Thursday, 31 August 2006

>>> Thursday Ritual! <<<

Every Thursday, I go to mom-in-law's house with Zac. Well, today was no exception and brought both boys there but not before picking up my Scrapbook Answers magazine from the newsagent. Spent the whole afternoon at her place. The boys were pleased to see and and made sure they zapped her energy. As for me, had a good browse through my magazine while minding the kids at the same time. They can get so boisterous at times!

Needless to say, didn't do much in terms of packing. The scrapping den that hubby so nicely laid out is a right mess as half the shelves contain the boys' toys and they lost no time in taking out every boxes to see what was in there!!!

Oh dear, I so badly need to scrap!!! Another concern is that my Homegrown Hybrid DT kit hasn't arrived! It was supposed to be delivered in Singapore but to date, there is no sign of it either. Have been texting my dad daily to find out but nothing!!! Urghh! Brimming with ideas and nothing to work with... just sooo what I don't need! TTFN!

Wednesday, 30 August 2006

>>> Back In The UK! <<<

Couldn't blog yesterday on day of departure so shall update it today!

>>> Day of Departure! <<< (29.8.06)
The day started out early, never mind that I slept at 5am after finishing any last minute packing. I had to enrol Oliver in a primary school. Went to Teck Ghee Primary as it still had a fair bit of vacancy. There was no problem enrolling him but they wanted us to get a student pass which had to be done at the Immigration and as I had to leave today, there was no chance of doing that! So whether Oliver is ensured a place is a big question but frankly, as this isn't the school of choice, I'm not so bothered! Will see what happens later when we finally decide whether we want him to school there!

Ellen, best pal, came over to say goodbye. She proved to be a great help by checking us in online at the Singapore Airline website. That way, we don't have to queue to check in, instead, we merely go to the counter and off load out luggage. By 11am, we were ready to leave for the airport.

At the airport, we went to special counter to check out bags in. No questions asked about the weight which I had exceeded by 10kg (why do I always do that?!!!) It was such a breeze. Not sure if other airlines does it, check in online as it sure as hell save us the hassle. With that extra time, brought the boys to MacDo for their brunch. They were naturally delighted! (They hardly eat at MacDo to be honest!) Then it was time for the boys and myself to say goodbye to my parents. Left a lump at my throat but I think Ollie was a bit sad as he had grown close to my dad!

In the departure lounge, went hunting for a handbag shop as the one that my mom had passed me to use was giving me lots of hassle! Found a Charles and Keith (they are well-known for their shoes) store and pinpoint a hangbag that was quite fashionable and lovely. Bought it and transferred my stuff over to it immediately. Then we went to the departing gate to wait for out flight.

It's the first time I'm taking a Singapore Airlines flight and I've to say, it is fantastic. In fact the entire journey from Singapore to Frankfurt was great! Firstly the inflight entertainment i.e. TV keep my boys busy with video, audio and games and therefore they didn't fuss much.

In fact, both of them had a short nap and got up to more entertainment. They didn't fancy their child meal though. As for myself, tried to sleep but was constantly woken up by my boys so ended up watching movies instead. Saw X-Men 2 & 3, Da Vinci Code & Mission Impossible 3. I think all long haul flights ought to have a personalised TV. It makes travelling long journeys easier to bear! I've been spoiled by Emirates who had them ages ago and therefore, can't believe in this modern age that Lufthansia doesn't have any at all! How on earth they can form an alliance with SQ is beyond comprehension!!!

At Frankfurt airport, the flight back to Birmingham was delayed for an hour due to bad weather. Moreover, we had to get our boarding pass and found all 3 of us completely separated. Luckily the air stewardess managed to get us to sit together. Then at Birmingham airport, breezed through immigration without hassle only to find the luggage carousel delayed for a good half hour due to operation problems. Hence by the time we reached home, it was closed to midnite! The boys were excited to see their dad but more excited I think at the prospect of getting presents from him. It was this prospect that I used to threaten when they were misbehaving!!!

Back home, hubby has certainly been busy! As usual, the interior were completely spick and span! My scrapping area was devoid of stuff! Anyway, went upstairs and to my utter surprise, found the third bedroom completely decked with Ikea chrome bookshelves with at least 20 boxes all nicely sitting on the shelves!

Totally gobsmacked! Even the PC and TV were in there. He had given me a scrapping room. I just couldn't believe it as he has never really approved of me scrapping and now he has given me a scrapping den!

He even did the toilet! Gave it a new lease of life by repainting the walls, adding decorative tiles ,even changed the flooring vinyls and fixed a new cistern. Wow! We were supposed to re-do the toilet actually but he's now thinking of fixing another loo downstairs. About time as I can't believe that most houses in the UK are fitted with only 1 toilet room!!! I've got 3 in my parent's place in Singapore. One of my major grouses about living here! It's a nitemare when you have guests in the house. It will be worst when the boys are bigger! I remember asking my sis-in-law once (a few years back) when they bought a house, how many toilets it had! You should see the look on their faces (faces of the family)... they probably thought I was bonkers! One normally ask how many rooms but moi, how many toilets!!!

Needless to say, went to bed a very satisfied, happy lady.... TTFN!

>>> Back In The UK! <<< (30.8.06) First day back in the UK and I felt awful. Had a throbbing headache all day and was suffering from sleep depravation!!! Never mind the fact that I had to unpack 5 luggage, looked after the kids and battling with fatigue! Luckily mom-in-law came over and helped entertained the kiddies. Managed to unload 4 bags. Left 1 which is semi-unpacked but was too tired to continue. Checked my mails and found my Homegrown July kit. There was also an envelope of books too. Opened that to find that I had won a runner-up prize from Search Press in conjunction with Scrapbook Inspiration magazine and therefore received 4 books on scrapping. Can't say I'm terribly impressed about the books!!! There was one on scrapping using watercolours as background... now why on earth do I want to use watercolours when there are loads of delicious patterned papers around!!! There was another on newbie scrapping which is of no use to me, another on using eyelets and finally the 1st Best of British book. The boys were tired out by 9pm and went off to sleep almost immediately their head hit the pillow! I too was knackered and went off early too. TTFN!

Monday, 28 August 2006

>>> Last Day! <<<

Yup, our holidays are finally coming to an end. Today was the last full day in Singapore.

In the afternoon, met up with my scrapping friends and had lunch together. I was supposed to have a scrap session with them but realised that I had several errands to run and therefore had to forego it. Went down to the local scrap store to return my paints and foam stamps for the assignment I had to do and picked up my August Scrapbook Etc magazine. I refuse to buy that mag in the UK as it cost about £5 (S$15) whereas it costs me S$6.50 why the difference in prices in different countries is just beyond comprehension!!! Hence, Clara usually gets me a copy and keep them for me.

