Saturday, 14 July 2007

>>> Olive's BBQ Party! <<<

I thank the Lord for giving us good weather. It was sunny for once but hubby put up the gazebo just in case. The morning was spent preparing BBQ food ie. vege kebab, prawns, squids and chicken wings.

Prawn and squid kebab

BBQ started about 2ish.
We invited mostly hubby's relatives and even his sister & family from Poole came up as well. I invited my scrap buddies Nikki and Morag but unfortunately, Morag and family had a camp to go to so Nikki and family came along. There were 7 kids to entertain. I had 4 games spread out thru'out the whole afternoon.

Passing the Parcel

Sticking the Donkey's Tail

The Pinata: this was a hit among the kids but it take a while to break it! Basically a cardboad toy stuffed with sweeties and toys inside and each try to hit it in order to break it. It was fun!

We took a break from the games to cut the cake which had to be done indoors due to the wind that kept blowing the candles out! My little boy is now 7! (oh well, will be on 17th)

The final game was Treasure Hunt. We had hidden 7 water pistols and the kids were out to hunt for them! Obviously, as soon as they were found, they had great fun playing with them!

Anyway, that signal the end of the party and by quarter to 7, the guests left. William stayed over at his request. His brother wanted to but I doubt if I could cope with 4 boys so he was sent to his Nan's instead.

I thanked the sunny weather for making the party successful! So glad it's all over!!! TTFN!

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