Sunday, 29 July 2007

>>> Latest Craze! <<<

Rite, hubby bought a Nintendo DS Lite for the boys but I'm hooked onto it now. He also bought the Brain Games and I thoroughly luv that game! Usually I'm not a gaming person... can't be bothered to go about chasing and shooting things but the Brain Games is simply awesome! Well, it's a quiz game testing your brain power and I'm shocked to find that I'm somewhat at the bottom! That's where the addiction hits as you strive to do better and you kinda get hooked onto it. There's also Sukodo as well and I'm hooked on that too! Gosh, suddenly I've developed a liking for it and can't stop playing it! I'm now searching on the net for more 'intelligent' games and have found a fair few! Looks like stash buying will have to take a back seat for a while while I shopped for some DS games for moi of course! :)

Attended the Birmingham crop and managed to complete a few DT assignments! As the month draws to a close, they need to be handled in soon. Thanx goodness for the 7 hours of uninterrupted scrapping!

Poor Oliver has a tummy bug! Started on Friday and he's been poorly and moaning away. Will have to bring him to the Doc tomorrow if it doesn't clear up! It's causing him pain and apart from giving him Capol, there's nothing we can do. Poor soul!

Rite... off to play my DS game..... TTFN!

Friday, 27 July 2007

>>> Mad Dash Before Downpour! <<<

Met Office predicted it would be sunny today. Hence Morag and I decided to bring the kids to Birmingham Nature Centre. Yeah, sunny indeed!!! It peed down with rain while on my way there but luckily it stopped when we arrived. We made a quick round on the ground and then went into the restaurant for our picnic. Thank goodness, we did as it started to rain again and people were filling up the restaurant too. But the rain didn't last long and we were out again. The kids got on well together and played fine. The older boys kept each other company while Zac joined them once in a while. Morag's little girl Lauren was left on her own but oh well, that's what happens when a bunch of boys get together.... they don't want gals around!

From left: Zac, Oliver, Jake and Lauren

Moi and the boys

We went to Nan's place immediately after as Ollie's tummy was starting to hurt him. Poor soul moaned all afternoon about his tummy and I felt helpless! Thankfully he fell asleep. Meanwhile, I brought Zac for his swimming lesson. He had to change session as he couldn't cope with the current class. In this class, the coach was in the water with the kids and thus able to help him position his body properly for swimming. He seemed to enjoy himself thoroughly in this class and I think it suits him better.

Hubby came back with some medicine for Ollie's tummy and he did seem better in the evening and was eating properly. Hopefully he stays that way! TTFN!

Saturday, 21 July 2007

>>> Family Day! <<<

The day started out early with swimming lessons for the boys! Oliver did well while Zac struggled. Later we were told to switch Zac to a lower level group as he needed a coach in the water with him. Luckily there is a place left for him on Friday at 4pm.

After swimming, we headed towards Ikea to get some home stuff. Left the boys at the soft play area while we did our shopping. We even managed to get an English breakfast for £1!!! No wonder they were lots of hungry shoppers queuing up for it!

Then it was back to Birmingham Town Centre. The boys wanted a transformer toy but we couldn't find one at the Entertainer so we ended up in Woolworths where they did get their toy and I got my Harry Porter book for £6.99! What a bargain!

Back home, worked on my Best of British entry. As usual, last minute again! TTFN!

Friday, 20 July 2007

>>> Last Day! <<<

at school for Oliver! He goes to the Juniors in Sept. Can't believe that 3 years have gone by so quickly. Thankfully, Zac goes in Sept so at least my link to the Infant school isn't lost after all. Gosh the school looks so bare as every single art work, kids work are taken down and the walls are strip bare! It just looks so different and kinda hit home that another school year has gone! Oliver didn't seem to fuss that he was leaving Infants... in fact he was happy that the school holidays has started! Kids!!!

Finally all the teachers' gift are done and given away! Didn't sleep till 4ish this morning trying to finish up any last minute decoration! Oh well, my fault for leaving it to the last minute!

