Tuesday, 29 January 2013

~ 365 Cards: Day 29 ~

This week we are sponsored by Paper Pretties. Today's challenge is 'So Faux', having stitching on the card but not real one. Well, I made use of a digital one.

Robot image by Paper Pretties & coloured using Copic markers. 


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

~ 365 Cards: Day 22 ~

Today's challenge is 'All That Glitters', add a glittery item on the card but it must already glittered, not added to it. Well, I had a glittered ribbon so I used it. Here's my card:

Card created using Rebecca Mcmeen's Eliaz's kit. Glittered ribbon is at the back, not easily seen but glitter is on the ribbon.


Friday, 18 January 2013

~ Scrap 365 Blog Party ~

Hop over to the Scrap 365 Blog. There's a party going on and you stand to win a mini Cricut.

A new issue of Scrap 365 is out today. I've got 2 digi LOs featured in the magazine:

My copy has arrived. TTFN!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

~ Pink Reptile Designs: Numb3rs & Outlined ~

Mirjam has released a new kit Outlined, an alpha kit and re-released an old kit, Numb3rs, at The Lilypad. 

Here's my page: 

I made use of a template from Take Flight, which Mirjam brought out recently. Pic of my pooch, climbing onto my leg. He's getting cuter each day! TTFN!

~ GIS: Using Doilies on LOs ~

A new Get It Scrapped article was released today regarding the use of doilies on pages, as seen here. Here's my page: 

Anna Aspnes: Artsy Layered Template No75, ArtPlay Palette Remember, Spiral Skribbles No1, ArtPlay Palette Shabby Christmas, Doily Edge Overlays No1
Julianna Kniepp Designs: Mitten Weather
Mye de Leon: Be Cool Be You
Jennifer Labre: Holly Jolly
Fonts: Brody & The Main Event

My use of doilies is an embellishment and an overlay. I tend to use them quite frequently on my pages. Yup, another picture of my dog. This photo was the first time he came to live with us. You can see his puppy face, quite chubby and adorable. TTFN!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

~ Val C. Designs: Grandpa ~

Val released this new kit entitled 'Grandpa'. This kit is a tribute to her grandpa whom she lost recently. The kit is available at Oscraps and is currently on sale at 20%. 

Here's my page. Seeing this kit reminds me of my dad, not being near his grandsons. 

It must be heartbreaking saying goodbye to them after having them for 6 weeks and not seeing them again for another year. Thank goodness for FaceTime which has allowed him to communicate frequently with them. TTFN!

~ 365 Cards: Day 15 ~

Today's challenge is 'Fun with Acronyms', use it on the card. Here's mine:

Background by Anna Aspnes, alpha by Ju Kniepp.


Sunday, 13 January 2013

~ On Display! ~

Val initiated a Chinese Whisper game among the CT and it was interesting to see how the various LOs undergo a different change as it passes down the line. Here's the LO she choose for us to scraplift. In case anyone is wondering, Chinese Whisper is a game whereby the first person whispers something into the ears of the 2nd, the 2nd passes on to the 3rd and it goes on. By the time the last person gets the message, it's completely different from what was whispered initially. Bring this game into the crafting arena and the 1st person scraplifts from a LO, she shows her scraplifted LO to the 2nd who then scraplift and pass to the 3rd etc. Finally the entire LOs are revealed to see the various changes as it passes on from person to person. Here's the LO that Val chose. 

Original LO done by Heather Prins

I scraplifted from Dumpty and here is her LO: 

Here's mine:

Val C. Designs: Discover
Font: Pea Emmie

It was fun playing the game and I enjoyed seeing the final LOs of the other gals! The one thing that remained common among us was the use of 2 patterned papers and a single photo. TTFN!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

~ Traci Reed & Shawna Clingerman: Through My Lens ~

An industrious designer, Traci & Shawn Clingerman brought out a collaboration kit called "Through My Lens", available at Sweet Shoppe Designs. 

Had fun playing with this kit. Here's my page:

I'm creating so many pages a week that I'm now digging up any photos to create with. I've yet to transfer all my old photos before 2009 to the external hard disk, have to find time to do that! These photos were taken when the boys were in Singapore in 2009. They were at a park. TTFN!

~ Traci Reed & Emily Merritt: Look At You Grow ~

Traci and Emily Merritt came up with a collaboration called "Look At You Grow", available at Sweet Shoppe Designs. She also released an alphabet called XL Trashed Stencils, available at The Lilypad when she is a guest designer at the moment. 

I combined both to come up with this page. Here's my page: 

My pooch, sharing the bed with me on New Year's Eve. I was alone with him as the rest went to to Poole. As my SIL has a dog, we weren't sure Benji was ready to share a home with another dog. So I opted to stay with him and play with my new laptop!!! TTFN!

Friday, 11 January 2013

~ Jenni Bowlin Studio: Family Tree Collection ~

Jenni's Family Tree Collection is now available in digital and can be found in Jessica Sprague. More info on Jenni Bowlin Studio blog. Lucky me had a chance to play with it. 

Here's my page done using this kit (& others too):

Jenni Bowlin Studio: Family Tree Collection, Feather Stencil Cuts, Vintage Bling, Jeweled Butterflies, Rhinestone Buttons & Bows, Calendar Bingo Cards, Chalkboard Alpha, Classic Border Shapes
Splendid Fiins: Office Border Bits
Julianna Kniepp Designs: Butterfly Fly Away
Fonts: Pea C-squared & Orwell

I tried to use as much as Jenni's products unless she didn't have any in her collection such as lace. Luv this set of papers!  TTFN!

