Thursday, 17 March 2011

~ Finally Done It! ~

In the midst of an extremely busy week, I had to do something mad! I finally accessed the online class that I bought during a Christmas sale last year. And I learnt how to use Photoshop properly too! Yup, all my digi LOs were previously done using Apple's Pages... it was tedious but easy to create. But today, I created some time for myself and learnt how to use the software. Suddenly, Photoshop has become my best friend! 

Here's my effort: 

The entire LO is based on a quick page. I merely added photos and learnt how to do it as well as add text & title. 

I'm doing Jessica Sprague's Up and Running class. The first lesson merely taught me how to navigate the interface of Photoshop. Previously, it just left me clueless and frustrated. It's amazing once you know how to do it, suddenly, it isn't intimidating anymore! 

The lesson also included a bonus LO. 

Another quick page. More practice adding photo & text.

Best of all, knowing how to save in various format. The class is definitely worth spending as it taught me a lot just the first lesson. In fact I was able to play a little using the skills that I had acquired: 

This is a digi template by Katie Pertiet. She does offer free templates as challenges. So I merely put my skills into use on this LO. 

Looking forward to learning more stuff.... just have to create some time for myself! TTFN!

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