Monday, 28 August 2006

>>> Last Day! <<<

Yup, our holidays are finally coming to an end. Today was the last full day in Singapore.

In the afternoon, met up with my scrapping friends and had lunch together. I was supposed to have a scrap session with them but realised that I had several errands to run and therefore had to forego it. Went down to the local scrap store to return my paints and foam stamps for the assignment I had to do and picked up my August Scrapbook Etc magazine. I refuse to buy that mag in the UK as it cost about £5 (S$15) whereas it costs me S$6.50 why the difference in prices in different countries is just beyond comprehension!!! Hence, Clara usually gets me a copy and keep them for me.

Went hunting down for the pair of jeans I wanted at Giodiano but unfortunately they ended their sale on Sunday and I suddenly realised the jeans I wanted is over and beyond what I'm prepared to pay ... just for a few sequins here and there ... I might as well sew them myself as I've got tons of those sequins lying around in my cupboard!!! In fact I noticed any altered design i.e. a bleached design pushes up the price of the jeans.... like I can't go and bleach my own pattern!!! Perhaps I should attempt to have a go at altered jeans since I have no problems doing altered items. Then again, I'm not really a clothes person, more a handbag and shoes person... preferring to spend more on the latter.

I had Zac with me while dad brought Ollie for a swim and a long one too. That boy loves swimming but he needs to be taught how to swim properly. I got in about 5ish and started packing my stuff. Got all the clothes in their vacuum-sealed plastic bags (have to save they are space-savers in the luggage). Then started to gather the boys lego toys, they have somehow amassed a fair bit while in Singapore. Finally got my scrapping items. I had 4 boxes shipped back to Singapore last Aug (long story!!!) and had to dig into them to decided what I needed to bring back. Suffice to say I didn't sleep till 5 am the following morning!

Best pal Ellen came by in the evening. In fact, we had dinner together in AMK town centre and then she stayed the evening to play with the boys. She hasn't seen them for a while. Pity I couldn't stay longer to spend more time with her. It's so hard to see each other as we are both living in different countries and can only communicate via cyberspace. Anyway, glad to know that we managed to spend a bit of time together!

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