Friday, 20 July 2007

>>> Last Day! <<<

at Nursery for Zac! He finishes his school term today and the Nursery rented a bouncy castle for them to play. It was also time for gifts for teachers and we went around handling out the gifts (that mom had to burn the midnite oil to finish).

These little ones were for all the teachers there. Packed a couple of little stationery and choccies for them! Have to say that double sided papers came in handy for this gift bag! Literally made use of my scrap papers!

The pails were garden pails, altered and decorated. The tin was a money box, again altered and decorated with all my scrap papers!The two big tins went to his key workers and the pencil tin went to the office staff including the headmistress!

Gosh, can't believe a year's school term has finished! Where did time fly?

I popped back in at lunch time to nose about. Never really seen how it was like and today was like a picnic where they sat on the mat and ate their lunch.
4 dinner ladies took charge of a small group each and they helped the little ones peel fruits, cut crusts etc. So pampered the kids... doubt if they will experience that at Infant school!!!

Also found out what the Beat Babies were all about. The teachers kept telling me about how mad he was about the Beat Babies and finally got to see them in person!

Zac & his Beat Babies!

Back home, did more altering of tins! I kept it simple and uniform so as to expedite the process!

Picked up Zac and also showed some Nursery teachers my layouts as one of them wanted to learn how to do it and was very keen on it. Hence, we exchanged phone no.s and I'll be bringing her to the weekly crop that I go. Complete newbie and that will be fun!

Ollie had a great time in school. It was Party day and he went in his casual clothes. He has one more day to go before he finishes!

I feel kinda sad that both are leaving where they are now! Zac thoroughly enjoyed his stint at Nursery and I'm sure he will miss his teachers and the environment he was in. But he's heading toward more adventure and fun I guess in the Infant school in Sept! Well, that's what happens when kids grow up....... TTFN!

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