Sunday, 26 December 2010

~ Journal Your Christmas 2010: Day 26 ~

Boxing day. As all the boys had fishing rods for Christmas pressies, we brought them to the pier to fish. It was bitterly cold and I had to seek shelter in the car after a while. The boys didn't catch anything although I think they had fun throwing their rods in. 

Majority of the page came from Sara Schmutz Letters to Santa kit. A couple of other elements from Katie Pertiet.


Boxing Day

Here's what we did today, in the bitter cold, rainy weather...

The boys had fishing rods for Xmas pressies & we took them fishing. It will be a miracle if they caught any fish!

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Saturday, 25 December 2010

~ Journal Your Christmas 2010: Day 25 ~

It's Christmas and what else can I journal except the boys' excited squeals at opening their Christmas presents. They do question about Santa though although I tell them if they don't believe in him, they get nothing! LOL!

Page created using papers & elements from Katie Pertiet (my all time fav digi designer).


Merry Christmas!

What do you know? It's Christmas again! Well this year the boys spent it with their cousins.

Thank goodness they didn't wake up at an ungodly hour! It was 9am when they attacked their pressies!

As for our Christmas dinner, we had venison. Here's hubs doing the honours of cutting it up:

Merry Christmas!

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Friday, 24 December 2010

~ Journal Your Christmas 2010: Day 24 ~

Christmas Eve! The special day draws nearer. What we did? Had a Christmas Eve lunch! Food was good and so was the chocolate milkshake I had, never mind that I'm milk intolerance! So my journal focussed on the delicious meal we had. 

Papers by Sara Schumutz and Robyn Meierotto. Various elements by Katie Pertiet.


Thursday, 23 December 2010

~ Journal Your Christmas 2010: Day 23 ~

Today we start our holiday. First destination is to Rothesay in Scotland. Thankfully we chose to drive as the onslaught of snow has caused chaos in airports and we might have not been able to catch a flight if we had chosen to fly! The roads were well-gritted and within 7 hrs, we arrived. We had to take a ferry across to Rothesay and that was the focus of my journal:

Paper by Jen Allyson from Vintage Finding kit. Journaling sheet and various elements from Katie Pertiet. Trimming from Ali Edwards. Doily from Jesse Edwards.


Wednesday, 22 December 2010

~ Journal Your Christmas 2010: Day 22 ~

I usually bring my boys to Santa's grotto as a tradition and by chance, while waiting at a shopping centre for another appointment, there was a Santa's grotto that beckoned us and therefore we queued for it. Thankfully we did as we didn't have any time to visit any more Santa's grottoes and hence, this was the only photo I got of the boys visiting Santa this year. 

LO done using various elements/papers from Katie Pertiet. 


Tuesday, 21 December 2010

~ Journal Your Christmas 2010: Day 21 ~

Today we (hubs & moi) travelled 2 hrs to Wootton Bassett to meet up with a good friend for dinner and back. We had to exchange gifts/items. It was nice to see him. Definitely worth the journey. And the snow didn't stop us nor hindered us!

LO done using Echo Park Dashes Through The Snow digi kit. 


Monday, 20 December 2010

~ Journal Your Christmas 2010: Day 20 ~

Today my boys had to take their violin exams. Hence, the journal is dedicated to them: 

Paper by Jen Allyson from Vintage Finding kit. Stitched journal by Katie Pertiet. Trimming by Ali Edwards. Tag by Robyn Meierotto.

Managed to capture this shot from the outside where my boy was taking his exam. What I do for recording memory!!! TTFN!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

~ I Hate Snow! & Journal Your Christmas: Day 19 ~

Strong statement but that's what I'm feeling now as it has disrupted a lot of plans! Had a Xmas party cancelled due to the foul weather (can't hold a party if people can't get to the venue!) Then I was supposed to entertained friends from home (i.e. Singapore) but their flight was cancelled as the plane can't land in Heathrow! I've got Scotland, London and Poole to visit the next couple of weeks but not sure how that is going to happen if the weather carry on the way it is! Here's how much snow we got since Friday!

We have a good six inches of snow on the ground at the moment. 

Well, if you have got that much snow, the only thing to do is to play with it. Currently, the snow is kinda fluffy and quite nice to play with although it does stick to your clothes (depending on the materials).  So that's is my topic for today's journal. 

Brought my boy for his violin lesson this morning and after that, we went sledging, or rather he did. Moi was just the photographer:

LO created using Echo Park All I Want For Christmas digi kit. Other elements from Katie Pertiert, Carina Gardner and Robyn Meierotto. 

Boys have violin exams tomorrow. Will be so thankful when it's over... I can concentrate on the coming festive season! TTFN!

