Friday, 27 July 2007

>>> Mad Dash Before Downpour! <<<

Met Office predicted it would be sunny today. Hence Morag and I decided to bring the kids to Birmingham Nature Centre. Yeah, sunny indeed!!! It peed down with rain while on my way there but luckily it stopped when we arrived. We made a quick round on the ground and then went into the restaurant for our picnic. Thank goodness, we did as it started to rain again and people were filling up the restaurant too. But the rain didn't last long and we were out again. The kids got on well together and played fine. The older boys kept each other company while Zac joined them once in a while. Morag's little girl Lauren was left on her own but oh well, that's what happens when a bunch of boys get together.... they don't want gals around!

From left: Zac, Oliver, Jake and Lauren

Moi and the boys

We went to Nan's place immediately after as Ollie's tummy was starting to hurt him. Poor soul moaned all afternoon about his tummy and I felt helpless! Thankfully he fell asleep. Meanwhile, I brought Zac for his swimming lesson. He had to change session as he couldn't cope with the current class. In this class, the coach was in the water with the kids and thus able to help him position his body properly for swimming. He seemed to enjoy himself thoroughly in this class and I think it suits him better.

Hubby came back with some medicine for Ollie's tummy and he did seem better in the evening and was eating properly. Hopefully he stays that way! TTFN!

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