Went hunting down for the pair of jeans I wanted at Giodiano but unfortunately they ended their sale on Sunday and I suddenly realised the jeans I wanted is over and beyond what I'm prepared to pay ... just for a few sequins here and there ... I might as well sew them myself as I've got tons of those sequins lying around in my cupboard!!! In fact I noticed any altered design i.e. a bleached design pushes up the price of the jeans.... like I can't go and bleach my own pattern!!! Perhaps I should attempt to have a go at altered jeans since I have no problems doing altered items. Then again, I'm not really a clothes person, more a handbag and shoes person... preferring to spend more on the latter.

I had Zac with me while dad brought Ollie for a swim and a long one too. That boy loves swimming but he needs to be taught how to swim properly. I got in about 5ish and started packing my stuff. Got all the clothes in their vacuum-sealed plastic bags (have to save they are space-savers in the luggage). Then started to gather the boys lego toys, they have somehow amassed a fair bit while in Singapore. Finally got my scrapping items. I had 4 boxes shipped back to Singapore last Aug (long story!!!) and had to dig into them to decided what I needed to bring back. Suffice to say I didn't sleep till 5 am the following morning!

Best pal Ellen came by in the evening. In fact, we had dinner together in AMK town centre and then she stayed the evening to play with the boys. She hasn't seen them for a while. Pity I couldn't stay longer to spend more time with her. It's so hard to see each other as we are both living in different countries and can only communicate via cyberspace. Anyway, glad to know that we managed to spend a bit of time together!

Sunday, 27 August 2006

>>> Celebration! <<<

Whoopee! Met up with my ex-teaching colleagues and best friends today! There are 5 of us in a group and we used to hang out together and it made working life so much easier as we could pour our frustration and jubilation on each other and we would celebrate our outing with a meal. Then slowly we split up and 3 of us moved overseas and we would miss each other each time we came back. But today after god knows how many years, we finally came together and it just felt as if we never left each other at all! We nattered about the good old days and gossiped about other ex-colleagues and found out some have already retired while a couple has passed away due to cancer. Suddenly it just strike me as how old we are getting on.

Anyhow, four of us met at Agnes' house where I had my two boys with me. She has a swimming pool at her condominium and while they swimmed, we nattered away!

After that, brought my boys back home and I left with them for dinner at a well-known restaurant tucked away in an industrial estate! Agnes and Melissa have antennas for searching out good food haunts! Finally met them all including some of their spouses too. Food was great too, a big spread and I felt so bloated when I finished!!! To celebrate the momentus occasion, we decided to pick a number each and buy a lottery ticket for tomorrow. The draw is out tomorrow and if, and only if, we win, ha, no hesitation about extending my stay in Singapore!!! Already they were making plans to go to Johor Bahru, Malaysia for a day trip on Friday.... ahhhh I wanna go!!!

Best mate Ellen, also part of the group, came today on an early morning flight from Shanghai. Went over to her place after dinner for another good tete-a-tete. The last time I saw her was last Sept and it felt so good to be able to chat face to face as opposed to cyberspace! What an awful timing to leave when she is here as I would luv to spend time with her. Feel really pissed off! Managed to even decorate a Provocraft tin for her too!

Got home close to 1am and was thoroughly knackered. Haven't been sleeping well the last few days and went into deep sleep. Haven't even packed too! Guess who will be frantically packing in the wee hours of Tuesday morning!!! TTFN!

Saturday, 26 August 2006

>>> Teach! <<<

Helped a friend to teach a beginner's scraping class today. Have almost forgotten what it is like to be a newbie. We had prepared LOs for them but when they showed their photographs, I had to re-design their LOs on the spot instead. Thankfully it wasn't that difficult.

After the teaching session, had to do a spot of shopping for myself. Ollie was with me and he was as good as gold so I got him a Lego set which he wanted so desperately. Then I headed off to Giordano, my fav jeans shop (somehow, their jeans fit me without any altering!). They had a 20% sale so started rummaging the store. Found a pair of jeans that I liked but they hadn't my size which is waist 25. Any way, managed to lay my hands on a drop waist jeans and 2 tops. I will need to hunt down that particular pair in another store. They do have quite a number of stores around.
Got home at 10ish and fell straight to bed. The boys took a wee bit longer to sleep as they were apart the whole day. My parents had brought Zac to the zoo that afternoon and he was telling me what he saw that day! That boy knows his animals quite well!!!

Gosh, need to alter a tin for a friend who's arriving tomorrow as I'll be meeting her! Guess I'll have to get up wee hours to do a spot of altering! She wanted one of those Provocraft altered tin which she had seen one done by me. It will be a very belated birthday pressie for her. Best get it done so that I won't have to lug the tin back with me! TTFN!

Friday, 25 August 2006

>>> Another Creative Productive Day! <<<

Had a scrap session with another friend at Sengkang for a good 4 hours and managed to semi-complete a Summer contest double page LO that is due today!!! Why do I always wait till the last minute... I do not know! Anyway, I'm good at deadline work and have so far managed to produce stuff at the very last minute! Now I've got to finish my DT assignment before I leave Singapore!

Here's one of the LOs completed for a Goals contest that has been taking place since the beginning of this year. One of the goals I had was to scrap at least 1 LO a week and so pleased this has been easily achieved.

Can't say that this is one of my best LO as I had to use only cardstock and frankly I hate that! So had to do the best I could!

Brought Zac with me and he occupied himself playing with toys that were around. He was very good and didn't fuss much. After the scrap session, met up with another friend in Jurong. Have to say that the public transport here is fabulous! It's so easy to get to places without having to wait ages! Can't say the same for the UK! Public transport is a disgrace, not surprising people are tempted to own cars! I wouldn't mind using them if I didn't have to wait like half an hour for a bus!!! Ridiculous!

Discussed with a friend about a scrapbook beginner's class for tomorrow. She has asked me to teach and I obliged. Then we went out for dinner at a food court and had to wait for tables... as it was Friday, the place was fully packed so we had to stand like vultures near table where people were about to finish their food. Not very nice but given the situation, had no choice. Zac wanted noodles so I got yong tau foo and we shared.

On our way back, Zac decided he needed to poo! Gosh, on the train too! Had to persuade him to hold back ... poor soul, he was jumping up and down trying to control his poo. Fortunately we made it home without him soiling himself... and nope, he didn't do one at all when we got home! What an adventure!!!

