Sunday, 8 July 2007

>>> Enraged! <<<


Ohhh am I so annoyed! Brought my boys for their swimming lesson at the local Leisure Centre only to be told that I had to book a slot. Well, when I made enquiry on Tuesday, the stupid bitch never mentioned about booking a slot. I asked about days and times and was told there were lessons from Mon-Thurs from 4-7pm and Sat 8-12! I kept asking how to go about booking Sat class and all that bitch kept saying was yeah, classes on Sat is from 8-12! No mention at all about booking a time slot! She gave the impression that you simply turn up and hand in your application! Hence I was mighty annoyed when I was told that there wasn't places available and the only slot open was at 8.30am (by then it was already 9am). So my boys lost out on their first lesson and I had to pay for that! REALLY annoys me when people can't get their info right and give out the wrong info as well! How flippin incompetent!

Later brought Ollie for his last Mandarin lesson for the term. Gosh, they have completed 3 books and is he any nearer in speaking Mandarin.... absolutely not! Still, does him good to be acquainted with the language. I'll be enrolling Zac this Sept!

I think I'm coming down with a cold. Don't feel too good and went off to bed early! All hopes of crafting flew out of the window when I couldn't keep my eyes open after 9.30pm! Ended up in bed with my boys!


Hooray! Hubby returns today after a weekend of golf! He left on Friday morning and boy is he lucky to have good weather! Thankfully, the boys haven't been a handful but I guess they are much older now so far easier to handle. MIL has been great! She had Zac overnite on Friday and came this morning to bring them out to the shops!

I was ok till evening when I just couldn't stand up any longer and had to lie down! Luckily the boys didn't play up! As soon as hubby came home, left them with him and went off to sleepy early! TTFN!

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