

Sunday, 22 January 2012

~ Digital Art Journaling: Lesson3 ~

I'm quite behind my class at the moment but Lesson 3 saw me picking up a few more techniques in art journaling. I'm so pleased with the class as it's not the end product that interest me but rather what goes on in the creating process that pique me. 

The journaling prompt for this lesson is 'family'. So here's my page:

 I love this quote. I chose this image to show that you don't get to pick who you want in your family. They appear and you just have to accept them. 


Saturday, 21 January 2012

~ So Excited! ~

Just received an email from Mr Whiskers, an altered art designer, inviting me to join his Creative Team. He recently join Deviant Scrap as a new designer and I fell in love with his Alice Theatre kit. Here's what I've done with the kit...

 The kit


(Background was from Beth Rimmer, another altered art designer from Deviant Scrap)

Teacher's quote

I'm looking so forward to creating a different sort of art. TTFN!

Friday, 20 January 2012

~ Hectic! ~

This has been a pretty hectic week! We had to have the new heater moved as it was installed too high and a week of meetings. In between, I've been trying to catch up on my Digital Art Journaling class, complete  magazine assignments as well as trying to finish my Dec Daily album.

Here's a page from the album...

Made use of Anna Aspnes' Artsy Layered Template34 and her supplies. Templates are fast becoming very useful!

So glad it's Friday. This week has gone pretty quickly. TTFN!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

~ On Display! ~

Wish I had more time for creating but routines, meetings and daily life does interfere with the creative process! Still I managed to squeeze in time for these...

 Using a kit (100% Me) by Val C. Designs. My first assignment as a CT member. The kit can be purchased at Zig Zag Scrap. 

Not easy having FaceTime with friends in Singapore due to time difference!

I slightly (nah, way) behind in my Digital Art Journaling class. However, I'm not stressed out as I rather concentrate on picking up new techniques and tips with regard to Photoshop. This is part of Lesson 2 whereby the prompt of the day was 'I See'. 

Found a quote for it and the rest was easy!

Squeeze another page for my Dec Daily album...

Day 16. 
Documenting teachers' xmas gifts. Decorated 2 clipboards and spice jars containing sweets.


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

~ On Display! ~

As a page artist for Simply Tiffany Studios, she came out with some gorgeous templates called Sliver Templates and I had a play with them. 

The Sliver Templates can be found here at Design House Digital.

Here's my take on them. I used them as part of my pages for the Dec Daily album. 

Day 10

Day 17

Luv the whimsical swirls on the page! TTFN!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

~ On Display! ~

Managed a quick page for my Dec Daily album thanks to Anna Aspnes' Artsy Layered Template41...

Day 20. 
Using Anna Aspnes' supplies.

There were days when I didn't take any photos of people but I did capture the temperature of December's weather. We had a very mild weather, thank goodness for that! TTFN!

~ 365 Cards: Day 323 ~

Today's challenge is 'World's Collide'. It's mixing vintage with clean and simple. Here's my card:

Made using a digi kit. Can't remember if it's from Cosmo Cricket (which seems quite likely)

Created this card especially for a work colleague who is turning 40 this Thursday. TTFN!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

~ Digital Art Journaling: Lesson2 ~

So glad it's quiet this weekend. Boys had extra curricular activities in the morning but when they were done, we all chilled out at home! Well, I sorted out the laundry as I had loads to wash (did it 3 times)! Then it was time to catch up on my Digital Art Journaling class at Jessica Sprague. 

I've done art journaling on my own but I'm so glad I took the class as I've learnt an amazing amount of techniques which will surely come in useful when I do digi scrapping. I learnt how to use new tools in Photoshop. It's definitely worth the money spent! 

Anyway, Lesson 2 focussed on home. So here's my assignment piece:

While doing this art journal page, I made sure I implemented the techniques that she taught. My idea for this page is to show that no matter which continent I may be in, home is where I made it to be. Hence the 2 globes showing 2 continents, Asia & Europe. 

Have to say, this class taught me a lot about brushes. I never really used them but I'm beginning to turn to them a lot and loving how useful they are. They are a bit like stamps and I used to use stamps a lot on my paper pages so I'm glad to have found a substitute. TTFN!

Friday, 13 January 2012

~ On Display! ~

Two days of workmen in the house to sort the boiler left me quite busy. Hence, when I had time at night, I had to create. Did another 2 pages for my Dec Daily album. I'm determined to finish it!

 Day 13: Christmas cards made for that month, not necessary on that day.

 Day 24: Christmas Eve. I usually give the boys an early Xmas gift - new set of PJs before the big day. Well, if they are gonna open their presents in their PJs, might as well wear a new one! The wee one wasn't that impressed! 


Wednesday, 11 January 2012

~ Lovely Surprise! ~

It started out as a normal day, until I started surfing and found a very surprised message, inviting me to join the creative team of Val C. Designs at Zig Zag Scrap. Apparently she had seen my gallery on Oscraps. I had a look at her designs and liked what I saw so I said yes! 

I'm glad she likes what I've been creating! I'm still on a learning curve and enjoying the process as I go along. I now wish I had gone digi ages ago!

