Wednesday, 30 August 2006

>>> Back In The UK! <<<

Couldn't blog yesterday on day of departure so shall update it today!

>>> Day of Departure! <<< (29.8.06)
The day started out early, never mind that I slept at 5am after finishing any last minute packing. I had to enrol Oliver in a primary school. Went to Teck Ghee Primary as it still had a fair bit of vacancy. There was no problem enrolling him but they wanted us to get a student pass which had to be done at the Immigration and as I had to leave today, there was no chance of doing that! So whether Oliver is ensured a place is a big question but frankly, as this isn't the school of choice, I'm not so bothered! Will see what happens later when we finally decide whether we want him to school there!

Ellen, best pal, came over to say goodbye. She proved to be a great help by checking us in online at the Singapore Airline website. That way, we don't have to queue to check in, instead, we merely go to the counter and off load out luggage. By 11am, we were ready to leave for the airport.

At the airport, we went to special counter to check out bags in. No questions asked about the weight which I had exceeded by 10kg (why do I always do that?!!!) It was such a breeze. Not sure if other airlines does it, check in online as it sure as hell save us the hassle. With that extra time, brought the boys to MacDo for their brunch. They were naturally delighted! (They hardly eat at MacDo to be honest!) Then it was time for the boys and myself to say goodbye to my parents. Left a lump at my throat but I think Ollie was a bit sad as he had grown close to my dad!

In the departure lounge, went hunting for a handbag shop as the one that my mom had passed me to use was giving me lots of hassle! Found a Charles and Keith (they are well-known for their shoes) store and pinpoint a hangbag that was quite fashionable and lovely. Bought it and transferred my stuff over to it immediately. Then we went to the departing gate to wait for out flight.

It's the first time I'm taking a Singapore Airlines flight and I've to say, it is fantastic. In fact the entire journey from Singapore to Frankfurt was great! Firstly the inflight entertainment i.e. TV keep my boys busy with video, audio and games and therefore they didn't fuss much.

In fact, both of them had a short nap and got up to more entertainment. They didn't fancy their child meal though. As for myself, tried to sleep but was constantly woken up by my boys so ended up watching movies instead. Saw X-Men 2 & 3, Da Vinci Code & Mission Impossible 3. I think all long haul flights ought to have a personalised TV. It makes travelling long journeys easier to bear! I've been spoiled by Emirates who had them ages ago and therefore, can't believe in this modern age that Lufthansia doesn't have any at all! How on earth they can form an alliance with SQ is beyond comprehension!!!

At Frankfurt airport, the flight back to Birmingham was delayed for an hour due to bad weather. Moreover, we had to get our boarding pass and found all 3 of us completely separated. Luckily the air stewardess managed to get us to sit together. Then at Birmingham airport, breezed through immigration without hassle only to find the luggage carousel delayed for a good half hour due to operation problems. Hence by the time we reached home, it was closed to midnite! The boys were excited to see their dad but more excited I think at the prospect of getting presents from him. It was this prospect that I used to threaten when they were misbehaving!!!

Back home, hubby has certainly been busy! As usual, the interior were completely spick and span! My scrapping area was devoid of stuff! Anyway, went upstairs and to my utter surprise, found the third bedroom completely decked with Ikea chrome bookshelves with at least 20 boxes all nicely sitting on the shelves!

Totally gobsmacked! Even the PC and TV were in there. He had given me a scrapping room. I just couldn't believe it as he has never really approved of me scrapping and now he has given me a scrapping den!

He even did the toilet! Gave it a new lease of life by repainting the walls, adding decorative tiles ,even changed the flooring vinyls and fixed a new cistern. Wow! We were supposed to re-do the toilet actually but he's now thinking of fixing another loo downstairs. About time as I can't believe that most houses in the UK are fitted with only 1 toilet room!!! I've got 3 in my parent's place in Singapore. One of my major grouses about living here! It's a nitemare when you have guests in the house. It will be worst when the boys are bigger! I remember asking my sis-in-law once (a few years back) when they bought a house, how many toilets it had! You should see the look on their faces (faces of the family)... they probably thought I was bonkers! One normally ask how many rooms but moi, how many toilets!!!

Needless to say, went to bed a very satisfied, happy lady.... TTFN!

>>> Back In The UK! <<< (30.8.06) First day back in the UK and I felt awful. Had a throbbing headache all day and was suffering from sleep depravation!!! Never mind the fact that I had to unpack 5 luggage, looked after the kids and battling with fatigue! Luckily mom-in-law came over and helped entertained the kiddies. Managed to unload 4 bags. Left 1 which is semi-unpacked but was too tired to continue. Checked my mails and found my Homegrown July kit. There was also an envelope of books too. Opened that to find that I had won a runner-up prize from Search Press in conjunction with Scrapbook Inspiration magazine and therefore received 4 books on scrapping. Can't say I'm terribly impressed about the books!!! There was one on scrapping using watercolours as background... now why on earth do I want to use watercolours when there are loads of delicious patterned papers around!!! There was another on newbie scrapping which is of no use to me, another on using eyelets and finally the 1st Best of British book. The boys were tired out by 9pm and went off to sleep almost immediately their head hit the pillow! I too was knackered and went off early too. TTFN!

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Marja said...

Welcome back Audrey! I have heard that many UK houses only have 1 bathroom. Luckily our house has 3 and there's only 2 of us as Mimi has her own litter box ;) Maybe it's different "down south" though as most people I know with a house have 3+ bathrooms! I love that your DH converted the spare room into a scrap den for you, way cool of him! Enjoy getting organised in there :)