Tuesday, 31 May 2011

~ 365 Cards: Day 92 ~

Today's challenge is My Favourite Thing and the theme is to choose a favourite ice-cream favour. Well, I absolutely love mint chocolate so here's my card:

The background of the card was digital created using elements from Katie Pertiet and Anna Aspnes. Punched butterflies was then added to the card!


Monday, 30 May 2011

~ Banana Frog Hop ~

Welcome to May's Banana's Blog Hop. As it's Banana Frog's birthday this month, the theme is all about birthdays! Well, here's my offerings:

As I'm making my foray into the digital arena, I created the background paper of this card. Then I made use of That Takes The Cake stamp set and played with the cake stand and cupcakes. It was finished with a sprinkle of Stickles.

The second card is a little traditional. I went for a clean and simple look. Paper from Cosmo Cricket. I used Paperchains stamp set, stamped the triangle stamp back to back so that they could be folded to create a bunting. Then I finished off by using the journaling box from Sentimental Style stamp set and stamped a sentiment.

Your next stop is Katy! And if you fancy winning a Banana Frog stamp set, just leave a comment! TTFN!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

~ 7 Days In May: Day 7 ~

The last day of the challenges and today, it asks for a hybrid card. Freebie includes several card templates which I made use of but printed them out separately so that I could assemble them onto the card. Here's what I've done:

K Holtz: Card template
LivEdesigns: Naturally Free
Digital Stamp: Digital Delights
Sentiment: SRM Stickers
Gems: Kaiser
Rafia: Bare Basics
Copic markers

I had great fun with the challenges and managed to keep up with all of them. Well, seeing that they were digital, it's so much easier to create them. I reckon I scrap far more LOs digitally than I did with paper! 

Talking about digi, I had to invest in an external 1 TB hard disk. Digi supplies filled up my Mac rather rapidly and I was left with only 10 GB! So a quick check on Amazon and I got Western Digital. It arrived rather quickly. Immediately reformat it for Mac usage and partitioned the disk into 2 sections, one for Time Machine and the other for digi supplies. Time Machine is a feature of Mac whereby it backs up the entire laptop. Certainly very useful if you ever change to a new laptop or suffer a hard disk failure! And to be on the safe side, I also back up my photo and digi files on iPhoto too! And to be triple safe, I even burn them on DVD. Having lost precious photos before, I rather be safe than sorry. I've accumulated so many digi supplies that I'll go berserk if ever I lose them especially since I've them nicely categorised in iPhoto! It was a time consuming process but well worth it as I'm now aware of what I've got and am able to take full advantage of using them. 

Looking forward to the one week hols! Got so much to learn! TTFN!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

~ 7 Days In May: Day 6 ~

Today's challenge is to scrap a LO about something that is worth telling and to use the title 'True Story'. Well, searched my photo gallery to find something and then, I saw this photo and a lightbulb went! Here's my LO:

My favourite dish - chilli crabs! OMG, I miss this dish so much!

Anna Aspnes: ArtPlay Palette Blooming Marvelous, Find My Way2, Mist, Seafoam, Special One & WordPlay.
Font: Pea Jay.

One more day to go before the challenges end.  TTFN!

Friday, 27 May 2011

~ 7 Days In May: Day 5 ~

Today's challenge has a couple of criteria: Creating a LO based on the theme "This is Love" and includes 2 photos. There is also a template given although it's not compulsory to use it:

Well, I used the template but changed it slightly. Here's my final product:

Photo of us taken at Marina Bay Sands hotel, at SkyPark, the top of the hotel. Amazing view and boy would I luv to swim in the pool!

iNSD Blog Hop kit from DHD
Gennifer Bursett: Toolbox Mist V5
Karen Funk: Wordstrips
Fonts: FontinSans Regular & For One Hundredth Time

So far, 5 days and 5 LOs! I'm having fun and that's what it's all about! TTFN!

~ Scrap Factor! ~

Phew! I sailed through Week 6. This week's theme focus on multiple photos and frankly, I found it hard to create my LO. Really struggled but this was how it turned out:

Thought I used a reel to showcase the multiple photos.

Jen Allyson’s Vanity Fair paper
Katie Pertiet’s Winged Corners, Letterbox Clusters, Slide Reels, Defined Disc
Karen Funk’s Family Ties & One of a Kind
Shabby Princess’ Splendid & Happy Go Lucky
Anna Aspnes’ Word Transfers
Elle’s Studio’s Four Seasons
Agnes Biro’s Easter Fun
Tiffany Tillman’s Tear Set1
Splendid Fiin’s Think Spring
Gennifer Bursett’s Grandma’s Easter Bonnet
Merkeleyd’s Get Together
Celeste Knight’s Wildflower
LivEdesigns’ Taped It Up Noted2
Font: Old Newspaper Type

School term ends today! Yay! Looking forward to the one week break whereby I'm gonna catch up on my tutorials and digi class! TTFN!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

~ 7 Days In May: Day 4 ~

Today's challenge focus on a template:

Now I'm slowing getting used to templates and especially one with multiple photos as I usually tend to do just one photo. So I look at my photo gallery and found an event that I've not scrapped yet:

During the Easter break, we took our bikes and brought the boys out to Birches Valley Forest Centre to cycle. It was a great day out and feels good to be able to cycle freely without worrying about traffic.