All these were given to key personnels that helped him in the school. (Currently can't reveal the gift I made for his teacher as it's a DT project! But it's a Provocraft tin, decorated with her name on it. I'm always altered tins and giving them away!) Made use of Sweetwater papers that I have tons of! They sure do come in handy and are perfect of this job!

This is what's at the bottom of the tin. There was a label that I couldn't take out so decided to cover it up instead with a drawn picture of Oliver, done by him of course!

Now it's back to scrapping like a woman possessed as I've got DT commitments to fulfil! TTFN!

>>> Last Day! <<<

at Nursery for Zac! He finishes his school term today and the Nursery rented a bouncy castle for them to play. It was also time for gifts for teachers and we went around handling out the gifts (that mom had to burn the midnite oil to finish).

These little ones were for all the teachers there. Packed a couple of little stationery and choccies for them! Have to say that double sided papers came in handy for this gift bag! Literally made use of my scrap papers!

The pails were garden pails, altered and decorated. The tin was a money box, again altered and decorated with all my scrap papers!The two big tins went to his key workers and the pencil tin went to the office staff including the headmistress!

Gosh, can't believe a year's school term has finished! Where did time fly?

I popped back in at lunch time to nose about. Never really seen how it was like and today was like a picnic where they sat on the mat and ate their lunch.
4 dinner ladies took charge of a small group each and they helped the little ones peel fruits, cut crusts etc. So pampered the kids... doubt if they will experience that at Infant school!!!

Also found out what the Beat Babies were all about. The teachers kept telling me about how mad he was about the Beat Babies and finally got to see them in person!

Zac & his Beat Babies!

Back home, did more altering of tins! I kept it simple and uniform so as to expedite the process!

Picked up Zac and also showed some Nursery teachers my layouts as one of them wanted to learn how to do it and was very keen on it. Hence, we exchanged phone no.s and I'll be bringing her to the weekly crop that I go. Complete newbie and that will be fun!

Ollie had a great time in school. It was Party day and he went in his casual clothes. He has one more day to go before he finishes!

I feel kinda sad that both are leaving where they are now! Zac thoroughly enjoyed his stint at Nursery and I'm sure he will miss his teachers and the environment he was in. But he's heading toward more adventure and fun I guess in the Infant school in Sept! Well, that's what happens when kids grow up....... TTFN!

Thursday, 19 July 2007

>>> Trip to Sheldon Park! <<<

Spent the day with Zac at Sheldon Park. The Nursery had organised a trip there. Firstly we walked around the area and saw some animals! You tried to feed a horse and didn't mind it taking grass off your hands!

Weather was a bit dodgy. It did drizzle for a while then it stopped! As we were making our way around the farm, it was fine.
But during lunch, it poured for a while, then it stopped and the sun came thru. You were particularly attracted to the playground and played for a while. However, it didn't do good for your lunch. You played in a merry go round and felt sick and threw up ! Typical!!!

After lunch, the group took a walk to another side of the park to do a bit of plane spotting! We are pretty near the Birmingham Internation Airport.

This particular shot was taken by Zac! There weren't much planes taking off but more landing down!
Finally a pic of you and moi together, taken by your teacher! The airport runaway is in the background!

Later that nite, I was busy trying to finish off your teachers' gifts! Eventually I did after burning the midnite oil! TTFN!

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

>>> Happy Birthday Oliver! <<<

In the morning, we (hubby and I) attended your Leavers' Assembly. This is your last year at Infant's school. The performance was superb
There's you on the right hand side, acting as a chicken!

and it was quite emotional at the end when you all started singing One Moment in Time and there was a slide displayed of the school photos from Reception to Year 2. Saw a fair no. of parents shedding some tears! So hard to believe that you've have grown so much in these 3 years!!!

In the evening, we held a little celebration for you as today is your real birthday! Bought you a little choccie cake and you blew the candles out the 2nd time!

You were given all your pressies to open too! I had to hide some for today! Happy Birthday Oliver! Luv you loads! TTFN!

