Thursday, 19 July 2007

>>> Trip to Sheldon Park! <<<

Spent the day with Zac at Sheldon Park. The Nursery had organised a trip there. Firstly we walked around the area and saw some animals! You tried to feed a horse and didn't mind it taking grass off your hands!

Weather was a bit dodgy. It did drizzle for a while then it stopped! As we were making our way around the farm, it was fine.
But during lunch, it poured for a while, then it stopped and the sun came thru. You were particularly attracted to the playground and played for a while. However, it didn't do good for your lunch. You played in a merry go round and felt sick and threw up ! Typical!!!

After lunch, the group took a walk to another side of the park to do a bit of plane spotting! We are pretty near the Birmingham Internation Airport.

This particular shot was taken by Zac! There weren't much planes taking off but more landing down!
Finally a pic of you and moi together, taken by your teacher! The airport runaway is in the background!

Later that nite, I was busy trying to finish off your teachers' gifts! Eventually I did after burning the midnite oil! TTFN!

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