Sunday, 13 January 2013

~ On Display! ~

Val initiated a Chinese Whisper game among the CT and it was interesting to see how the various LOs undergo a different change as it passes down the line. Here's the LO she choose for us to scraplift. In case anyone is wondering, Chinese Whisper is a game whereby the first person whispers something into the ears of the 2nd, the 2nd passes on to the 3rd and it goes on. By the time the last person gets the message, it's completely different from what was whispered initially. Bring this game into the crafting arena and the 1st person scraplifts from a LO, she shows her scraplifted LO to the 2nd who then scraplift and pass to the 3rd etc. Finally the entire LOs are revealed to see the various changes as it passes on from person to person. Here's the LO that Val chose. 

Original LO done by Heather Prins

I scraplifted from Dumpty and here is her LO: 

Here's mine:

Val C. Designs: Discover
Font: Pea Emmie

It was fun playing the game and I enjoyed seeing the final LOs of the other gals! The one thing that remained common among us was the use of 2 patterned papers and a single photo. TTFN!

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