My camera is back with me!!! Dad had to sent it for repair as the zoom facility wasn't functioning smoothly but thank goodness they got it fixed in time. It's now working better and hopefully that will translate into less blurred pictures!

Oliver went out with his granddad today. He took him to see some fish and birds in Hougang. They wanted to go to Sentosa but it was too late. He was anxious when we got back late and gave Zac a hug when he saw him. He's really a passionate soul that boy! And what did Zac do, push him away!!! I just hope he maintains his sensitivity as he grows older. TTFN!

Thursday, 24 August 2006

>>> Simply Chillin' Out! <<<

Didn't go out today! Was supposed to meet a friend but decided to spend time with the kids instead. We did however go swimming later in the evening... as usual. The boys really enjoy swimming and it's so much fun swimming outdoors.

Had to buckle down the scrap my Goals LO as it's due on the 25th. As usual, have procastinated until the last minute! Oh well, I do respond well under pressure usually!

Have tried to extend my stay but unfortunately, the next available flight isn't until the 6th Sept and it's too late as Ollie returns to school that day. Frankly doesn't bother me but the other half isn't so keen as it would mean paying 100 Euros per person to change the flight! Bummer! Hence we have to leave on the 29th and I just can't believe how time has flown. Have really enjoyed myself here and wish I could have stayed even longer! I guess I miss the close proximity of friends and the vibrant lifestyle here. It's just so great to go out at nite and not feel unsafe, knowing that even at midnite, the tube is still packed with people, knowing you can easily get food even after midnite and knowing that the weather doesn't have to play a part in your daily schedule! Even after living 13 years abroad in countries (France & England) with seasons, I just cannot get used to the cold. It just makes me feel so miserable. I hate being cold! Not matter how much clothes I put on, I just cannot feel warm. Not surprising I am dreading the coming autumn and winter months!!! Will have to discuss with hubby about where the future lies... West or East!!! TTFN!

Wednesday, 23 August 2006

>>> Shopping... For Me This Time! <<<

Another day of shopping again but this time for myself! Brought Zac with me while Ollie went with his granddad to the Discovery Centre.

Met my friend at Made With Love, a scrapping store downtown. Had to choose my papers, cardstock and embellishment for the E-zine assignment. Went for 7 Gypsies papers & Making Memories chipboard alphas. After that, we headed for the Nu Skin office.

Nu Skin is a skin care/health care product that isn't sold over the counters. You don't find them advertising their products, instead, they have agents selling them and it's extremely popular. They kept their cost down on advertising and their products works!!! I started using their skin care products last August and found to my delight that it actually kept my face in great condition during the winter season. My face didn't suffer from any fine lines that it used to with other skin care products during winter. Anyway, had my skin analysed and it has improved tremendously and glad to know that I don't have any wrinkles. There are a few UV spots, open pores but nothing serious!!! I was prescribed the skin renewal set to use this time. Previously used the whitening set which I really like! Added a couple of eye cream, pimple cream and a hydrating mask as well. Have to say the cost was major but when it comes to preserving my skin, it's a necessary expenditure!!! My mom has been using their products for a long time. Even my dad takes their LifePak vitamins and swears by them!!! They do have great products that work. Oh and they actually originate from the US!!!

Have been persuaded to extend my stay a wee bit longer. Best friend is down from Sunday and I do want to spend some time with her as she isn't going to the UK anymore. Spoke to hubby and although he isn't too keen, he isn't disagreeable either. He was just concerned if we could find seats on alternative days. Anyway, will check with the Singapore Airlines tomorrow and see if there is another flight available and preferably a nite flight too. Day flight isn't conducive to the kids... definitely screw their clock system upside down as by the time we hit Birmingham, it's at nite, just in time for bedtime! Like they will sleep after having a long nap in the plane?!!!

My dad brought my Nikon camera for repair. It wasn't opening as smooth as it should and each time you zoom in, it made a crackling sound. I suspect that could affect the quality of the pictures taken too. Dad made sure they could do it by Monday... gosh, it would be hard for me to go without my camera! I literally carry it in my handbag all the time! TTFN!

Tuesday, 22 August 2006

>>> Shopping! <<<

It's a day of shopping today! Brought them to Popular book store where I picked up some English, Mathematics and Science assessment books for Ollie. Then we went into Ang Mo Kio town centre where the two boys chose a superhero costume. Zac picked up an Incredible one while Ollie had a blue PowerRanger.

In the evening, Ollie had private tennis coaching. He didn't do too badly, and was able to hit balls using his forehand as well as backhand. The coach said he had good ball sense so I might arrange another last session before we leave.

Received several calls today from my good friends who are ex-colleagues too. We met each other in a primary school when we were teachers and became great friends. Then 3 of us left for overseas (UK, China & Malaysia) while the other two continued as teachers. Now, all 3 of us are back, well, at least one will be back this coming Sunday so we are having a meetup this coming weekend. It would be so good to be able to see them again and have a good natter.

Right off to scrap if I can... TTFN!

Monday, 21 August 2006

>>> Another Crop Session! <<<

Had a crop session with some friends. Brought my eldest with me and met up with Clara, her girls and her maid at Novena. Then we headed to Detha's house near Tanah Merah MRT. Started off with a makan (meal) session where Detha had prepared mee rubus a la Prima style! It was delicious. The kids had sphagetti. Then while the maids looked after the kids, we gals went to scrap. I managed to complete a LO for a ScrappiDare but had no time to do a summer LO. Actually am stucked as to the placement of photos. This holiday has seriously impaired my scrapping mojo and I'm having difficulty thinking creatively. Doesn't help that I'm getting stash but no creative juices flowing... urghh!

Took this picture of the boys at the kelong playing Lego. Zac was so cheeky, telling his brother off! Had to contain my laughter but it did leave Ollie speechless! Just had to scrap the conversation between them! Made use of Sweetwater Bloom papers & my new Heidi Swapp plastic letters.

The gals were thinking of having one last session before I leave next week. Hoping I might squeeze another LO before the end of the month.

Oliver played well with the gals. He was the only guy there but it didn't bother him. Initially wanted to bring Zac along too but he was persuaded to stay with his grandparents who literally fattened him up the whole day and brought him to the park. They said he was good as gold... well, why not when he has food to eat all day! Have to admit he's getting heavier when I carry him these days.

Off to put on my thinking cap.....TTFN!

Sunday, 20 August 2006

>>> Like Fishes In the Water! <<<

Completely chilled out today! Wanted to bring the boys to the zoo but they weren't interested and wanted to go swimming instead so we went to the local pool at 5 pm. It was packed with people but it's to be expected on a weekend.

