Monday, 31 December 2007

>>> Last Day Of 2007! <<<

The last day of 2007. Gosh where has time flown?!!!

This year has been good to me, craftwise. Being recognised and awarded in the Reader's Gallery of Scrapbook Inspirations, being invited on the DT teams of Banana Frog and BackPorch Memories and asked to provide inspiration on various scrapping blogs. I'm pleased with what I've achieved.

My goals for next year, to carry on scrapping but to enjoy it more i.e. scrap more for myself and to explore more of the altered side.

Resolutions for 2008
1) Declutter the house i.e. get rid of tons of clothings that is years old but not worn.
2) Get a part time job as I'm getting bored staying at home.
3) Spend less on stash. I think I'm becoming overwhelmed with what I have and need to have a good sort out and clear those that I don't ever use anymore! Another area to declutter too.
4) Snack less on choccies. One of my biggest sin and so hard to resist! I'm just piling inches on my waistline.

I think that's about it. Let's hope I make a start at the declutter as that was what I said last year and didn't do a darn thing about it! TTFN!

>>> Projects to Share! <<<

Here's some projects I did for BackPorch Memories for their December newsletter. It was an article about whipping up quick and easy gifts, especially last minute ones!

Coasters - created by laminating some scraps

Photo frame using cork coaster from Ikea! The front!

The back!

A cover for post it notepad

The inside of it

Finally, an advance Xmas album a la Bo Bunny style! Made use of those Chip Chatter massive chipboard letters as templates!


Sunday, 30 December 2007

>>> Another Weekend Gone! <<<

Woke up at 5am this morning and got everyone ready to go down to Poole. MIL came along as well. Crazy as it may seem but we had wanted to visit SIL this week but since her freeloader sis and her boyfriend was staying there, they couldn't accomodate us and suggested a hotel room in Travelodge. However, I didn't feel justified paying that amount for an overnite stay.... I would rather spend it on the boys, bring them to see a panto or even circus! Anyway, we decided to just go for a day trip. Got there and found out that her visiters took off yesterday instead! It was a last minute decision and they left. Now I'm sure they were seriously aware of the fact that we were coming down and the fuss about staying overnite yet..... hubby thinks there might be more to it but heck, as far as I'm concerned, they are the most conceited, selfish couple about! MIL haven't seen her grandchildren for a few months and that was why we brought her down with us and SIL wanted her to stay overnite. BIL even offered to pay for the room as well. So all the fuss could have been avoided if the freeloaders has mentioned earlier that they were leaving! Really pissed me off that they can be so self-centred!

Anyway, Poole was a refreshing change. Ahhh, had a morning walk in the beach and I can't stressed how much I miss the sea! Coming from a tropical island myself, where I took the beach for granted, I'm seriously missing the sea so much. It's so soothing to hear the waves and see the waters lapping on the beach. Really wish we could live closer to the coast.

Anyway, glad to have met them as we don't see them so often. Pity we couldn't stay overnite as it would have been nice to spend more time with them. I leave with some photos of our time on the beach.... TTFN!

Ollie was quick to dive into the sands and water. Got his trousers wet despite being told not to!

Photo of the sea. Light wasm't strong enough but I kinda like the look of it!

Cheeky Zac!

Some weird stones I found on the beach!

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

>>> Boxing Day! <<<

We had hubby's family over for dinner today! Hubby did a beef rendang dish (beef curry), steamed chicken and a vege dish. It sure went down well. Makes a big change from yesterday's dinner.

No chance to edit the photo but I'm so hating my camera at the moment!

I made sure I took ample photos as I had forgotten to take pictures of the Xmas dinner. So annoying. Oh well, as least I've got Boxing day events to scrap! TTFN!

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

>>> Merry Xmas! <<<

Boys woke up mega early today, no surprise here! So we had to go down with them to open their pressies. Left the DS games the last and probably the best as they were dying to start playing with it.

Couldn't find their Santa's sack so had to pile their pressies around them. Seriously we didn't buy that many for them. Some came from their nan, aunts and friends.

My Xmas pressie from hubby! Finally a pink DS of my own!!! Woo Hoo!

This year's Xmas dinner was held at MIL's house. As usual, FIL did the Xmas dinner which consisted of roast pork (thank god no turkey!), and the usual veges and Yorkshire puds. I think standards have dropped as the potatoes and parnips were burnt and the pork was overcooked! Even hubby said so himself. I think he would have done a better job. I guess age is slowly but surely overtaking FIL! Still it was nice!

