Sunday, 29 July 2007

>>> Latest Craze! <<<

Rite, hubby bought a Nintendo DS Lite for the boys but I'm hooked onto it now. He also bought the Brain Games and I thoroughly luv that game! Usually I'm not a gaming person... can't be bothered to go about chasing and shooting things but the Brain Games is simply awesome! Well, it's a quiz game testing your brain power and I'm shocked to find that I'm somewhat at the bottom! That's where the addiction hits as you strive to do better and you kinda get hooked onto it. There's also Sukodo as well and I'm hooked on that too! Gosh, suddenly I've developed a liking for it and can't stop playing it! I'm now searching on the net for more 'intelligent' games and have found a fair few! Looks like stash buying will have to take a back seat for a while while I shopped for some DS games for moi of course! :)

Attended the Birmingham crop and managed to complete a few DT assignments! As the month draws to a close, they need to be handled in soon. Thanx goodness for the 7 hours of uninterrupted scrapping!

Poor Oliver has a tummy bug! Started on Friday and he's been poorly and moaning away. Will have to bring him to the Doc tomorrow if it doesn't clear up! It's causing him pain and apart from giving him Capol, there's nothing we can do. Poor soul!

Rite... off to play my DS game..... TTFN!


Jules said...

I want a DS, purely so I can get the brain training game lol.

Hope Oliver is feeling better now.

Oh, and yes, hello. I've just followed a link to here from the Bazzill Babe blog :o)

Sam said...

you have been tagged Audrey

Sam xx