Friday, 20 July 2007

>>> Last Day! <<<

at school for Oliver! He goes to the Juniors in Sept. Can't believe that 3 years have gone by so quickly. Thankfully, Zac goes in Sept so at least my link to the Infant school isn't lost after all. Gosh the school looks so bare as every single art work, kids work are taken down and the walls are strip bare! It just looks so different and kinda hit home that another school year has gone! Oliver didn't seem to fuss that he was leaving Infants... in fact he was happy that the school holidays has started! Kids!!!

Finally all the teachers' gift are done and given away! Didn't sleep till 4ish this morning trying to finish up any last minute decoration! Oh well, my fault for leaving it to the last minute!

All these were given to key personnels that helped him in the school. (Currently can't reveal the gift I made for his teacher as it's a DT project! But it's a Provocraft tin, decorated with her name on it. I'm always altered tins and giving them away!) Made use of Sweetwater papers that I have tons of! They sure do come in handy and are perfect of this job!

This is what's at the bottom of the tin. There was a label that I couldn't take out so decided to cover it up instead with a drawn picture of Oliver, done by him of course!

Now it's back to scrapping like a woman possessed as I've got DT commitments to fulfil! TTFN!

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Em said...

Crickey Audrey you have been a busy bee!

Bet the teachers just loved all their presents, it's so nice to be able to give something hand-made isn't it?

Well done you!