Headed towards the water slide where Ollie & Zac had fun under the jet sprays and waterfalls. Ollie then tried some underwater swimming while Zac explored the pool under the watchful eye of my dad. I entertained Ollie. Then after a short break of Oreo biscuits (boy do the boys and myself love those biscuits!!!), we went into the deep end where we tried to get the boys to swim properly. Played a game of cat and mouse where Ollie had to catch Zac and moi. I attempted to swim while holding on to Zac's float and found myself going out of breath quite rapidly! Gosh, stamina level quite pathetic!

Had a chat with hubby and was informed that his cousin's little boy (about Zac's age) drowned in a pool in Spain. They had migrated there. Gosh, my sympathies with them and a terrible thing to happen. Hubby told me to watch the boys when they swim.

Got a scrap session tomorrow with my friends and am hoping to get something done but my two boys are coming along so whether I do get anything done is another thing! Anyway, my friends' kids will be there too so at least they will have company. Need to sort some photos out now! TTFN!

Saturday, 19 August 2006

>>> SSSsssss... Stash and Swimming! <<<

Attended an Open House for the Velvet Cat, an online scrapbooking store and couldn't resist Heidi Swapp plastic alphas. Also got myself a pack of small alpha stickers too... can you not tell I'm an alpha freak!!! Had a good natter with the gals & a guy there too about Tim Holtz and his distressed inkpads! Was so tempted to get Urban Lily Extreme papers but held back instead!

Got home and brought the boys out for a swim at the local public pool. They absolutely luv swimming or rather playing in the pool. I got in with them as well and we had fun playing at the slide where they were jet sprays (great for massage!). Zac was quite brave this time and even ventured under them but insisted I wipe his face with my hands to clear the water. He was pretty adventuous too, exploring the perimeter of the pool by himself. We (dad & I) kept our eye on him of course.

Urrgh! Still waiting for a pizza box of scrapping supplies from Homegrown where I'm on DT duty this month. Will be playing with Cherry Arte papers, East of India and Tropic. Can't wait but crossing my fingers that they arrive before I leave Singapore. It would be pure disaster if it came after I left. I'm now hoping that my July kit has arrived in the UK and it's still in the PO waiting for me.

Hoping to do some scrapping tonite as I need to get on with my assignment otherwise I won't complete in time. Those newly bought stash are crying out to be used!!! If only I can summon my scrapping mojo and my butt to get something done!!! TTFN!

Friday, 18 August 2006

>>> A Day Of Dinosaurs! <<<

Finally got down to sorting out the scrapping boxes under the stairs. Took out some papers to sell off and some stash to bring home. There was still a box to be opened but as it was approaching 5am, had to go to bed.

Brought the kids to see the Dinosaur exhibition at the Science Centre. My opinion, quite comprehensive exhibition regarding the dinosaurs but as usual, didn't have a chance to look at them as I had to keep an eye on the boys as they went wild and was running from one exhibit to another. At one stage we lost Zac but found him strolling nonchalantly about! That boy sure can give me a panic attack. Then I got them into a sand pit where they were given a brush to look for bones. There was even a documentary on T-Rex/Teeny-Rex (as Zac calls him... doesn't he make it sound so adorable???) & Triceratop which was very interesting but the boys got bored so had to go out. Pity as I would have love to sit and watch it.

Went home after the exhibition but then brought Ollie to Orchard Road where I had to hand over some punches and books to a scrapper who had bought them off me. Then headed off to the Lego shop where I had promised them some toys. Darn shop is limited on small Lego sets but somehow managed to find something for the boys. Then headed to the bookstore to check out on scrapping mags and browsed through CK Sep issue but didn't find it worthwhile to buy it. Instead got myself some Micron archival pens at different nib sizes. They will come in super handy for journalling. Pity they only came in black!

Hardly scrapped this month and I've got assignments to complete. Hoping to do them this weekend or this coming Monday as I've got a scrap session coming up. The days are just flying by so quickly. Checked out the Homegrown blog where it is revealing the upcoming products for Trilogy and Hybrid! Wow! Great stuff coming out and just can't wait to lay my hands on them... mostly a lot of new items from CHA!

Met up with an old friend tonight and had a great time chatting about the past, present and future. We do share a lot of similar interests and it was fun being able to natter about what interest us a lot. Luckily mom agreed to babysit the boys and they were still up when I got back, apparently waiting for me to come back to show me their built Legos!

While coming back on the MRT (tube) at 11.30pm, it was jam-packed full of people and I'm wondering at that hour it is still so crowded! You would never ever find a bus packed full of people at that hour in Birmingham! In fact, I would never have gone out after dark in the first place using a public transport. Here, I rely on them a lot as I don't feel incline to drive as the MRT serves my need perfectly! I tend to go out at nite quite often in Singapore, partly it's cooler and the nite life here is so vibrant! I luv shopping at nite or eating out with friends. I'm definitely suited to the lifestyle of the Far East! I remember having a blast in Shanghai last Sept... having my hair washed and blowed dry at 11ish pm where hair salon doesn't close till midnite! What a laugh! It's a flipping bore in Birmingham unless you wanna get pissed drunk in those watering holes! Most shops are closed by 6pm and the only entertainment at nite is either to drink yourself silly or be entertained in a girlie bar! Not surprising I rather surf on the net at nite or watch CSI instead! Sigh! Best make the most of my next 2 weeks in Singapore before returning to the humdrum lifestyle of a SAHM! TTFN!

Thursday, 17 August 2006

>>> Immigration Chaos! <<<

What did I do today? Spent the afternoon at the Immigration Centre!!!

Firstly went there to sort out citizenship for my boys. Unfortunately we didn't have all the requirement i.e hubby's employment details and passport so we have to do it when we are in the UK. Then I had to go to another counter to sort out my boys' extension in Singapore. When we first came in by air, they were given 30 days. But when we went to Tanjong Pinang and returned by sea, they were given 14 days. Based on my calculation, their stay would expire on the 25th August and I don't want them to be charged for overstaying so went to get their extension. There the nitemare begin. Firstly I had to fill in 2 forms for each of them. Checked in at the info counter and was then given a number... there were at least 227 people in front of me! Our queue number were 7929 & 7930. When I sat down to wait, they were just calling 7700.... so I had to endure about 3 hrs of waiting time. If I had known, would have brought my Scrapbook Etc. mags to read as I was yawning big time there! Later my dad informed me that a friend of him told him about the waiting time... if only he had mentioned earlier.....!!! Anyway, my sons were given one month extension even though we just needed 4 days!

Hence the whole day wasted! I think it would have been far easier to head out to Johor Bahru, Malaysia for a day trip instead of queuing up like an idiot!!! TTFN!