Cosmo Cricket: Mr Campy
LIV: 7 Days freebies - day 2
Font: Elephant in Cherry Trees/ Century Gothic

Looking forward to Friday's challenge! TTFN!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

~ 7 Days In May: Day 3 ~

Day 3 and today's challenge is based on a colour scheme:

Here's mine: 

I made use of the freebie papers that came along with this challenge and also Tiffany Tillman's Summer Template 10

Tiffany Tillman: Summer Template 10
ITM: 7 Days Challenge freebie day3
LIV: 7 Days Challenge freebie day1
Echo Park: Walk In The Park paper
Crystal Wilkinson: The Room Collection elements
Fran: Tendre Comme Papa
Gennifer Bursett: Sweet Child Of Mine
Fonts: Old Newspaper Type, Ursula Capitals, SchoolHouse Printed A

Have to say, I'm scrapping a lot more than before! TTFN!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

~ 7 Days In May: Day 2 ~

It's Day 2 today and the requirement is to use the words 'and then...' There is also another template being offered although it's not compulsory to use. However, I fell in love with the template and here's my offering:

LIV: 7 DaysinMay2011-Day2 freebies
Cosmo Cricket: Everafter
Echo Park: For The Record
Anna Aspnes: ArtPlay Seafoam/Fotographie/Special One/Find My Way/ Stitched by Anna
Font: Century Gothic

I'm having so much fun! TTFN!

~ 365 Cards: Day 85 ~

This week we are sponsored by Sparkle Creation who produces rubber stamps. Their images are just too cute for words. 

Today's challenge  is based on a prompt and it's 'hat'. So here's my card: 

Papers by Cosmo Cricket's Early Bird collection. The entire kit is digital of course and I merely printed out the papers and labels that is needed for this particular card. Cosmo Cricket can be bought digitally at Jessica Sprague. Check out every Wednesday when she has One Buck Wednesday sale. She has some products at $1 and they frequently offer both Cosmo Cricket and Echo Park products!


Monday, 23 May 2011

~ 7 Days In May ~

Here's what's happening at Jessica Sprague forum. This week, they will be holding challenges and each challenge last for 24 hours. There will be freebies during this period. Each day a new challenge is held. Well, I'm taking part and so far, I'm keeping up with it! Today's challenge is based on a template and here's mine: 

I was wondering how to use this template and it dawned on me to showcase my family. 

Cosmo Cricket: Delovely
Katie Pertiet: Winged Clusters
Splendid Fiins: Office Paper
Ali Edwards: Loving Life Wordart
LivEdesigns: challenge freebies at JS

Today's challenge came with some freebies and I'm loving the overlay! Can see myself using it over and over again! TTFN!

~ Page Artist ~

No kidding! It's official here. I'm part of Simply Tiffany Studios Page Artist Team. In case you're wondering, Tiffany Tillman is a digi designer on Design House Digital and her forte is templates. Saw a CT call and decided to apply and was surprised to receive an email inviting me to join her team. Considering that my digi experience is only a couple of months old, I feel amazing honoured! I'm just starting to embrace the use of templates in digi scrapping. Think templates as sketches except that when it's opened in PS, all you do is drag and drop elements into the various boxes in the template. In my opinion, a great time saver! 

I saw a set of summer templates done by Tiffany and downloaded that... I'll be doing last year's summer vacation pages using them and then churning them into a Photobook. Got a Groupon offer on a Photobook so need to make use of it. 

I'm off to create... TTFN!

Friday, 20 May 2011

~ Scrap Factor! ~

I'm still in! Thanks to those who voted me in. Week 4 ask to showcase one photo in the LO and here's my take on it:

Photo of my wee one, just born. Had to give the photo a vintage tinge as he didn't look nice in the original photo... rather red and patchy... oh well, what do you expect when he just got out from the womb!

Anna Aspnes' ArtPlay Palette Mist kit
Splendid Fiins' Brilliant Brushes
Robyn Meierotto's In Stitches
Elle's Studio's Four Seasons
Audrey Neal's Expectantly Yours
Katie Pertiet's Worth Repeating Page Title
Jopke's Designs' NSD 2011 Bloghop kit
Gennifer Bursett's Sweet Child Of Mine
Mary Ann Wise's Sprayed Alphabet
Fonts: Love Letter Typewritter

I've uploaded my LO for Week 6 which focus on multiple photos. It will be up on Monday. Let's see how it goes. TTFN!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

~ 365 Cards: Day 78 ~

This week we are sponsored by DRS Designs.

