Wednesday, 11 July 2007

>>> New Stash! <<<

Woo Hoo! Received 2 DT kits from Little Silver Hat and Scrapitude. Gosh, Little Silver Hat Aug ribbon kit is packed full of glorious, yummy colours in hot pink, turquoise and green! What can I say but just absolutely fab! Then, there's Kimmy last Scrapitude kit, again packed full of yumminess! Gosh, there's so much papers and tons of bellies in there! Definitely worth getting! The College Press papers are just simply divine.

The flu has left me scrambling to beat deadlines! Got tons of teachers' end of year gifts to make as well as DT assignments to fulfil, not to mention helping out in Homgrown Summer Survival kit!

Had a clean out of the living room today with the help of the boys of course. It's mainly their toys that have been hazhardly thrown about and it's a right mess.

Photo's a bit blurry as lighting was bad! Anyway, here's the tip that that boys were helping to clear out!

As Ellen and Chris are coming tomorrow, need to sort that room out. Hence, the boys helped put their toys away. Got all the Lego tiny bits together, threw away dried out pens and hoovered up the entire room. It's amazing how easily rubbish accumulate without control! Unfortunately, that bit of housework left me gasping for breath as my flu has completely blocked my nose up. Thankfully, hubby did dinner while I went upstairs to rest a bit!

The boys have found a new game online, making Ben 10 aliens! On the Cartoon Network site, there's a section for you to create different kinds of aliens and the boys luv creating their own aliens and printing it out! It's quite addictive and I had a go and had fun too!

I leave with some LOs to share as seen in Banana Frog blog ....

Rouge de Garance Urbaine paper and Banana Frog stamps

ATC using Banana Frog stamps


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