Thursday, 31 August 2006

>>> Thursday Ritual! <<<

Every Thursday, I go to mom-in-law's house with Zac. Well, today was no exception and brought both boys there but not before picking up my Scrapbook Answers magazine from the newsagent. Spent the whole afternoon at her place. The boys were pleased to see and and made sure they zapped her energy. As for me, had a good browse through my magazine while minding the kids at the same time. They can get so boisterous at times!

Needless to say, didn't do much in terms of packing. The scrapping den that hubby so nicely laid out is a right mess as half the shelves contain the boys' toys and they lost no time in taking out every boxes to see what was in there!!!

Oh dear, I so badly need to scrap!!! Another concern is that my Homegrown Hybrid DT kit hasn't arrived! It was supposed to be delivered in Singapore but to date, there is no sign of it either. Have been texting my dad daily to find out but nothing!!! Urghh! Brimming with ideas and nothing to work with... just sooo what I don't need! TTFN!

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