Spent the afternoon exchanging presents. Only my boys were around. SIL (from Leicester) and fiance came as well but without her sons as they were with their dad this year. A pretty quiet affair unlike last year where the whole family congregated at MIL's house.

Glad I didn't overdose myself with choccies! I could have easily done so but resisted big time! Don't need to add inches to my waistline which is the bane of my weight problem! Skinny all over apart from my ever expanding waistline. Seriously need to get back into shape. Might start doing yoga next year as I've just found out that there are classes in the local Leisure Centre. Way to go!!! TTFN!

Monday, 24 December 2007

>>> Weekend Again! <<<

Gosh, the weekend are decending upon us ever so rapidly!


The morning was spent in bed (mainly moi) having a lie-in. The afternoon was spent in Morissons bag-packing with my son who's in Beavers. That's for his capitalisation dues (£25). We or rather I did the bag packing for 2 hours while he smiled prettily and held a donation canister. Thankfully we had a fair number who donated generously so hopefully the Scouts had collected a fair amount for next year's activities. Certainly wore me out and I was in bed early that nite!


We realised we hadn't visited Santa so we brought the boys down to the town centre but hey ho! there was no grotto! Every year, Cadbury had a Santa's Grotto in the town centre, near the German market but there was none this year. Well, after the hefty fine for salmonella in their choccies early this year, I'm not surprised they didn't have much funds left for festive activities. So we ended up in Melbicks Garden Centre instead where there is a Santa's Grotto. It was quite impersonal as we had to share Santa with another family. At least the toys were far better than last year. Still the boys didn't really pick good ones... wanted them to pick a bingo set but neither was interested. Doubt very much they would play with them for long!

Couldn't capture the glow of the surrounding but then photos can always be altered!!! :)

Popped into MIL's for a visit and had tea there. We later invited her over for dinner where hubby did roast lamb and the usual English dinner ingredients. It was good! Later that nite, she accompanied him to pick his dad who works in Oxford as he would be home over the Xmas period.

Can't believe Christmas is almost upon us!!! TTFN!

Friday, 21 December 2007

>>> Thank Goodness! <<<

School term is over!!! It was getting harder and harder to wake the boys up and colder and colder every morning! I absolutely hate scrapping ice off the car windows too.

Been busy the past few days sorting out Xmas cards and gifts for teachers. I simply altered 3 clipboards and sorted out little packs of goodies. Kept it simple as I didn't want to stress myself out!

The front of the clipboards. (apologies for the blurness as I didn't want to use flash and not using it cause the image to be blurred! Not to mention I've got a crappy camera at the mo.) Design of clipboard taken off Morag (thanx gal!) Wanted to do a simple one without much stress! The middle one was for a male teacher (first time ever!) One has to think harder about gifts for male teachers.

The back of the clipboard. So glad I could use my old sheets of Cherry Arte and Chatterbox papers!

A few gift bags with sweeties and choccies for various supplementary staff that my sons are involved with. Don't want to forget them as they do a great job helping out.

Haven't been scrapping and it's giving me cold turkey. Just received my kit from Scarlet Lime and it's gorgeous and I'm dying to use it! Think I might just have to sit down tonite and do something with it!!! TTFN!

Sunday, 16 December 2007

>>> Exciting Weekend! <<<

What can I say.... a weekend full of activities!


Well, day started off lazy as I was still reeling from being unwell from the nite before! Somehow during the week I had burnt my mouth badly from a scalding curry and it hurt to eat. Then I had some pineapples on Friday nite and after that I felt awful! God knows what reaction I had but I conked out immediately. So Saturday afternoon was spent resting in bed in preparation for the nite where hubby and I had a Xmas party to attend!