>>> Alex's Birthday Party! <<<

It was my nephew's birthday party today so we trooped over to the Wacky's Warehouse at Bees Knees in Leicester to celebrate it! He's 5 years old! It's interesting to note that birthday activity held here is completely different from that in Birmingham!

As usual, the kids played in the soft play area for a good 45 mins! Then it was upstairs where they had their meal.

After that, they played in a bouncy castle for about 20mins.

Then the organiser did some floor games with them.

Finally, they were given ice cream .
In B'ham, after the meal, it was back to soft play until the end of it. Somehow, I much prefer how Leicester ran their party... more interesting!

Later the family members had cavery at a nearby pub! Then it was goodbyes all around as each made their way home! TTFN!

Saturday, 14 July 2007

>>> Olive's BBQ Party! <<<

I thank the Lord for giving us good weather. It was sunny for once but hubby put up the gazebo just in case. The morning was spent preparing BBQ food ie. vege kebab, prawns, squids and chicken wings.

Prawn and squid kebab

BBQ started about 2ish.
We invited mostly hubby's relatives and even his sister & family from Poole came up as well. I invited my scrap buddies Nikki and Morag but unfortunately, Morag and family had a camp to go to so Nikki and family came along. There were 7 kids to entertain. I had 4 games spread out thru'out the whole afternoon.

Passing the Parcel

Sticking the Donkey's Tail

The Pinata: this was a hit among the kids but it take a while to break it! Basically a cardboad toy stuffed with sweeties and toys inside and each try to hit it in order to break it. It was fun!

We took a break from the games to cut the cake which had to be done indoors due to the wind that kept blowing the candles out! My little boy is now 7! (oh well, will be on 17th)

The final game was Treasure Hunt. We had hidden 7 water pistols and the kids were out to hunt for them! Obviously, as soon as they were found, they had great fun playing with them!

Anyway, that signal the end of the party and by quarter to 7, the guests left. William stayed over at his request. His brother wanted to but I doubt if I could cope with 4 boys so he was sent to his Nan's instead.

I thanked the sunny weather for making the party successful! So glad it's all over!!! TTFN!

>>> Rain And More Rain! <<<

Today was horrid! It rained! Brought the boys to school and stayed for Oliver's assembly as it was his turn to celebrate his birthday. Managed a few shots but the lighting was bad! Got home and Ellen wanted to check out a particula quilt store so we went to the Cotton Patch. Didn't even realised it existed and I gave in to some Amy Butler fabrics. A 5 fat quarters of different designs!

Mine's the top 5!

Gosh they are so lovely! Don't know what I'm gonna do with it yet but I'll think of something! Then we headed to Birmingham Town Centre for tim sum.

Pretty soon it was time to go back as I had to pick the kids up. Chris and Ellen had to leave as well so we said our goodbyes! Pity they couldn't stay for Ollie's BBQ party tomorrow.

Picked the boys up and left them at Nan's while I went to the local shops to get some last minute stuff for Ollie's party tomorrow. I was running around like a headless chicken with a massive splitting headache, trying to ensure I hadn't forgotten anything. I'm in charge of organising the kids' games so had to make sure there were enough pressies about. No easy organising kids' parties... no wonder, most parents prefer to leave it to professionals! TTFN!

Friday, 13 July 2007

>>> Another busy day! <<<

The morning was spent at Morag's, cropping away. We had a great time. Hubby was out in the afternoon playing golf. In the evening, it was Oliver's open evening for the parents and MIL came along. Basically it was to see his school work and to take away all his stuff. Suddenly it strikes you that school term is really coming to an end!!!

Ellen and Chris came about 7ish from Spain. They arrived at Heathrow and drove up in a rented car. Unfortunately they are only staying for a nite before heading for Swindon to see friends and relatives. As for dinner, we had an Indian takeaway.... what else! TTFN!

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

>>> New Stash! <<<

Woo Hoo! Received 2 DT kits from Little Silver Hat and Scrapitude. Gosh, Little Silver Hat Aug ribbon kit is packed full of glorious, yummy colours in hot pink, turquoise and green! What can I say but just absolutely fab! Then, there's Kimmy last Scrapitude kit, again packed full of yumminess! Gosh, there's so much papers and tons of bellies in there! Definitely worth getting! The College Press papers are just simply divine.

