Friday, 25 August 2006

>>> Another Creative Productive Day! <<<

Had a scrap session with another friend at Sengkang for a good 4 hours and managed to semi-complete a Summer contest double page LO that is due today!!! Why do I always wait till the last minute... I do not know! Anyway, I'm good at deadline work and have so far managed to produce stuff at the very last minute! Now I've got to finish my DT assignment before I leave Singapore!

Here's one of the LOs completed for a Goals contest that has been taking place since the beginning of this year. One of the goals I had was to scrap at least 1 LO a week and so pleased this has been easily achieved.

Can't say that this is one of my best LO as I had to use only cardstock and frankly I hate that! So had to do the best I could!

Brought Zac with me and he occupied himself playing with toys that were around. He was very good and didn't fuss much. After the scrap session, met up with another friend in Jurong. Have to say that the public transport here is fabulous! It's so easy to get to places without having to wait ages! Can't say the same for the UK! Public transport is a disgrace, not surprising people are tempted to own cars! I wouldn't mind using them if I didn't have to wait like half an hour for a bus!!! Ridiculous!

Discussed with a friend about a scrapbook beginner's class for tomorrow. She has asked me to teach and I obliged. Then we went out for dinner at a food court and had to wait for tables... as it was Friday, the place was fully packed so we had to stand like vultures near table where people were about to finish their food. Not very nice but given the situation, had no choice. Zac wanted noodles so I got yong tau foo and we shared.

On our way back, Zac decided he needed to poo! Gosh, on the train too! Had to persuade him to hold back ... poor soul, he was jumping up and down trying to control his poo. Fortunately we made it home without him soiling himself... and nope, he didn't do one at all when we got home! What an adventure!!!

My camera is back with me!!! Dad had to sent it for repair as the zoom facility wasn't functioning smoothly but thank goodness they got it fixed in time. It's now working better and hopefully that will translate into less blurred pictures!

Oliver went out with his granddad today. He took him to see some fish and birds in Hougang. They wanted to go to Sentosa but it was too late. He was anxious when we got back late and gave Zac a hug when he saw him. He's really a passionate soul that boy! And what did Zac do, push him away!!! I just hope he maintains his sensitivity as he grows older. TTFN!

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