Tuesday, 17 July 2007

>>> Happy Birthday Oliver! <<<

In the morning, we (hubby and I) attended your Leavers' Assembly. This is your last year at Infant's school. The performance was superb
There's you on the right hand side, acting as a chicken!

and it was quite emotional at the end when you all started singing One Moment in Time and there was a slide displayed of the school photos from Reception to Year 2. Saw a fair no. of parents shedding some tears! So hard to believe that you've have grown so much in these 3 years!!!

In the evening, we held a little celebration for you as today is your real birthday! Bought you a little choccie cake and you blew the candles out the 2nd time!

You were given all your pressies to open too! I had to hide some for today! Happy Birthday Oliver! Luv you loads! TTFN!

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