Wednesday, 16 August 2006

>>> Bye Hubby! <<<

Hubby left Singapore this morning at 11am. Before that, we went to the local market to get some spicy chicken powder to bring back to the UK. The boys absolutely adore them when coated on chicken wings and fried. However, they are limited to them only once every fortnight. I don't like them eating them too much. All I can say is that they are better than Kentucky Fried Chicken!

The kids didn't cry when their dad left as he left them with a Dinosaur Lego set so they were engrossed before he even left the gate. The kids accepted that he has to work. Gosh, it will be an experience when I have to leave with the two of them at the end of the month.

In the afternoon, met up with some scrappers for a scrapping session. Managed to complete a LO somehow! Brought my eldest with me and he played with my friend's daughters. I had a great time chatting with them. We will be meeting up again next Tuesday for another day of fun. Now wondering whether to bring both my boys as both my girlfriends have 2 children each as well. One has two girls, the other has a boy and a girl. Not sure if I will get any scrapping done if both my boys came along!!! need to ponder over that..... TTFN!

Tuesday, 15 August 2006

>>> Lego Galore! <<<

Stayed at home with the kids in the morning. It rained like cats and dogs with lightning too so thought it would be better to stay in instead. Hubby did pop out to the Lego store to get them some Lego sets as he had promised them.

The boys were delighted to see him or rather the toys when he got in. He had gotten a small dinosaur set for Zac and a fairly big car set for Ollie that he had to fix himself as it was slightly out of the age range for Oliver. He only got it as it was half price. He had bought a third Dinosaur set but kept it away for tomorrow.

In the afternoon, we had wanted to go to the Science Centre to see the Dinosaur exhibition but the kids wanted to fix their Lego set instead. Moreover Ollie was having a cold too and sniffing badly so we gave it a miss. Instead, daddy and the boys played with Lego. Oh well, might as well spend the last second day with them as he won't be seeing them for the next 2 weeks.

In the evening, we attended a food celebration of my dad's friend. They held a food feast in honour of the Hungry Ghosts (which is this month ... basically they give offerings to the ghosts to aplease them. They also burn paper money, any modcons etc. to ensure the next afterlife is comfortable. This practice is done by the Taoist religion.) Anyway, we just ate the food!

My dad's friends were amazed to see the boys... how fast they had grown and everyone thought I had a boy and a girl... as usual, they had mistaken Zac for a girl! Not surprising as he is always mistaken for a girl despite putting him in male attire. I think it's partly his hair as it's like a bob but since he has such fine hair, can't imagine him in any other hairstyle. Gosh, sometimes I really did wish he was born a girl instead!!!

Monday, 14 August 2006

>>> Another Chillin' Day! <<<

Went to visit my grandmother's ashes today at the Church of the Holy Spirit Columbarium. I felt bad that I couldn't attend her funeral last December. She died a few days before her 92nd birthday. Visiting her ashes she brought tears to my eyes... she used to look after me when I was a baby and taught me the Hokkien dialect as she couldn't speak English. She was also a great cook too and used to make a lot of homemake Nonya cakes and goodies. Every Chinese New Year, she would get orders for them. I even helped her at some stage too but unfortunately, these days, it's far easier to purchase them. But they don't have the same quality and taste as homemade ones though!

In the afternoon, we took the boys to see the Dinosaur exhibition at the Singapore Science Centre only to find that they close every Mondays! Great! Dad then brought us to his clubhouse nearby to explore it. Man, it's big and have lots of facilities available. According to my dad it's under-utilised too. Pity! There were lots of swimming pools around for various purposes i.e. for kids, for adults and even a water slide. My boys wanted to swim but we didn't bring their trunks along.

That's one pool of the the rest.

Upon further exploration, found a bowling alley and booked a lane for Ollie to play. He was pleased as punch and his granddad showed him how to bowl as well. Zac wasn't too pleased about it but they didn't have bowling shoes in his sizes.

Got back in time to get ready to go out with my brother. He had arranged for us to meet up with his friend whom had visited us in Birmingham a few years back. He's now married to a French lady. We went to this very isolated part of Singapore, Seletar air base and we could see the colonial houses left empty. They were really beautiful and if refurbished, would make lovely homes. I'm told that land is protected so not sure what is the future of those houses. Singapore used to be a British colony, hence we can see find the remnants of colonialism in certain parts of the Island.

Dinner was at an open air restaurant, against the backdrop of private airplanes and helicopters. It was western cuisine, much to my dismay so I had breaded prawns and squids while the others took a panfried fish meal. Didn't say I enjoyed my meal much. Later, we decided to go to Geylang, a very interesting area of food, fruits and hookers. You can get really delicious meals there as well as a wide variety of local fruits (my fav). Unfortunately, hookers are also part of the scenery as well although they don't bother me too much! The area is packed with people most of the nite, due to the attraction of food and fruits (I hope!) Went to my fav fruit stall and spent almost $50 on various fruits.
Firstly, durians - hit the best variety no less. This fruit has a pungent smell to those who can't bear it. It has been described as the smell of rotten eggs or really smelly cheese! To me it's plain heavens! The fruit itself is rich with protein. Unfortunately, after eating one or two pieces, it's enough for me.

That's moi, tasting the duku to see if it's sweet. Next to it is the mangosteen, the purple ones. Talk about fruit paradise!

Then I spied the fruit I craved for... duku, a hard skin small fruit with several translucent flesh inside. It can sometimes be really sweet or sour. I totally 'heart' that fruit and can't find it at all in the UK! Bought some manages too for the boys as they luv it and some mangosteen.

The group then drove to Clarke Quay, an area by the riverside where we sat on the grass and had a fruit feast. Gosh, it feels so good to be eating local fruits. You can find mangosteen in the UK but they sell like 65p per piece. Here I buy 4 kg for $10. For small fruits, they tend to sell per kg basis as opposed to per piece. So you can imagine my frustration at the crazy price I've to pay in the UK!

We walked around Clarke Quay and came upon some people filming a movie. They had taken a fountain area (with water shooting out from the ground) as the main scene. The actors were Indians so we guessed they were shooting a Bollywood movie. Looking at the scene we fathomed that it had to be a singing/dancing scene, very typical of the Bollywood movie. We watched and had a good laugh as it was a scene of a romantic couple, stopping the water from coming out and dancing through the shooting fountain. Gosh, I sure would like to see the movie.

Later, we parted company with my brother's friend & his wife. As we were walking toward the carpark, the aroma of coffee beckoned and we stopped at a coffee cafe. Hubby took a ginger coffee blend while my brother went for an Oreo mocha one. I ended up with a blend of banana and soymilk instead! It was fun to sit, chilled out (without the kids) and people watched!