Today's challenge is called Pretty in Pinking. Basically, create the cool look with a pinking shears. I actually used a Martha Stewart punch. Here's my card:

Luv the scratch card image! So cute!


Monday, 16 May 2011

~ Fab Monday! ~

Received some great news in my Inbox today! Will divulge later....

Scrap Factor for Week 5 is up. This week's challenge is to use one photo on a LO. The theme for Week 6 is out too... using multiple photos! Interesting!

I've got a carboot event to go to this Sat... we are selling, not buying so I'm pretty busy searching the house for stuff to sell... mainly lots of toddler toys. Pointless sticking them in the loft when they can be used by other kids. Lots of cleaning and sorting out to do this week.... thankless task. I'm sure there are lots more to sell but doubt hubby's gonna help so it will just be toys!!! TTFN!

Friday, 13 May 2011

~ Scrap Factor & A Sigh Of Relief! ~

Found out today that I'm still in the competition. Didn't make the bottom two! Thanks to those who voted me in. So with voting over, here's what I did for Week 4. The challenge this week was to focus on journaling.

My journaling focus on the use of FaceTime. A feature on iPhone4. I discovered how useful it is and have been using it to communicate with friends and family overseas! Yup, and the call is completely free, provided both parties have a wifi connection. And the clarity and the sound ... perfect! In fact, it has been implemented on iTouch 4th Generation too and as a result, my boys and their cousin have been in contact very frequently. It appears to be on iPad2 and the new Macbooks too so chatting with my dad will be so much easier now (he's gonna be getting a iPad2 soon). So how not to like FaceTime?!! Moneysaver and it's so much nicer chatting face to face too. 
Anna Aspnes' ArtPlay Special One kit
Anna Aspnes' Flutterby FotoBlenz Mask
Anna Aspnes' Descriptive Word Transpers
Katie Pertiet's LetterBox Clusters No7
Katie Pertiet's 2011 Postmark
TaylorMade & Vicki Stegall's Family Ties
LivEdesigns' Tape It Up Noted 2
Fonts: Adler & Pea Marie-Christine

I went bold and decided to try an artsy LO (bear in mind that I did this last week). I bought an Anna Aspnes kit and it had all the ingredients needed to make this LO! Probably not everyone's cup of tea but I like it and that's all it matters! Kinda remind me of an art journal but minus the mess and inky fingers!

Next week's theme is out ... focus on a single photo. I've done mine and it will be up on Monday, ready for voting. Went for a softer approach this time due to the photo I used but included a new technique that   I learnt this week ... custom text shape. I bought a tutorial by Cassie Jones on Custom text paths and shapes and it has been so useful. Her PDF notes are so easy to follow. Let's see how it goes. I'm treating this competition as a learning curve for me, implementing a new technique each time I create a LO. This week was doing an artsy LO, and it was sheer fun, throwing in various elements and seeing how they gel together. 

A very busy weekend coming up.... and so is next week too! Looking forward to a weekend where there's nothing on (so I can dig into my numerous Phototshop tutorials). TTFN!

Thursday, 12 May 2011

~ At Last! ~

Today is the day my boy finishes his SATs! At last I can breathe a sigh of relief! It has been a particular stressful period since he started Year 6. Constant coaching everyday. His school rewarded the Year 6 pupils with ice cream (they got an ice cream van to come in). 

However, he is not done as both of them now have to prepare for Grade 3 violin exam in July. At least it's music and not so taxing as English & Maths!

I rewarded myself by getting a few items from DesignerDigitals as they are having a 30% sale just for one day. One of my favourite designers, Anna Aspnes, has one of her kits on offer and I got it and made this LO:

Kit is called ArtPlay Palette Monster Treats by Anna Aspnes. Also include elements by Katie Pertiet's Worth Repeating No.5 and Audrey Neal's Everyday Celebrations. Photo of moi and brother-in-law during a Halloween party held at my place.

Of late, I've been leaning towards the artsy pages and her kits reflect the kind of style I like. Have got my eye on a few more of her kits ... just waiting for the sales! TTFN!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

~ 365 Cards: Day 71 ~

We are sponsored by Whimsie Doodles this week:

Today's challenge is based on a sketch: 

Here's my card: 

Digi image from Whimsie Doodles and coloured using Copic markers. 

The theme for this week in the Scrap Factor is based on journaling. Nothing difficult here as I can write a lot if I want to. Gave a different touch to this week's LO. 