Edited: Digi kit will be on sale next week.

~ Traci Reed: XL Trashed Stencils & Collab ~

Traci is currently a guest at The Lilypad. She brought out this alpha set, XL Trashed Stencil and did a collaboration kit with Emily Merritt.

Here's my page done with the kits:

Traci Reed & Emily Merritt: Look At You Grow
Trace Reed: XL Trashed Stencils
Font: Pea C-squared

Had fun putting this page together. TTFN! 

~ Pink Reptile Designs: Take Flight & Torn Treasures ~

Mirjam released these two new kits at The Lilypad today, Take Flight & Torn Treasures.

Here's my page done with both of them: 

Pink Reptile Designs: Take Flight, Torn Treasures & I Believe In Miracles
Fonts: Pea Christy & Pea Court

My buddies sent me this photo of them and I just had to scrap it. They look amazing! Wish I was with them on New Year Eve! TTFN!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

~ Traci Reed: Randomly Brushed & Alphabetties No5 ~

Traci released two kits at The Lilypad where she is a guest designer at the moment. Here they are: 

Here's my page:

Traci Reed & Jenn Barrette: Get Artsy - My Journey
Traci Reed & Gina Miller: In With The New
Traci Reed: Randomly Brushed, Alphabitties No5, New Year's In, Bad Sewing Machine Randomly Black and White
Fonts: Orwell & Strong Leaf

Can't say my son agree with these resolutions! TTFN!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

~ 365 Cards: Day 8 ~

Today's challenge is 'Loud and Proud'. Loud in terms of colours, bold vibrant colours and Proud as in a sentiment of congratulations. Here's my card: 

Made use of Anna Aspnes' Metro Graffiti kit for the background. 


~ Val C. Designs: Art Inspired ~

Val brought out Art Inspired kit earlier this month, available at Oscraps:

The kit is also available separately as elements & papers. The word art in this pack comes in both English & French. Here's my page:

That doleful look was because he was at the vet for a jab, microchip & to check for fleas! Can't say he enjoys being at the vet. He gets so agitated! TTFN!

Monday, 7 January 2013

~ Art Journal Caravan 2013: Itinerary #1 ~

Tangie has completely revamp the Art Journal Caravan and changed the theme. This year we are visiting countries and the first port of call is the United Kingdom. After pondering over it, I've chosen to do Famous People and went for Shakespeare. I did his books for Literature (both at 'O' and 'A' Levels). My favourite has to be Macbeth. I really must go and see the play. So here's my tribute to the Bard!

Anna Aspnes: Artsy Kardz Storm, ArtPlay Palette Storm
Maya de Groot: Cheerio
Font: SmithyXY-Very Heavy

yOn my page, the quote came from 'As You Like It'. The image of the 3 women are the witches from Macbeth. The words on the top left hand corner is from Othello and the characters involved in the play. Finally, found a leaflet about Anthony and Cleopatra (that has got to be the most boring play I've done... maybe it was the teacher who taught it... he made it so boring that many students skipped his lecture, moi included). I have to say, I had so much fun doing this page. Shakespeare and related images are taken from the web. Found some interesting images which I incorporated into this page. If I have time, might do another page as there is so much to talk about the UK! TTFN!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

~ Art Journal Caravan 2013 ~

Yup, I signed up for another year of Art Journal Caravan, led by Tangie Baxter at Scrapbookgraphics. I enjoyed doing it last year (although I've not completed all, still working on the missing ones). This year is even more interesting as she has revamped the theme and changed the format completely! Got to give it to her... that gal is a genius!

To start the year long programme, Tangie has asked us to make a passport stamp and to write a letter. Here's my stamp for this year:

I wanted a word that is antonym to 'procrastinate' and the closest I got was 'proactive'. That will do! Hence, my personal stamp for this journey, to get ahead and to do what I have to do!

My letter and why I want to do the AJC. Incidentally, this page was created from a kit by Rebecca Mcmeen called 'Elle'. 

A good start to the Art Journal Caravan! TTFN!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

~ Traci Reed: What A Man ~

Another kit by Traci, What A Man, available at Sweet Shoppe Designs. 


Here's my page: 

Traci Reed: What A Man
Fonts: Pea Friend & Pea Frankie

Lots of fun elements here! TTFN!

~ Pink Reptile Designs: Simple Things ~

Mirjam released another kit called Simple Things, available separately as embellishment, papers and alphabets, part of The Lilypad's January BYOC. 

Here's my page done with the 3 sets: 

Had fun playing with this particular kit. TTFN!

~ Pink Reptile Designs: True To Yourself ~

Mirjam brought out a new kit today, True To Yourself and a set of Journal Card No2 at The Lilypad. 

Here's what I've done with them: 

Found this old picture taken at a photo studio and decided to use it. That wee one is now 9 years old! TTFN!

~ Traci Reed: Shattered ~

Traci brought out this kit, Shattered, as a collaboration with Meghan Mullens, at Sweet Shoppe Designs. 

Here's my page: 

Traci Reed & Meghan Mullens: Shattered
Fonts: Pea Katy & Pea Lacy Chunky


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

~ Mye de Leon: CT & In The Meadow ~

Made it to Mye de Leon's CT. I'll be doing hybrid projects. 

Mye recently released a new kit, In The Meadows at Pixels and Company, a new digital store. Currently at $1.

Here's what I've done with it as a hybrid scrapper:

Card. Everything apart from the trimming & card is from the kit.

Tag. Everything apart from doily, lace, twine and fibre is from the kit.