On the home front, we had our heater replaced! Seeing that it only lasted 6 years, that isn't very good! In fact, I sometimes wonder if all those guys who came and serviced it made it worst! Each time we had our heater serviced, they screwed it up bad. The worst was this chap who came and literally made it a wreck. It was working perfectly before he laid his fingers on it! In fact, he was on the phone while trying to service, asking for help how to do it. I had a bad feeling about him and I was right. In the end, he said he couldn't get it to work and apologised! I blew my top as it was working fine before he came. Subsequently, it never recovered from his mishandling and further services resulted in the heater becoming worst and worst! In fact, the latest service by British Gas resulted in the heater constantly tripping (it didn't before, well, not that frequent!) In fact, he opened it up, found a fault and couldn't fix it claiming it would cost more due to the part replacement. After that, the heater was tripping a few times in a day. Halfway during a bath, it would shut down and you end up with freezing cold water! I gave up turning on the heater during December and resorted to portable heaters. Thank god the weather was quite mild.

So we have a new Worcester heater and no more hot and cold water coming out when bathing (or just cold water!) Let's hope it can last us longer than the previous heater! TTFN!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

~ On Display! ~

Day 2 on Digital Art Journaling. It's an assignment and the theme is 'treasure'. Here's my page:

The class came with an enormous amount of supplies and I used them to create this page. Also included supplies from Anna Aspnes, Maya de Groot and Carla Gibson. 

Here's a couple of pages from my Dec Daily album: 

 Day 14 - Having a meal with the PTA group

Day 28 - Made it on the cover of Scrap 365 magazine. 

Gonna be busy the next few days.... sigh! Wish I could just spend a whole day scrapping! Got so much to catch up! TTFN!

~ 365 Cards: Day 316 ~

Today's challenge is based on a recipe. Here's the recipe:

4.25x5.5 card
Stickers (any amount)
Stamped sentiment
1 additional embellishment of your choosing

Here's my card:

Using Cosmo Cricket Odds & Ends digi kit for this card creation. Stickers are the border and gems. Additional embellishment is the doily!


Monday, 9 January 2012

~ Digital Art Journaling: Lesson1 ~

In December, I treated myself and bought some classes at Jessica Sprague (the 20% discount sure helped swayed me to them). Still a novice to Photoshop, I'm constantly trying to learn new skills. Anyway, one of the classes was a Digital Art Journaling. It started today and I can't say how pleased I took it. I sure as hell learnt new techniques and how to use some tools in PS. 

Anyway, the prompt for Lesson 1 was 'heart'. So here's my effort: 

I found a quote that I liked and incidentally it belonged to Steve Jobs. So a quick hunt found this photo of him. Well, the creative juices started rolling and therefore this art journaling came about! The size is 5.25x8". Why so that I can print it out and stick them into a book. 

Had fun creating this art journal page. Let see what tomorrow brings. TTFN!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

~ Another Weekend Gone! ~

The first weekend of the New Year is gone! Can't say it was quiet as the boys had music activities on Saturday. Thankfully, we spend a quiet Sunday chilling out while the boys got on with their homework. Yup, routine has started. Boys have a Grade 4 violin exam coming up in March so they are gonna be busy practising a lot.

Still trying to complete my December album. Here's a couple of pages:

 Day 9

Day 10

I do enjoy creating those pages. Unfortunately, time isn't on my side. I've gotta clear my craft room of stash that I don't use anymore. I've not touch them for a year hence, it's likely that I won't touch them for this year! TTFN!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

~ Zumba ~

Gosh, after a 3 week hiatus, I went back to my exercise regime. Gosh, the instructor really worked us hard! You would have thought she would start slowly but nooooo, she really worked our limbs!!! I was ready to quit after half an hour but I persevered! Still I really enjoyed it and I have to admit that I didn't ached! I was tired but my limbs took it well. And I ate like a horse after! 

A LO created based on a lift challenge. This was the original:

Created by Phylis

And this is mine:

All supplies by Anna Aspnes
 Another page from my Dec Daily album. TTFN!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

~ On Display ~

Here are some gifts that I created last month for teachers. I altered 2 clipboards and some spice jars. I also created a poster featuring a teacher's quote.

I bought an Alice in Wonderland kit by Mr Whiskers and had a fun play with it!

 An altered clipboard, using just a single 12x12 sheet of double-sided patterned paper. 

 Another altered clipboard, again using a single double-sided sheet of patterned paper. It didn't fit the clipboard fully hence the tissue tapes in the middle. 

Altered spice jars containing sweets for the assistant teachers. I decorated 2" circles with digital images and punched them out with a scalloped punch.

Finally a basket of sweets for my colleagues. Played with my trusty Cuttlebug and cut out those tags.


~ 365 Cards: Day 309 ~

Today's challenge is about 'stripes and green'. Here's my card:

Card made using Cosmo Cricket's Odds and End digi kit. 


Monday, 2 January 2012

~ Day 2 Of The New Year ~

The last of the public holiday before work and routine commence. Woke up in Poole (been there since Friday to celebrate the New Year with SIL). We had lunch at Burley, a small village with which had unusual shops. The wee one wanted a wand and we managed to find one in a shop called 'The Coven of Witches". They even sold a broom stick which the wee one wanted but I drew a line on that! Both have gotten into Harry Potter films lately and are acting out the characters at home. So obviously they need a wand!

On the creative side, the Oscraps designers released a collaboration kit entitled 'Warm and Cozy'. 

Lucky me got a chance to play with it and here's a LO that I created: 

Luv the kit! There's so much that I've not used so will be exploring more of the kit in future LOs. TTFN!