Thursday, 31 March 2011

~ Having So Much Fun! ~

Having acquired more Photoshop skills, I put them to the test in this LO. I've been hanging around a few digi forums and they do have challenges. Currently, Designer Digitals is celebrating it's 6th birthday and they are releasing a new item at 99¢ everyday till the end of this week. Anyway, their 6th birthday challenge is to create a LO using one or more new items. Here's mine:

Paper and elements are all by Katie Pertiet! I made use of 3 new items in the LO:
Birthday Blocks
Defining Words Birthday
Countable Seal Brushes

Have to say, had immense fun creating this LO! Luv playing with masks. TTFN!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

~ Banana Frog Hop ~

Welcome if you have come from Beki.

The theme for this month's hop is 'birds'. I always have a soft spot for them. For my project, I wanted to re-create the birds in a different style. I've been seeing a lot of embellishment covered in newsprint, map etc. Hence, I went down that route. 

I've been dabbling a lot in digi lately so not surprisingly, I turned to my stash of digi papers to find a suitable paper. Having printed them out, I stamped my bird image on them and cut it out. Here's my finished project:

The tag was decorated with a background stamp from Backgrounds set and the bird was adhered with foam dots. 

Whenever I play with my mists on projects, rather than wipe off the excess mist from templates, I tend to stick a tag on top of it to soak up the extra mist. This creates a background image on the tag. The tag is then kept for future use. I just feel it's such a shame to wipe off the extra mist. Here's another misted tag:

The background of the tag was decorated using stamp sets from Totally Tropical & Hiya Chick. Here, I cut off the tail of the bird and re-arranged them on the bird. 

The back of the tag can be left blank or simply stamped with background images. I tend to leave blank until I know what I'm using it for... I tend to give them away with birthday cards so usually an inspirational quote will be stamped before sending it off!

If you fancy winning a Banana Frog stamp set, simply leave a comment! Thanks for hopping by and this is the last stop. If you have missed any stop, simple return to the Banana Frog blog! TTFN!

~ 365 Cards: Day 29 ~

This week we are sponsored by Digi Doodle Shop:

Today's challenge is called 'Signature Expression', basically, a common saying that appears as a sentiment on the card. I've chosen 'cheers' as it's one British expression, very commonly used instead of thanks or bye!

Paper by Shabby Princess Promise collection. The swirls & journaling note is from Katie Pertiet. Stamped image and sentiment from Digi Doodle Shop, coloured using Copic markers. 'Cheers' stamped using Banana Frog's De Louiseville stamp set. 


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

~ Still Experimenting! ~

Another 2 more digi LOs for my Shanghai album:

Day 3 whereby we went out for dinner and had steak. 

Day 4, heading towards Yu Yuan Garden but had to make a stop at this store that sold these clay figurines. This LO is based on a template.

Trying to find an easy way of being able to give credits for images used. Still groping about in Photoshop. TTFN!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

~ 365 Cards: Day 22 ~

This month has been rushing by rather quickly! This week, we are sponsored by Sassy Studio Designs.

This week challenge is based on ABC's of Crafting. I was given DEF.
D - Distressing
E - Envelope
F - Fringe

Here's my card: 

Papers are from Echo Park Winter Time digi collection. 

Image from Sassy Studio Designs, coloured using Copic Markers.

I do luv doing Christmas card! TTFN!

Monday, 21 March 2011

~ Having A Ball! ~

So it's my sis-in-law's birthday tomorrow. Normally we send a card but since going digi, couldn't resist creating this 4x6 LO for her. Printed it out on photo paper and inserted with the card!

LO created using Cosmo Cricket Love Note digi kit. I'm so glad Cosmo Cricket has their collections in digi format. I luv their papers as it's so easy to use them.

Added another page to my Shanghai Album. Here's us shopping to our heart's content. That is the only shopping photo I have as after that, I was too busy shopping to take further photos! 

Now that stacked photo frames weren't easy to use. I'm sure there is an easier way but I'll find out sooner or later. Again, LO created using digi items from various designers. I luv to mix and match.

Now working on Lesson 4 in my online class. Almost coming to an end. I guess I know what pressie to ask for on Mother's Day!!! TTFN! 

Sunday, 20 March 2011

~ More LOs ~

Each lesson included a bonus LO so I created this LO.

Learnt how to use individual alphas from a png file! Photos of my boys during their performance at the Adrian Boult Hall. 

Not forgotten about my Shanghai Album so here's another page to add to it: 

Now I had to created another LO from scratch using the free kits that was included in the lesson. Rather than doing a 12x12 page, I created a new 6x4 page instead. These are the shops of the Copy Market. Look rather innocent until they accosted you with offers of copy bags and watches!