Got home to find the boys fast asleep. They hadn't given my parents too much hassle. Later hubby, dad and moi sat down to discuss the boys' future. We decided they should apply for Permanent Resident (PR) status as well as sorting a primary school out for Oliver. Children here go to school officially at age 7. Hence Ollie would have to start school next year. I do want him to learn Mandarin as I feel it's important for him to know his mother tongue. It will probably serve him well in the future too. My dad wants him to learn to play tennis too. Anyway, I will need to call the Immigration tomorrow to find out about getting PR status for them. Hopefully it wouldn't be a hassle since I'm still a Singaporean. Perhaps the notion of returning here is in sight...... thanx to my son! TTFN!

Sunday, 13 August 2006

>>> Happy Birthday Dad! <<<

It's is my Dad's birthday today and he's a ripe old age of 75! I hope he's blessed with more good years so that the kids and I are able to enjoy more time with him. He absolutely adores the boys and enjoys their company immensely. It's such a shame that we live so far and he's unable to see them more often. Can't say the same for FIL... he hardly spends time with his grandchildren and he just lives round the corner. Just wish the tables could be turned!

Sent hubby out to get a birthday cake and he came back with a delicious chocolate cake. I have to admit that I had forgotten about gifts but I will be doing a canvas of the boys for him.

Anyway, a couple of his friends celebrated his birthday at the Seoul Garden restaurant. We were invited as well. It's a Korean bbq-style buffet where in the centre of the table is a stove to either bbq the food or boil it. As it was a buffet, there is an attractive array of raw food consisting of either meat or seafood. It has a 'eat as much as you can' policy but any wastage of food is charged at $5 per kilo. The meat selection didn't interest me but I headed for the seafood instead. Ollie wasn't very keen on it and we had to force him to eat something. He was however, more keen on the desert and had ice-cream which was free flow too. Zac wanted noodles so we boiled some for him. Dad enjoyed his meal but I had to force him to eat some vegetables as he's more of a meat eater.

After lunch, we took a walk in Ang Mo Kio town centre. As usual, the boys were clamouring for their favourite activity - the car/motorbike ride unfortunately it was too early as the guy is mostly there in the evenings. We browsed through the shops and I got myself a few tops. The boys bagged themselves a couple of cartoon video CDs too. Hubby got a set of Cantonese criminal series for his dad!

In the late afternoon, we cut the cake. The boys knew there was a birthday cake awaiting. They were only too eager to help their GranGran (as they call him) blow out the candles. The cake was certainly delicious, so chocolately and not heavy on the stomach at all!

All of us chilled out in the evening. We always make plans to go somewhere but it never materialise. We had wanted to go to the zoo but plans changed! Hubby received a call early this morning regarding his flight. He wanted to fly on the 19th but there is no seats available so he was booked on the 16th instead. He was put on waiting list but the airline staff has to book his flight otherwise he loses his place. So he's flying off this Wednesday. It's annoying that he can't get extension to stay longer from the company. The boys will miss him tremendously as we don't leave till the 29th. Perhaps it will be much easier to handle them then as he has this knack of giving in to them thereby making discipline really difficult. Those boys of mine sure know how to twist their dad around their little fingers. TTFN!

Saturday, 12 August 2006

>>> Just Chillin'! <<<

Just chilled out with the family today on Orchard Road. We had promised Oliver to buy him a Lego set so we went down to the Lego store. Gosh, those two boys were ever so excited! Oliver finally chose a car set that moved using a spring movement. There weren't much for Zac in his range or rather in the price range we were prepared to pay! Besides, he's not into Lego yet.

In between I had to slip out to meet some scrappers who had bought my British magazines. While waiting for them at a scrapbooking store, lay my hands on the latest CK Can Do Techniques book, had a browse and bought it! It looked fairly interesting with lots of scrapliftable ideas too!

We hanged around town for about 2-3 hours and then made our way back via MRT (tube or metro). The boys were ever so hyper today and it's just a nitemare bringing them out as they are literally running everywhere!!! Anyway, got home without incident!

Hubby was looking at the Jobs Ad and found a few interesting positions... urged him to give it a try as it would be ultra cool if he could find a job here and we settle down here instead. The longer I stay here, the less incline I am to return to the UK! We were even discussing about putting Oliver in a primary school here as they do start schooling formally at age 7 so Ollie would have to start next year in January! Will see what happens... TTFN!

Friday, 11 August 2006

>>> Back & Thoroughly Knackered! <<<

Have been away for 4 days and 3 nites at a fishing kelong in Tanjong Pinang, Indonesia. We always go there whenever we are down in Singapore to do a spot of fishing and to eat fresh fish. You can't believe how hard it is to get fresh fish in Birmingham!!! We once bought a 'so-call' fresh fish in Morrisons only to find that when we wanted to cook it the next day, it smelled terribly!!! We were utterly disgusted at how they could sell rotten fish in the supermarket! The boys enjoyed themselves too.

Firstly we had to take the ferry to Tanjong Pinang and it took an hour and a half. Then upon reaching the island, the 3 Brits in my family had to get a visa for US$10 each for 7 days, 6 nites. (If pay more if you wanted to stay longer!) We had transport arranged to send us to the Kelong. That took about an hour.

The Kelong is built out into the sea on stilts. Every living quarters is literally built on stilts with very basic facilities eg. 2 single beds and a toilet/shower. There is hardly any modcons so you can forget about trying to connect to the outside world! In fact, we were completely isolated from what was happening in the world!

For me, days and nite passed slowly as what we did was simply fish fish fish! First day and I caught 2 fish. Dad fixed a line with a hook for Oliver to fish and he must have caught at least a dozen small fish. Boy was he ever so excited! He was literally screaming with joy at each catch.

As for Zac, he busied himself checking up on the fish in the net that we had caught, running about and making friends with the staff there! I was a little worried he would fall into the sea but luckily nothing like that happened. As for meals, it was cooked to what we wanted and of course we had fish for every meal... breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nothing beats eating a fish that is freshly caught! You can literally taste the freshness of it!

Towards the end of the trip, I was beginning to get bored! Firstly there weren't much fish to catch or the fish were smart and avoided us like plague! Secondly, I had to make a conscious effort not to drink from the tap as it's not safe. We had to brush our teeth using mineral water. Also I kept having this sticky feeling all the time despite bathing in cold (not hot water facility!) water a couple times a day! It was fun initially but after a while, you craved to return to civilised living and all the comforts! It makes me wonder how the locals take it... I guess if you never had it, you don't miss it at all! I think they live simply and make do with what they have.