The flu has left me scrambling to beat deadlines! Got tons of teachers' end of year gifts to make as well as DT assignments to fulfil, not to mention helping out in Homgrown Summer Survival kit!

Had a clean out of the living room today with the help of the boys of course. It's mainly their toys that have been hazhardly thrown about and it's a right mess.

Photo's a bit blurry as lighting was bad! Anyway, here's the tip that that boys were helping to clear out!

As Ellen and Chris are coming tomorrow, need to sort that room out. Hence, the boys helped put their toys away. Got all the Lego tiny bits together, threw away dried out pens and hoovered up the entire room. It's amazing how easily rubbish accumulate without control! Unfortunately, that bit of housework left me gasping for breath as my flu has completely blocked my nose up. Thankfully, hubby did dinner while I went upstairs to rest a bit!

The boys have found a new game online, making Ben 10 aliens! On the Cartoon Network site, there's a section for you to create different kinds of aliens and the boys luv creating their own aliens and printing it out! It's quite addictive and I had a go and had fun too!

I leave with some LOs to share as seen in Banana Frog blog ....

Rouge de Garance Urbaine paper and Banana Frog stamps

ATC using Banana Frog stamps


Tuesday, 10 July 2007

>>> Oliver's Sports Day! <<<

Hubby took a day off today as it was Oliver's sports day. Thankfully it was bright and sunny and therefore a brillant day for sporting activities!

Oliver was in the Orange Otters group and he had to dress up in an orange outfit. Thankfully I managed to find some orange outfit for him.

There were 6 areas where they had to complete different activities. The teachers taking each group did a great job cheering the team.

Passing the ball

My orange otter!

Egg and spoon race

MIL also came to support her grandson. After the event, all of us went to the Big Woolworth to get some stuff for Oliver's birthday party. Added a couple more pressies and some party stuff. I bought him a pinata, one of those hitting the toy thingy. Then I dropped off at the Chinese bakery to order him a cake! After that we headed to Wing Wah restaurant for tim sum! Hubby had initially suggested going to Ikea restaurant to eat as he wanted to get something there. AS If!!!! Would I trade tim sum for Swedish meatballs??? Gosh he just has no idea!

It's amazing how 6 hours passed so quickly as it was then time to pick the boys. Hubby had a chance to experience the daily routine I go thru'. I think the boys enjoyed having their dad pick them up from school!

Not surprising, I was knackered at the end of the day.... TTFN!

Sunday, 8 July 2007

>>> Enraged! <<<


Ohhh am I so annoyed! Brought my boys for their swimming lesson at the local Leisure Centre only to be told that I had to book a slot. Well, when I made enquiry on Tuesday, the stupid bitch never mentioned about booking a slot. I asked about days and times and was told there were lessons from Mon-Thurs from 4-7pm and Sat 8-12! I kept asking how to go about booking Sat class and all that bitch kept saying was yeah, classes on Sat is from 8-12! No mention at all about booking a time slot! She gave the impression that you simply turn up and hand in your application! Hence I was mighty annoyed when I was told that there wasn't places available and the only slot open was at 8.30am (by then it was already 9am). So my boys lost out on their first lesson and I had to pay for that! REALLY annoys me when people can't get their info right and give out the wrong info as well! How flippin incompetent!

Later brought Ollie for his last Mandarin lesson for the term. Gosh, they have completed 3 books and is he any nearer in speaking Mandarin.... absolutely not! Still, does him good to be acquainted with the language. I'll be enrolling Zac this Sept!

I think I'm coming down with a cold. Don't feel too good and went off to bed early! All hopes of crafting flew out of the window when I couldn't keep my eyes open after 9.30pm! Ended up in bed with my boys!


Hooray! Hubby returns today after a weekend of golf! He left on Friday morning and boy is he lucky to have good weather! Thankfully, the boys haven't been a handful but I guess they are much older now so far easier to handle. MIL has been great! She had Zac overnite on Friday and came this morning to bring them out to the shops!

