Wednesday, 4 July 2007

>>> New Stash! <<<

Ohhh, guess what came in the post the other day!

Stamps from Autumn and SassafraLass!

Gosh absolutely 'hugging' the owl stamp set! Finally got it in my grubby mites! :)

Ohhh, so annoyed with the Postie... been at home all morning and didn't hear the doorbell ring and when I went to check the door, found a slip that informed me I had a parcel! And it was dated TODAY! So why the heck didn't he ring the bloody doorbell!!!! So annoyed as I now have to go to the PO Collection Centre. Thankfully it isn't far but it's a rite pain and a waste of petrol!!! Anyway, went and collect it and it was my altered mags from BoxRoom Booty. She's closing down and was having a 50% sale! Hence, my grab of those mags! It's such a shame that a fair number of shops selling altered stuff is closing down! TTFN!

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