The island of Tanjong Pinang is like Singapore in the 50s/60s. It's living living back in time. Most common means of transport is the motorcycle and you can find an entire family on it i.e. dad, mom and baby or child! I kid you not and sometimes without helmets too. Just goes to show how cheap life is over there!On our last day, we spent some time in the town centre but frankly even their shopping centre is quite basic. Clothes were very old fashioned and handbags were mainly imitations of branded names. However we did find a batman and superman outfit for our boys! We bought some snake skin fruts back with us as it's quite expensive to buy in Singapore.

I think it was a good experience for my boys as they now know where fish come from, having experienced catching it and eating it too. I don't want them growing up thinking of fish in the form of fish fingers!!! The joy in Ollie's face & excitement in his voice when he caught a fish will never leave me. Apart from fish, they even saw a live lobster, crab and stingray! They even ate the crab and found its meat ever so sweet! That is why I love travelling. It broadens the mind and I want my kids to experience seeing & experiencing life in their natural form! They had no access to TV and they were out and about taking walks and enjoying the sea!

Anyway, we got back to civilisation on Friday evening and my brother alerted me to the bomb plot that was foiled in the UK regarding several airlines. Overnite, hand luggage was banned and that includes hangbag too! In fact only limited items could be brought into the cabin. I just can't understand why people would do such a senseless thing... killing innocent people... for what? What do they want to prove? Do they think they die a martyr??? If they ever think it was for the name of religion, they gotta be kidding.... more the work of SATAN!!! All they do is make life more difficult of other people. I can imagine those business travellers now twiddling their thumbs in business class instead of tapping the keyboards! Laptops are also banned now! Any form of liquid is also banned too. Gosh, someone had better invent a machine that teleports people to their destination instead of airplanes PLEASE!!!!

Looks like I've to hunt for a transparent handbag now. Much rather carry that than clear plastic bags! TTFN!

Tuesday, 8 August 2006

>>> Off Again! <<<

Will be out of town for a few days as my family is heading towards Tanjong Pinang to do a spot of fishing. As there isn't any modcons there, will be blogging again when I'm back to civilisation. TTFN!

Monday, 7 August 2006

>>> Swimming! <<<

Brought the little one out stash shopping today. He can be a little handful and is opened to brides easily! First, went to LP to get my 7 Gyspies tags and Heidi Swapp alpha mask and got my discount of 15%! Can't wait to try my Alpha masks when I do get the time to do so!!! Then went down to Made With Love scrapbooking store to get my assignments for the Ezine. I'm doing a technique article relating to paints and another Inspirational LO.

Met Ollie, hubby and dad at the Yio Chu Kang swimming pool. I luv this pool as it has a kiddies' slide. We are trying to teach Ollie to swim but each time his feet touches the floor, he just plays around. Pools here are mainly outdoors as opposed to the ones in UK. However, given the weather situation in the UK, I can understand the need of indoor pools. However, I much prefer swimming outdoors.

Here's the slide I'm talking about.

Ollie enjoys playing with the slide although Zac is a little hesitant.

Here's Zac enjoying a little kick about in his float.

After swimming, we went into Ang Mo Kio (the area where I'm living) town centre to get a pair of flip flops for myself for the Kelong trip. I wanted a pair of Teva flip flops but saw the well-known Crocs instead. Luv the fact that they had it in various colours but when I tried it, it just looked so huge and bulky on my feet so decided on the Teva instead. Zac tried on a kid's pair of Crocs and he looked so cute in it. He initially wanted an orange pair but there wasn't any in his size so he chose a green pair and we bought it for him.

The boys discovered the joy of riding on those battery operated cars/motorbikes and each time we are in the town centre, they insist on having a ride at $3 per 10 mins. We had to supervise Zac as he doesn't steer too well though.

The kids certainly know how to enjoy themselves! TTFN

Sunday, 6 August 2006

>>> Shopping! <<<

Left the kids with my parents and hubby, my brother and I took off to Sim Lim Square, a well-known electronical shopping centre, 5 stories high filled with electronical products eg. cameras, camcorders, computer peripherals etc. A bargain galore to any keen electronical geeks or even normal shoppers aspiring to buy cheap products. I tend to buy computer parts from there. Hubby was on a mission to check out the latest Sony PSP handheld game set. Someone has asked him to check the price out. I wanted to get a wireless card for my laptop but was lured by the cheap laptop/notebooks available and was desperately trying to persuade hubby into getting one. My current one is at least 4 yrs old and is sadly lacking in disk space as well as latest technology, not to mention it's coping badly with my current needs. My brother bought himself a new casing ... he's gonna build himself a new computer as the current one is playing up. Hubby got some sound advice regarding the latest Sony handheld set and decided against buying... rightly so as #1, he doesn't play games at all #2, he's far too busy with work to even get involve in games & #3, we don't want Ollie to be addicted to playing computer games at such a young age... nothing worst than becoming an unsociable geek!

Later, got my brother to drop us off at Orchard Road, the main shopping area in the capital. Hubby headed to Takashimaya, a Japanese shopping mall to look for a shirt and a tie. I was browsing around and found some scrapping embellishment that didn't cost a bomb. Grab a plastic alpha set that is akin to the Heidi Swapp kind, some alpha initials that allow ribbons to be threaded through and a box of screw brads. Could have picked more but didn't want hubby to moan at the amount bought. Later headed towards a scrapbooking store and picked up a pack of 7 Gypsies 97% tags (something I've been dying to lay my hands on) and a Heidi Swapp alpha mask selling for S$12.90 (4.30 pounds). Was about to pay when I was told that I could use my Scrapper's Loft card to get a 15% discount. Hence, the items went back to the shelf and I told them I would re-appear the following day with my card!

Then hubby and I sat down at Coffee Bean and ordered some drinks and watched the world go by. It was nice to be able to go out without the kids. We reached home at about 7ish and both the boys were sleeping. Apparently Ollie grew tired of waiting for us to come back. We had promised to bring him swimming. It was a big mistake letting them sleep as it screwed their sleeping hours later!!! TTFN!
(p.s. under IE, not allowing me to load pictures.... sigh... will have to wait till I get a chance to use Firefox instead!)

Saturday, 5 August 2006

>>> The Crop! <<<

Yah, finally got a chance to meet up with the Singaporean scrappers. It was nice to be able to put a face to the username that you regularly see at The Scrapper's Loft too. Can't say I scrap a lot as I think I chatted more than I scrap. It's great to be able to share the same passion as other gals and I think it broke the ice quickly when everyone has a common interest to share.

