Tuesday, 10 July 2007

>>> Oliver's Sports Day! <<<

Hubby took a day off today as it was Oliver's sports day. Thankfully it was bright and sunny and therefore a brillant day for sporting activities!

Oliver was in the Orange Otters group and he had to dress up in an orange outfit. Thankfully I managed to find some orange outfit for him.

There were 6 areas where they had to complete different activities. The teachers taking each group did a great job cheering the team.

Passing the ball

My orange otter!

Egg and spoon race

MIL also came to support her grandson. After the event, all of us went to the Big Woolworth to get some stuff for Oliver's birthday party. Added a couple more pressies and some party stuff. I bought him a pinata, one of those hitting the toy thingy. Then I dropped off at the Chinese bakery to order him a cake! After that we headed to Wing Wah restaurant for tim sum! Hubby had initially suggested going to Ikea restaurant to eat as he wanted to get something there. AS If!!!! Would I trade tim sum for Swedish meatballs??? Gosh he just has no idea!

It's amazing how 6 hours passed so quickly as it was then time to pick the boys. Hubby had a chance to experience the daily routine I go thru'. I think the boys enjoyed having their dad pick them up from school!

Not surprising, I was knackered at the end of the day.... TTFN!

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