Sunday, 19 December 2010

~ I Hate Snow! & Journal Your Christmas: Day 19 ~

Strong statement but that's what I'm feeling now as it has disrupted a lot of plans! Had a Xmas party cancelled due to the foul weather (can't hold a party if people can't get to the venue!) Then I was supposed to entertained friends from home (i.e. Singapore) but their flight was cancelled as the plane can't land in Heathrow! I've got Scotland, London and Poole to visit the next couple of weeks but not sure how that is going to happen if the weather carry on the way it is! Here's how much snow we got since Friday!

We have a good six inches of snow on the ground at the moment. 

Well, if you have got that much snow, the only thing to do is to play with it. Currently, the snow is kinda fluffy and quite nice to play with although it does stick to your clothes (depending on the materials).  So that's is my topic for today's journal. 

Brought my boy for his violin lesson this morning and after that, we went sledging, or rather he did. Moi was just the photographer:

LO created using Echo Park All I Want For Christmas digi kit. Other elements from Katie Pertiert, Carina Gardner and Robyn Meierotto. 

Boys have violin exams tomorrow. Will be so thankful when it's over... I can concentrate on the coming festive season! TTFN!

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