Saturday, 19 March 2011

~ Photoshop & Day 3 of Shanghai Album ~

Lesson 3 covered more features in Photoshop! I learnt how to add papers to a template, use the Eraser Tool, adding multiple photos and embellishment! Here's my effort:

Photos taken by my friend when she was with me on Monday. She emailed me the photos and I put them to work! I learnt how to turn them into black & white in Photoshop. 

I started working the photos of Day 3 in Shanghai. Having learnt how to use Photoshop, I made my second Shanghai page using the software. 

We took a cab to the Copy Market (aptly named as they sold mainly copy goods!) Now the cab driver was enclosed in a plastic barrier. I supposed a way to protect him! Played with the Clipping Mask for this photo. 

Have to say, it's so much easier using layers in Photoshop as opposed to doing it in Pages! If I had known, I would have learnt how to use Photoshop earlier. TTFN!

Friday, 18 March 2011

~ Photoshop ~

Lesson 2 covered more features of Photoshop! Learnt how to use the clipping mask (I luv this tool!), using the drawing tool and brush tool. Wow, I'm in awe as at the end of the lesson, I was using Photoshop as if I had been using it for years! (I do pick things up fast so I guess I'm lucky!)

A layered template. Photos of boys taking professionally in their school. 

I had done another LO but somehow the file became corrupted so will have to re-do that one! TTFN!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

~ Another Performance! ~

Tonight saw the boys performing in their school concert in the evening. They have music lessons in school every Thursday and tonite, they, together with the other pupils, gave a concert.

Lighting was extremely bad in the hall (doesn't have that two lights were off!) Had to do a lot of re-touching. As usual, captured it on a LO:

My lil' one going solo. 
LO based on a digi template by Katie Pertiet. Papers by Robyn Meierotto's Craft Fun Day collection. Made use of my new Photoshop skills in doing this LO.

They have another concert coming up on 1st April! Lucky them! TTFN!

~ Finally Done It! ~

In the midst of an extremely busy week, I had to do something mad! I finally accessed the online class that I bought during a Christmas sale last year. And I learnt how to use Photoshop properly too! Yup, all my digi LOs were previously done using Apple's Pages... it was tedious but easy to create. But today, I created some time for myself and learnt how to use the software. Suddenly, Photoshop has become my best friend! 

Here's my effort: 

The entire LO is based on a quick page. I merely added photos and learnt how to do it as well as add text & title. 

I'm doing Jessica Sprague's Up and Running class. The first lesson merely taught me how to navigate the interface of Photoshop. Previously, it just left me clueless and frustrated. It's amazing once you know how to do it, suddenly, it isn't intimidating anymore! 

The lesson also included a bonus LO. 

Another quick page. More practice adding photo & text.

Best of all, knowing how to save in various format. The class is definitely worth spending as it taught me a lot just the first lesson. In fact I was able to play a little using the skills that I had acquired: 

This is a digi template by Katie Pertiet. She does offer free templates as challenges. So I merely put my skills into use on this LO. 

Looking forward to learning more stuff.... just have to create some time for myself! TTFN!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

~ 365 Cards: Day 15 ~

Today is a colour challenge:

Have to say, it wasn't easy but I always love a challenge and this is my card:

Digi Paper is from Karen Funk's Christmas Magic. Tag is from Echo Park's Dashes Through The Snow element. 


Monday, 14 March 2011

~ What A Great Day! ~

Took leave today and met a good friend who came up to Birmingham to see me. We were supposed to meet last Dec but no thanks to the closure of Heathrow Airport, this was cancelled! Brought her hubs and her to Cadbury World, then a scrumptious tim sum lunch and finally a walk along the canals in the town centre. Unfortunately, they couldn't stop and had to return to London. 

You couldn't given this iconic statue a miss!

At Victoria Square

A digi LO created to remember this special day! LO created using various papers and elements from Echo Park (For The Record), Carina Gardner, Ali Edwards, Karla Dudley & Katie Pertiet. 

Miss you L and looking forward to seeing you again in Singapore, later this year! And mighty thanks for the titbits you brought from Singapore! TTFN!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

~ Still Day 2! ~

The last few pages of Day 2 of our stay in Shanghai.

 Couldn't resist taking this picture of Coke, written in Mandarin!

Here's hubs, completely knackered! That nite he fell sick and I had to raid my friend's kitchen to find Panadol for him!

Now these LO were created while I waited for my boys during their rehearsal at Adrian Boult Hall. For 2 hrs, I sat at a table and scrap! Talk about bliss. That's the beauty of digi scrapping... all you need is your laptop!

