Tuesday, 1 March 2011

~ Anxiety! ~

The results for secondary school posting is out today. My eldest got his choice and he's quite pleased about it. I'm relieved as I didn't want him to go to the secondary school near our house and fortunately, he wasn't posted there (not that I put it down!)

Anyway, all that anxiety went into creating my Shanghai album. Hubs and I went there last Aug as part of our 10th Anniversary celebration, just the two of us! The boys were looked after by my parents in Singapore. We spent an enjoyable 6 days there and stayed with my best friend and her hubs! Here are a few pages. Did it digitally as it was faster. 

The midnite flight from Singapore to Shanghai, just so we had an early start in Shanghai.

Our friend whisked us to Suzhou for a visit.

One of China's signpost! Luv how they translate stuff into English!

Still in Suzhou. 

Pages are done 4x6" just in case I decide to print them out and stick them into an album. It's cheap to buy 4x6 albums! TTFN!


Emma said...

Glad you got the placement that you wanted! Pages look great, would not have know they were digital if you hadn't of said1

Fay aka Beautifullily said...

I feel your anxiety although I've a couple of years before I need to worry about secondary school.

Love your little pages, they're very sweet!