Party went well, but couldn't say that for the food. It was pathetic! We had roast turkey with boiled and roast potatoes, cauliflower and green beans, a sausage wrapped in bacon and stuffing. Turkey was tasteless, gravy was weak and not enough veges in my opinion. Carrots would have been nice! As for dessert, god, what a sham! Oranges in cointreau!!! The taste was diabolical!!! Bearing in mind I had to drive home, I wanted to stay away from alcohol. Menu mentioned of coffee and mint but there was no mint. I just felt cheated to be honest, especially for the price we paid for the party, at least £30ish per person and they couldn't even be bothered to do something special for dinner. Not even cheese and biscuits! Needless to say, I was ravenous about midnite!!! Just didn't feel like I had enough to eat! Seriously think they should stop using that catering company! What a waste of money!!! That's what I dislike about this country... FOOD is so bad in this country! God knows how many functions I attended this year whereby food was just so bad and yet no one complaint but ate despite how bad the quality was! (I was lucky that I didn't have that particular bad dish otherwise I would have kicked a big fuss!) Man, when I think of the cuisine I used to have before, I feel so damned cheated of the quality of life I'm living now... feel so depraved sometimes! Depraved of the variety of choices of food I was so used to having, to eating etc! Absolutely depraved of the choices of fruits too!


Had a day to myself as I went to a crop. Spent the day altering 3 clipboards for my sons' teachers. Just have to add the finishing touches. We had an exchange of presents and one of the scrappers, Diane, brought some lovely pudding. God bless her, it was absolutely delicious and made up for the crap dessert I had last nite!

Well, I'm absolutely knackered out. Weather's so cold that I much rather lie in bed than be crafting! TTFN!

Thursday, 13 December 2007

>>> A Few More...<<<

LOs to share.... this time from BackPorch Memories. I had Medley kit to play with. Luv the different brands of papers I had.

Believe it or not, these papers are from Chatterbox! Gosh, their new Woodland collection is just simply divine!

7 Gypsies Pretoria range. I'm beginning to do more 12x12 when the papers call for it!

My Mind's Eye Festive papers

A few cards using Dec stamp set.

Did a couple of projects for the newsletter article. Will reveal once the newsletter is out!

Here's a LO done for Homegrown using Nov kit featuring Making Memories Noteworthy collection. Absolutely luv that range of papers.


Monday, 10 December 2007

>>> More LOs To Share! <<<

Both my Nov and Dec Homegrown Hybrid kits came together so here's what I did with the kit which is a mixture of classic Christmas papers by different manufacturers. Kit can be seen here.

A closeup look of the flowers.

Note MM journaling pad used. They are just so usable everywhere!

Luv those MM sticker!

Created an Countdown calendar using Jenni Bowlin chipboard. Those numbers are held by velco. I create a pocket at the back to hold the numbers.


>>> LOs To Share! <<<

Here's what I did with Homegrown Nov Hybrid kit, a kit full of Making Memories Noteworthy collection. Yum Yum!

This LO was done before my kit came. It was pretty late in coming but thankfully I had the MM Noteworthy journaling pad and whip up a quick LO!

LO #2. Still owing another LO which will be done tonight.

Created a mini album using the MM Noteworthy journaling pad and Maya Road Office Sheers. Tied them using ribbons and bead. I did use bookrings but somehow it was a wee bit too big. Frankly, the Bind it All tool would have come in handy!
Pg 2 & 3

Pg 4 & 5

Pg 6 & 7

Pg 8 & 9

Pg 10 & 11

Back Page. Kept the album simple as I didn't want to spend ages doing it and be bored in the end. How I luv my stamps!


Sunday, 9 December 2007

>>> Mobile Disaster! <<<

Hubby decided to do the laundry today and boy was it a disaster! He couldn't find his mobile and after backtracking, suddenly thought that it was in his jeans' pocket which had gone into the wash! He went to check and find the mobile thoroughly washed clean! Men!!! Don't they ever think of checking out pockets? I always do as I sometimes find cash in hubby's clothes' pockets. Sometimes nails too! Oh well, tough on him. Told him to check his insurance as I'm sure it would cover accidental damage! Anyway, that is a new phone too as he only got it early this year. And if he thinks he's gonna pocket the next phone, hard luck. It's my turn! After a year's contract, we get to change phones so we do it.

Oliver is feeling far better too. He came down with fever on Thursday nite and was off school on Friday. Then Saturday, he was hit hard. Bad timing as he had an afternoon full of Xmas activities but couldn't go due to his sickness. He always falls sick at the wrong time! Zac, on the other hand, was bored to tears and constantly bombarded with brother with toys but Ollie was in no position to play with him. Thankfully both boys had each other's company today.