The SATs are well underway this week. Unfortunately, there has been an outbreak of the vomit bug affecting the Year 5 children in my sons' school. I'm praying it stays off the Yr 6 kids. Just two more days to go!!! I'm looking forward to reclaiming my free time once his exams are over as I've been busy since last year coaching him. I've got loads of PS tutorials to catch up on, loads of weekend activities to attend and time is simply slipping past me ever so quickly! Sigh! TTFN!

Monday, 9 May 2011

~ On Display! ~

Here's another LO done using a template by Tiffany Tillman. Bought them during a sale. This template is slightly different from her usual templates so couldn't wait to try it out:

Photos were taken during our Easter getaway in Poole. We had 4 days of brilliant sunshine and SIL managed to get a beach hut too. So we hit the beach for 3 days and were typical beach bums! The boys loved it! 


Sunday, 8 May 2011

~ More Digi LOs ~

Amidst intense coaching as my eldest sits for his SATs next week, managed to find some time for myself to scrap or rather buying digi supplies as most digi stores are having National Scrapbooking Day sales. So have gone a little mad and stocked up (like I need more!!!) Actually, been buying a lot of Photoshop tutorials and classes. There is so much about PS that I need to know. I'm slowly learning about the keyboard shortcuts as I'm going through the tutorials... so useful!

Here's a couple of LOs:

Working on my birthday photos so this LO is about an impromptu birthday meal that hub and I had (sans the boys of course). We went to check out this supposed Singaporean restaurant in Copthorn Hotel called Bugis Street Brasserie. Now Bugis Street used to be a mouthwatering area for food back home. Well, hub and I had some local dishes and I have to say, they are quite close to authenticity. I'm sure we'll be back for more....
LO created using a 52 week template by Tiffany Tillman. Papers by Karla Dudley's Remarkable collection. Various elements from Katie Pertiet, Gennifer Bursett & Audrey Neal. 

This was a free Blueprint template Design House Digital. Made use of Kraft Fun Day and Kraft Party kits by Robyn Meierotto. 


Friday, 6 May 2011

~ Scrap Factor! ~

I'm still in the Scrap Factor competition! Have to say, this competition is fine-tuning my digi skills. So I can safely reveal my LO which is based on a musical theme. 

I chose the song that is currently heard on the KFC advert. Found out that it was sung by TempleCloud, a new Brit band. Not a new song though as the original singers were Embrace. Song's called One Big Family.
Sande Krieger's Travel paper
Gennifer Bursett's Toolbox Mists
Anna Aspnes' Descriptives Word Transfers
Fei Fei's Stuff's Crazy Beautiful Wordart
Ali Edwards' Title & Journaling
Taylor Made & Vicki Stegall's The Occasion: Family
Katie Pertiet Ad Inspiration 072510 frame
Audrey Neal's Bit of Luck string
Audrey Neal's Expectantly
Agnes Biro's Dear Diary silk flower
Shabby Princess' Shabby Fall Alphabets
Font: Pea Annalee

This week's technique focus on misting. I used to mist a lot on my paper LOs, in fact, one of my favourite techniques. Hence, I just had to try it digitally.

Let's see what next week brings... TTFN!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

~ 365 Cards: Day 64 ~

Today's challenge focus is about white space and this is the sketch:

Not really a fan of white space so here's my take on it:

Pulled out my brand new Nestabilities to use. Had to mist it a little otherwise it looks too clean for my liking! LOL! Flowers were from a embellishment packet out of a scrapbooking kit. 

Regarding the Scrap Factor, this week's theme focus on music. So anything inspiration from either a song, title, lyrics etc. Gonna be fun! We have been having so much time off that it's gonna take a while to get back to routine. Oh well, another four weeks more before half term again! Swell! TTFN!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

~ Happy Birthday! ~

to me! Woke up to a brilliant sunshine day. Perfect for a BBQ celebration. My boys came and gave me their homemade cards with cash in it! (Nice!)

The guests arrived at noon. We held our belated Easter Egg hunt (held late at the request of my SIL as she has her boys on alternative weeks). Not all eggs were found and I believe there is still a few lurking about in the garden. Then hubby did the BBQ and we had a spread of pork, chicken wings, prawns, sausages & burgers (for the non-seafood eaters). A good friend baked me a chocolate cake too. It was a good day and I couldn't have asked for more! 

Here's a LO documenting my perfect day:

LO was done using a template by Tiffany Tillman. Luv her latest templates which can be bought at Design House Digital (DHD). I used a free kit by Jopke Designs which can be easily obtained by blog hopping the DTs' blogs in DHD. 

Oh and hubby is gonna get me the digi intermediate class at Jessica Sprague! Well, can't think of anything material that I wanted and I need to learn more about using Photoshop. I'm seriously addicted to digi scrapping now... it's just so convenient not to mention far cheaper as digi supplies cost a fraction of paper stash! As for my overwhelming scrapbooking stash, got a carboot event coming up so guess I'll be offloading them at this event! Just need more than 24 hours to do what I need to do!!! TTFN!