Tuesday, 20 November 2007

>>> Up Manchester Again! <<<

Headed off to Manchester for the boys' osteopatic treatment. This time we were advised to cut out dairy products for Zac due to his eczema problem. Come to think of it, his eczema started since he began to eat cereals with milk. I reckon we also started buying yogurt and cheese strings for them too. They never used to eat that much dairy products before and Zac was also breastfed from young and never ever had cow's milk. Hence, I'm not surprised by this diagnosis. In fact, I had an inkling that dairy products might contribute to it.... call it a mother's instinct... you just kinda know but can't explain it. Gosh, it's gonna be hard but thankfully, alternatives exist these days. He can't even have chocolates!!! My poor boy but anything to get rid of his eczema is welcomed!

After treatment, we went to Chinatown to have lunch. Then we headed back home. Didn't feel inclined to walk around.

Gosh, it has gone so cold suddenly. Sometimes wish I could hibernate till Spring! TTFN!

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