Saturday, 18 December 2010

~ Journal Your Christmas 2010: Day 18 ~

Woke up to a white scenery this morning. Boys had a busking programme in Solihull and hubs insisted they went and do their part for charity. So we braved the snow and drove to Solihull. The original programme has to be cancelled as it was an outdoor event but there was no way the boys could play their violins outdoor as it was snowing non-stop! The organiser managed to arrange a half an hour slot in Touchwood centre and the kids did their part. So here's today journal: 

Page done using paper/elements from Katie Pertiet, Elle's Studio and Robyn Meierotto.

Later had an update from the organiser who said they collected £45 for their half an hour's work! Thanks to the generous shoppers who stopped to donate. Incidentally, they were fundraising for Christian Aid. TTFN! 

Friday, 17 December 2010

~ Journal Your Christmas 2010: Day 17 ~

Today is the last day of the school term. Yay, can't tell you how pleased I am as it's getting hard work waking the boys up! The boys have a violin concert to perform tonite but the older one also had a Cubs party to go to and of course, he chose the fun one. So I brought the wee one for his concert. Well, that gave me something to journal: 

Page base from Sara Schmutz Letter To Santa kit. Other elements mainly from Katie Pertiet (this lady has one of the amazing digi papers/elements) & doily from Jesse Edwards.

It started snowing again. Fingers crossed it won't be too bad! TTFN!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

~ Journal Your Christmas 2010: Day 16 ~

A lot happened today! First, postie brought me 2 parcels, my Studio Calico kit & Unity stamps. My SB kit contained more than what I expected... August and December kits and 2 add-ons, courtesy of Studio Calico (largely due to Aug kit which caused a bit of delivery problems and therefore they compensated me with extra kits, which is very generous of them!) Certainly felt like Christmas came early!!! 

Then it snowed rather heavily again in the afternoon. I think I had enough of snow now as it's causing more problems than anything else. This country is so unprepared for snow that everything comes to a standstill and that is the annoying bit. We've got some travelling plans ahead and I daren't book anything in case the roads are treacherous or planes can't take off or the trains can't function etc., all due to the snow!!! Sigh!

So I decided to focus my page on the snow! We have never had that much snow in December!!!

Not sure which paper it is but the stitched snowflake is from Robyn Meierotto, stitched journal & flourish is from Katie Pertiet, journaling ink blots is from Carina Gardner, Xmas word transfers from Anna Aspens.


Wednesday, 15 December 2010

~ Journal Your Christmas 2010: Day 15 ~

Day 15 focus on the Xmas lunch I had with my colleagues!

Paper by Celeste Knight and the other elements by Katie Pertiet.


Tuesday, 14 December 2010

~ Journal Your Christmas 2010: Day 14 ~

Day 14 is about a Xmas gift I will be receiving shortly from my generous brother! What can I say, he's the best bro ever!

Page LO made using Karen Funk Christmas Joy kit. Background brushes & layered papers from Katie Pertiet. 

Been hankering after the iPhone 4 due to the improved camera and video features as I now take photos/videos using my iPhone these days! The Hipstamatic app is one of my favs! And best of all, it's a 32 GB phone as my current 16 GB is way too small for me. I'm constantly deleting photos and still can't find enough space on it! So what will I do with my 3Gs? My boys are already waiting to lay their hands on it! I've got a spare PAYG sim card to use! TTFN!

~ 365 Cards: Day 289 ~

Today's challenge is Peek-A-Boo. Basically, the challenge is to create 2 windows on the card - they can be of any shape or size, as long as you can see something on the inside peeking out.  Perhaps it will be patterned paper or a stamped image that you can see.  Whatever you decide will work as long as you have 2 windows!

Have to say, I struggled with this as I don't do window cards but eventually came up with this card: 

Paper - unsure which digi artist at the moment!

The inside of the card. Digi paper from Karen Funk Christmas Magic. Sentiments from Unity.


Sunday, 12 December 2010

~ Journal Your Christmas 2010: Day 12 ~

The boys had another violin concert today. This time, it's from their Suzuki workshops that they attend on alternate Saturdays and today, they performed a Christmas concert at a church. It went well although it got progressively colder and colder as the concert went on! 

Background page from R Meierotto Holly Jolly collection. The rest of the elements came from Katie Pertiert (luv her digi stuff!)

The boys have one more concert to perform and a grading exam to take before they can relax for the hols! They are probably used to it by now! TTFN!

