Tuesday, 17 July 2007

>>> Alex's Birthday Party! <<<

It was my nephew's birthday party today so we trooped over to the Wacky's Warehouse at Bees Knees in Leicester to celebrate it! He's 5 years old! It's interesting to note that birthday activity held here is completely different from that in Birmingham!

As usual, the kids played in the soft play area for a good 45 mins! Then it was upstairs where they had their meal.

After that, they played in a bouncy castle for about 20mins.

Then the organiser did some floor games with them.

Finally, they were given ice cream .
In B'ham, after the meal, it was back to soft play until the end of it. Somehow, I much prefer how Leicester ran their party... more interesting!

Later the family members had cavery at a nearby pub! Then it was goodbyes all around as each made their way home! TTFN!

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