As for myself, busy completing DT assignments. Once done, I've got teachers' gifts to tackle. I'm giving them an altered clipboards this year. Thankfully I've only got 3 clipboards to decorated. As for Xmas cards, I've done enough and will not do anymore as I don't have the time and am not gonna stress myself over it. The rest will get commercial ones instead. TTFN!

Friday, 7 December 2007

>>> Some Projects To Share! <<<

Check out Little Silver Hat Dec kit! Such divine ribbons!

And here's what I did with them!

An experiement with my bingo and SassafraLass new Olivia stamps!

Adore Heidi Swapp journaling notepad. So stinkin' cute!

My piece de resistance! Wanted to make an Xmas tree using ribbons and luv how it turned out! Did use a mighty loads of ribbon though!


Saturday, 1 December 2007

>>> Woah! It's December! <<<

Can you believe it, it's December and the last month of the year. Gosh where has time flown? It was that long ago that I took the Xmas tree down and now it's gonna be put up again! Not to mention all the festive activities that goes on etc. It's gonna be an exciting time as Zac has a Xmas performance in school whereby parents can watch. Ollie has violin concerts too. Oh and I can start opening my Advent pressies! Hooray! TTFN!

Friday, 30 November 2007

>>> Busy Busy Busy! <<<

Haven't been blogging regularly as I've been busy. I had to get stuff ready for an Advent swap that I have with my team members at UKScrappers and also a Christmas one for a member on Scrapitudes forum. Also my DT kits from BackPorch Memories and Homegrown came as well and I was busy churning out LOs. I had kinds lay dormant doing LOs as I was getting scrapped out and did a lots of Xmas cards and altered arts. So it was nice to start doing pages again.

Looking forward to 1st December where I can start opening my Xmas pressie from the Advent swap! TTFN!

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

>>> Grrrr! Major Rant! <<<

Why is it that there is a dismal of colour selection in the boys department? I was out trying to get a purple t-shirt, a yellow shirt and a red trousers but could I find any in those colours .... Nada, Zilch and NO!!!! So frustrating!!! When I looked at the girls aisle, what an array of colours! It's so unfair. The only colours I could find in the boys section was all shades of blue, black, green and colours that boys usually wear. No yellow, purple or red!!! Perhaps a red top but as for trousers, zilch! Why the sexism or discrimination for boys? You can bloody buy a pink shirt in the adult men's section yet for little boys, they have to be dressed in drappy colours! Sigh!

Rant over.... have to try and raid the wardrobe to see what I can dress Zac in as he has a Letterland day on Friday and supposed to come in a letter character. TTTFN!

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

>>> Up Manchester Again! <<<

Headed off to Manchester for the boys' osteopatic treatment. This time we were advised to cut out dairy products for Zac due to his eczema problem. Come to think of it, his eczema started since he began to eat cereals with milk. I reckon we also started buying yogurt and cheese strings for them too. They never used to eat that much dairy products before and Zac was also breastfed from young and never ever had cow's milk. Hence, I'm not surprised by this diagnosis. In fact, I had an inkling that dairy products might contribute to it.... call it a mother's instinct... you just kinda know but can't explain it. Gosh, it's gonna be hard but thankfully, alternatives exist these days. He can't even have chocolates!!! My poor boy but anything to get rid of his eczema is welcomed!

After treatment, we went to Chinatown to have lunch. Then we headed back home. Didn't feel inclined to walk around.

Gosh, it has gone so cold suddenly. Sometimes wish I could hibernate till Spring! TTFN!

Monday, 19 November 2007

>>> It Snowed! <<<

OMG! It snowed last nite! Couldn't believe it. It had been raining the whole day... threw our plans to go to the German Fair in Birmingham outta the window and then at nite, it started to snow. Hubby alerted me to it and by midnite, it was inches deep. Neighbour's garden was completely covered with snow. Our had too many trees about! Unfortunately, this morning, it disappeared when the rain took over. Sad. I was hoping to be able to get some snow photos but no chance. However, I did take whatever that was left on the ground... a smattering of snow lying around...


Sunday, 18 November 2007

>>> More LOs To Share! <<<

Here are some LOs done using Homegrown October Trilogy kit. Some great papers from K&Co Wild Saffron, We R Memory Keepers White Out Promenade and Your Pictured Memories Sunkissed collection:

Luv those K&Co Wild Saffron tags.

Those AC vinyl thickers are just so cool to use!

Luv my stamps! Need to use my sewing machine more often!