That's the last of Day 2! Onward to Day 3.... TTFN!

~ Performance! ~

My boys' orchestra practice finally accumulated into a concert at the Adrian Boult Hall. Thankfully, they allowed photos to be taken minus the flash of course!

Anyway, picked out a couple of my favs and turned one into a LO:

Digi LO based on various designers such as Echo Park, LivEdesigns, Robyn Meierotto, Katie Pertiet, Carina Gardner and Elle's Studio. 

I'm currently creating all my digi LOs using Apple's Pages. I've yet to learnt how to use Photoshop so I won't even venture into that area! TTFN!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

~ Still On Shanghai Album! ~

Still prodding on and ever more determined to finish the album. The next few pages focus on the building seen in the Expo. We made our way to the Expo via the tube. It was easy to find the way as there were signboards everywhere! Countries around the world were invited to contribute and each came up with a different building structure. 

 This was the British building.

Indonesian building.

 Polish building. 

Singaporean building.

We couldn't deal with the queues entering these building as it would take minimum 2 hrs to queue. Beside it was a very hot and humid day too. Hubs and I were seeking shelters to take solace from the heat. Ever conscious of not getting burnt, we were splashing ourselves with sunblock lotion! TTFN!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

~ Shanghai Album ~

Been diligently working on my Shanghai album. Here's a couple of them:

The morning saw us visiting a fabric market where hubs was measured for shirts. He could choose the fabric, the cuffs, the collar and it would be tailored to his specification! 
LO created using digi papers and elements from various designers: Ali Edwards, Katie Pertiet, Runna Penner, Deena Rutter, Robyn Meierotto, Fran, Crystal Wilkinson, Audrey Neal, Anna Aspens & Splendid Fiins. 

The tube station in Shanghai, all written in Mandarin!
LO created using papers & elements from various designers: Fran, Robyn Meierotto, Scrap Girls, Shabby Princess, Katie Pertiet & Celeste Knight.

Still more photos to go.... TTFN!

~ 365 Cards: Day 7 ~

Today's challenge is to do an Arch Card. Found a template on the net and the rest was easy! Here's my card: 

Patterned papers from Basic Grey Granola collection. Trying to use up my flower stash!


Monday, 7 March 2011

~ Day 2 ~

So Day 1 of my Shanghai album done. Onward to day 2. We did a lot on day 2. Shopping in the morning and visiting the Expo in the afternoon. 

Visiting an old part of Shanghai before it will be pulled down for development in the near future! Kinda remind me of Singapore in the 70s!

Not making much progess... time is not on my side! Wish there was more than 24 hrs a day! TTFN!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

~ More Pages! ~

I'm determined to finish my Shanghai album. I've got a knack of starting albums but never completing them so I want to make sure I do finish this particular album!

E took us to a Japanese restaurant on our first nite in Shanghai! I absolutely adore Jap food!

This is sashimi! The dish was so fresh and delicious that we had to order a second one as we enjoyed it so much! So lovely to be able to eat raw stuff without worrying if the product is fresh enough for it! Can't do it in this country!

So that is first day done! Now to carry on to Day 2! TTFN!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

~ Still Prodding On... ~

A few more pages from my Shanghai album:

Still Day 1 and this time we are in Tonli.

A typical signpost.

Still have a long way to go with amount of photos I've got!!! TTFN!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

~ Anxiety! ~

The results for secondary school posting is out today. My eldest got his choice and he's quite pleased about it. I'm relieved as I didn't want him to go to the secondary school near our house and fortunately, he wasn't posted there (not that I put it down!)

Anyway, all that anxiety went into creating my Shanghai album. Hubs and I went there last Aug as part of our 10th Anniversary celebration, just the two of us! The boys were looked after by my parents in Singapore. We spent an enjoyable 6 days there and stayed with my best friend and her hubs! Here are a few pages. Did it digitally as it was faster. 

The midnite flight from Singapore to Shanghai, just so we had an early start in Shanghai.

Our friend whisked us to Suzhou for a visit.

One of China's signpost! Luv how they translate stuff into English!

Still in Suzhou. 

Pages are done 4x6" just in case I decide to print them out and stick them into an album. It's cheap to buy 4x6 albums! TTFN!

~ 365 Cards: Day 1 ~

Gosh, we've done a full year and it's back to the beginning of the year for 365 Cards! I'm glad to be able to start the 'new' year! This week's sponsor is from Robyn Fetish Digital Stamps:

Today's challenge focus on white space. Here's the sketch:

Here's my card: 

The frame is a digital image from Robyn Fetish Stamps. 

White space is never my strong point but I think I think I did ok! TTFN!