I was ok till evening when I just couldn't stand up any longer and had to lie down! Luckily the boys didn't play up! As soon as hubby came home, left them with him and went off to sleepy early! TTFN!

Saturday, 7 July 2007

>>> Single Mom! <<<

Rite, I'll be a single mom for the weekend as hubby has left for a weekend of golf and he won't be back till Sunday! Now that is gonna be fun... NOT! TTFN!

Friday, 6 July 2007

>>> Day of Activities! <<<

Found this on Toni's blog!

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Personality Test Results

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Had a great day yesterday! It was Family day at Zac's nursery and hubby and I attended. Basically it was a chance to spend time with Zac at Nursery and to see what he does there. Gosh, that boy is a whirlwind! He was just everywhere! He didn't fancy painting or sitting down to do crafty stuff but much prefer the outdoor activities. We can see why he enjoyed going to Nursery as he has so much to do there!

Cut and paste with daddy

Outdoor, on the slide

Building sandcastles

Playing with mummy on the balancing blocks. Gosh, he can really
run fast on those blocks.

Building cars using magnetic blocks

We were there for 2 hours after which, we both headed (in different cars - hubby had to return to work and I had no desire to go home by public transport!) to Birmingham town centre. It's Oliver's birthday this month and he wanted a Ben 10 watch. So we bought a few Ben 10 stuff at the Entertainer. Hubby wanted to buy the same watch for Zac but I argued against it as it's Oliver's and not Zac's birthday. It's not fair to the birthday boy if his brother gets the same toy as him. Anyway, we did get Zac another Ben 10 watch but of cheaper value! Beside, knowing Zac, that toy will be chucked aside once he has had enough! Ben 10 is the latest cartoon that my boys love and we found it on Cartoon Network! Strangely that channel manifested on my cable and Cbeebies have since been forgotten!

After shopping, hubby and I had lunch at a Chinese restaurant. I was given the choice of Wagonmana or tim sum.... of course I went for the obvious! Nothing like ha kau, siew mai and duck hor fun to cheer me up, top with chilli oil! Mmmmm

siew mai

duck hor fun

Got home to find a slip from the PO about a parcel. So drove off to collect it and it was my kit from Kristina Contes!

Gosh, it's a mini-album kit and she had given instructions for it via email! It contains a rubber stamp from Purple Onion, Hambly, Amy Butler fabric, American Craft 6x6 ring album/felt thickers/papers and other bits and pieces. Now to get down to fill it as I don't do mini albums often but think I've got an idea what to do!!! TTFN!

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

>>> New Stash! <<<

Ohhh, guess what came in the post the other day!

Stamps from Autumn and SassafraLass!

Gosh absolutely 'hugging' the owl stamp set! Finally got it in my grubby mites! :)

Ohhh, so annoyed with the Postie... been at home all morning and didn't hear the doorbell ring and when I went to check the door, found a slip that informed me I had a parcel! And it was dated TODAY! So why the heck didn't he ring the bloody doorbell!!!! So annoyed as I now have to go to the PO Collection Centre. Thankfully it isn't far but it's a rite pain and a waste of petrol!!! Anyway, went and collect it and it was my altered mags from BoxRoom Booty. She's closing down and was having a 50% sale! Hence, my grab of those mags! It's such a shame that a fair number of shops selling altered stuff is closing down! TTFN!

Sunday, 1 July 2007

>>> Charity Crop! <<<

Morag, Nikki and I are organising a Charity Crop on 13th Oct in aid of Cancer Research UK. We got a website up and doing our bit in raising funds for this worthy cause! Hence if you can help out either by coming or donating gifts for raffle prizes, we appreciate it!

The Asian Dares are up and our theme is 'Inspired by Transparencies'. Hence my LO:

Made use of Hambly as the base and used Love Elsie Roxie papers. Add Creative Imagination flowers as an overlay. Kinda like the effect!

Today also marks the reveal of BackPorch Memories July kit and this is my early preview of the kit.

Made use of Paper Salon Sizzle papers.