Friday, 10 December 2010

~ Journal Your Christmas 2010: Day 10 ~

Day 10 is about shopping. Now I'm not exactly following the prompts but I do use them for when needed. Today, I did try to do a bit of shopping but got nowhere. The stuff I wanted wasn't in stock and the dress I wanted wasn't in my size. Hence, I had to turn to the net where I did manage to get what I want! Looks like it's the way forward to shopping from now onwards! 

Page LO created using Jen Allyson Vintage Finding kit. Layered frame & stitches by K Pertiert.

Picture taken off Jane Norman's site. Bought this dress for a Xmas party coming up. I generally hate shopping for clothes and try to make it as quick as possible. So when I found this dress and tried it, it fit but just needed a size smaller and the store was out of stock of the smaller size. So a quick call to another store found one but another check on the net found the same dress to be sold at a 20% discount which the store didn't offer!!! So of course I went for the online purchase and even after adding post and packaging, still came up cheaper than going to the store (which I will have to add petrol and parking charges!) As for the other stuff, got them online and will be going to the store to collect next week! TTFN!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

~ journal Your Christmas 2010: Day 9 ~

It's Day 9 and I've documented the boys' violin lessons in school. This is the first & last time they are together in the same school (the older one leaves in July next year). As luck would have it, they are in the same violin group too. It certainly helped with the transition period for the wee one as he has someone in the school he can relate to.

Photo taken with the Hipstamatic app. Page layout created using Jen Allyson's Vintage Finding kit. Pear image from Katie Pertiert's Le Poirier element pack and ticket from K Pertiert's Winter ticket.


Wednesday, 8 December 2010

~ Journal Your Christmas 2010: Day 8 ~

Day 8 is about Christmas cards that I've been making since the start of this year. I do give out a lot and had to resort to commercial ones in the past but this year, I made a vow to give out handmade ones solely. So each month, I made about 8 Christmas cards although I faltered during the summer months and thereafter! However, it appeared I made enough so am quite pleased! However, I had to get a box of 30 commercial ones for my boys as they didn't want me to make any for them. Oh well, save me a lot of time! Here's my page to commemorate my achievement!

Base page from Jen Allyson Vintage Findings collection. Not sure where those frames are from but other elements from Katie Pertiet.


Tuesday, 7 December 2010

~ Journal Your Christmas 2010: Day 7 ~

The boys attend a Strings Orchestra in their school every Tuesday and today they had a concert for parents.  So my page today is dedicated to them:

Papers by Elle's Studio, postage frame & Santa's card is from Robyn Meierotto, xmas tree is from Echo Park Dashes Through The Snow & scalloped journaling circle is from Elle's Studio.

This concert marks the first of many to come. They have a couple more to perform as well as busking in Solihull Town Centre to raise funds for Christian Aid. Well, at least I know what will go into my pages! TTFN!

~ 365 Cards: Day 282 ~

This week, we are sponsored by E.A.D Designs:

The challenge today is to include a minimum of 4 stickers. I received a sheet of cute owls and this is how my card looks like:

I mounted the owl stickers on a piece of cardstock and cut it out and foam back it onto the burlap. Same for the sentiment. Not usually a sticker user but these owls were just too cute for words!

Not long before the term ends and there's so much to do! But the best part is having friends/brother over from China and Singapore later this month! Nothing like good friends/family member to cheer you up! TTFN!

Monday, 6 December 2010

~ Journal Your Christmas 2010: Day 6 ~

Day 6 is about the boys' Xmas list:

Kit by Jen Allyson Merry Little Christmas collection. Santa's list by Robin Meierotto.

Unfortunately, I didn't get the boys to do it on the card and therefore had to add onto it later. TTFN!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

~ Journal Your Christmas 2010: Day 5 ~

It's day 5 and today we went for our first Christmas meet-up with friends. The start I would say as we have more scheduled this month! Another busy day again, violin lessons for the boys in the afternoon and then a Christmas party for them, organised by their Beavers/Cubs group. Sheesh, they seem to have better social life than me!

Anyway, here's my page: 

Page done using a kit collection by Karen Funk's Christmas Magic. 'Jolly' word by Katie Pertiet. 


Saturday, 4 December 2010

~ Journal Your Christmas 2010: Day 4 ~

It's Saturday today and the boys insisted we put up the Christmas tree and therefore, this was the focus of my page. It was also a very busy day too, a violin workshop and friends coming over for dinner (both of which I had no photos to show for!) Here's my page:

Paper's from Elle's Studio, torn photo base from Liv.E Designs and butterfly from Karla Dudley.

Have to say, doing these pages digitally have enabled me to create rather quickly as I don't have to print the photos out. I tend to print out my own photos and I would wait to fill up an A4 page of photos instead of just printing out one photo. And more importantly, it justify the cost of buying digi products! :) TTFN!