The kids went off swimming with their dad and their granddad. They absolutely love swimming and pools here tend to be outdoors as opposed to those in the UK. I much prefer swimming outdoors but given the weather situation in the UK where you have more cold days than warm, it doesn't make sense to have an outdoor pool. TTFN!

Friday, 4 August 2006

>>> Catching Up With Friends! <<<

Spent the early morning watching CSI Miami Series 4 (the latest one). Found out that my brother has bought the entire series of the CSI (all 3 of them)... BLISS!!! Guess who will be in seventh heaven watching her fav TV programme! But first, need to watch the latest episodes of CSI Miami, followed by the older series of CSI Las Vegas as I've missed them! Man! This holiday is turning out better than expected!

In the afternoon, caught up with a good friend of mine who owns an online scrapping store. Went to her apartment to luxuriate in all the scrapping stash! I just went straight for the Making Memories tiny alpha stickers which I've been dying to lay my hands on. Stopped myself from picking up any foam stamps or papers for the moment!

Later in the evening, had a wine and dine function at my dad's club. As it was informal, kids were allowed and the theme was to celebrate National Day... yup, Singapore is turning 41 on 9th August. It was quite enjoyable, free flow of wine and every table was given a bottle of champagne too! I skipped the alcohol bit and focus on the food instead. I'm not a drinker and don't really like the taste of alcohol. I can drink if I want to but prefer to abstain most of the time! The boys were quite excited and Oliver was so taken in by the bit when they started to celebrate National Day by singing patriotic songs and cutting the cake. Have to say, brought a lump to my throat and only increased my yearning to be back home for good!!!
Rite... off to bed now as I've got a crop tomorrow and will be meeting more local scrappers as well as the creative team members of the Scrapping E-zine that I'm part of. Finally get to see them in person as opposed to mere communication via the forum! TTFN!

Thursday, 3 August 2006

>>> New Look! <<<

Yah! Finally made an appointment with my fav hairdresser to get my hair cut! He trimmed off loads from my thick mop and thinned it down considerably. Now my head feel so light! :) I re-coloured it too, covering all the greys that I had and added red strands of highlight. Gosh, I feel so much better now, not having to tie my hair up constantly. Each time I'm down I've to get a proper haircut as I find the Brit hairdresser don't do a good job with my hair, especially the thickness of it! They just don't seem to be able to thin it and make a mess out of it instead. Hence, I've given up on having a hair cut in the UK and only do so when I'm back home.

Did a bit of shopping on my way home too and bought 3 mini skirts and 2 blouses! There was this shop having a 20% off too so it was such a good deal! Gosh, it feel good to be able to walk into a shop and buy clothes that actually fit me as I can't do that in the UK due to my petite size. I couldn't never buy any clothes off the rack as it wouldn't fit me properly. At least here, clothings are suited to the Singaporean girls sizes and hence, I've no difficulty choosing & buying clothes here! I think I shall dedicate this month to clothes as opposed to scrapping stuff! Haven't actually bought any clothes so far this year apart from today!

My dad wanted to bring the kiddos to a dinosaur exhibition but Ollie wasn't feeling too well in the afternoon. In fact both of them went into a comatose state from midday to 5ish! Poor souls, still adjusting to the time zone differences!!!

Right, I'm off to visit a good friend tomorrow. In the nite I do have a wine and dine function to attend courtesy of my dad who had booked us a table. Ha, kids will be coming along too! We have been to one such function before and they were kids too so it shouldn't be too bad.

Gotta go... eyes almost closing now.... TTFN!

Wednesday, 2 August 2006

>>> Yah! I'm Actually In Singapore!!! <<<

After settling down a little and having a thought, I'm actually in Singapore now! Gosh, I can't believe it but it's true. Unfortunately I'm also suffering severely from jetlag so it doesn't help that my clock system is completely mixed up! Oh well, I'll get over it soon.

The boys woke up at 2am and were screaming hunger so the other half brought them down to ravage for food! I tried to sleep and eventually woke up at 5am and took the boys downstairs. My dad woke up too so helped entertained them as well. The boys were hungry again (they are constantly hungry no matter how often we feed them!!!) so dad made them some toasts.

At about 8am, dad and other half went off to play tennis. The boys watched some kiddies videos while I was battling with sleep which was desperately trying to claim me! Anyway, Zac somehow went off to sleep quietly about 2 hrs later. The other half returned and then went to the doctor's with Oliver. Somehow, he managed to get his left eye swollen by constant rubbing so brought him to the doctor's for checkup where luckily it was just dirt and nothing major! As for moi, went into a comatose state for a good 6 hrs.

In the evening, we headed for a walk towards the shopping mall. Needed to get some cartoons for the kids to watch. The boys even had a play on those battery-operated cars/motorbikes. Had dinner out too at the hawker stalls. (Gosh it does feel good not to do any cooking so far!) Zac insisted on having noodles so we got him a fishball noodle soup. Oliver had fish and chips. Then we made our way back home.

I think we must have drifted off to sleep about 10ish. Well, another day gone and ever so quickly too!!! TTFN!

Tuesday, 1 August 2006

>>> Sleep Depravation! <<<

Any idea how sleep depravation actually takes its toll on you? Well, it leaves you extremely grumpy and irritable not to mention the urge to sleep non-stop! Unfortunately, I can't sleep very well on the plane and so I was in-between sleeps while attending to the kids too as they both woke up intermittently. I was trying to find a comfortable sleep position too while not getting into a cramp position. I really marvel at those who can really sleep onboard!

Anyway, about 8.30am (European time), they started serving breakfast. As usual, they made a boo boo with my kids orders and only managed to find 1 child meal while the other one went missing (presumably given to another who didn't order it!) So my youngest had the adult meal. It was all omlette meal which both my kids didn't fancy. In fact they didn't feel like eating at all. Both of them managed to puke as well and guess what... they were't any puke bags too. Luckily I had saved some of the plastic bags that held the headphone and blankets so I was able to use those! Eventually we touched down Singapore at 4.20pm (Singapore time). Got our luggage and met my parents who were ever so excited at seeing the boys.

Got home to my parents' place where we had a change of clothes and chilled out for a while. Then in the evening, brought the boys out to the park for a while. Gosh they had fitted an exercise area where they were built in machines for exercising legs, tummy etc. It was just amazing... now who needs the gym when you can work out for free (will take a pic as I had forgotten my camera!) Then we headed to the shops to get some breakfast cereals for the boys.

By 9pm, I was totally shattered and knackered. All of us went to bed. How long we slept... that would be another story... TTFN!