Wednesday, 2 August 2006

>>> Yah! I'm Actually In Singapore!!! <<<

After settling down a little and having a thought, I'm actually in Singapore now! Gosh, I can't believe it but it's true. Unfortunately I'm also suffering severely from jetlag so it doesn't help that my clock system is completely mixed up! Oh well, I'll get over it soon.

The boys woke up at 2am and were screaming hunger so the other half brought them down to ravage for food! I tried to sleep and eventually woke up at 5am and took the boys downstairs. My dad woke up too so helped entertained them as well. The boys were hungry again (they are constantly hungry no matter how often we feed them!!!) so dad made them some toasts.

At about 8am, dad and other half went off to play tennis. The boys watched some kiddies videos while I was battling with sleep which was desperately trying to claim me! Anyway, Zac somehow went off to sleep quietly about 2 hrs later. The other half returned and then went to the doctor's with Oliver. Somehow, he managed to get his left eye swollen by constant rubbing so brought him to the doctor's for checkup where luckily it was just dirt and nothing major! As for moi, went into a comatose state for a good 6 hrs.

In the evening, we headed for a walk towards the shopping mall. Needed to get some cartoons for the kids to watch. The boys even had a play on those battery-operated cars/motorbikes. Had dinner out too at the hawker stalls. (Gosh it does feel good not to do any cooking so far!) Zac insisted on having noodles so we got him a fishball noodle soup. Oliver had fish and chips. Then we made our way back home.

I think we must have drifted off to sleep about 10ish. Well, another day gone and ever so quickly too!!! TTFN!

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