Thursday, 17 August 2006

>>> Immigration Chaos! <<<

What did I do today? Spent the afternoon at the Immigration Centre!!!

Firstly went there to sort out citizenship for my boys. Unfortunately we didn't have all the requirement i.e hubby's employment details and passport so we have to do it when we are in the UK. Then I had to go to another counter to sort out my boys' extension in Singapore. When we first came in by air, they were given 30 days. But when we went to Tanjong Pinang and returned by sea, they were given 14 days. Based on my calculation, their stay would expire on the 25th August and I don't want them to be charged for overstaying so went to get their extension. There the nitemare begin. Firstly I had to fill in 2 forms for each of them. Checked in at the info counter and was then given a number... there were at least 227 people in front of me! Our queue number were 7929 & 7930. When I sat down to wait, they were just calling 7700.... so I had to endure about 3 hrs of waiting time. If I had known, would have brought my Scrapbook Etc. mags to read as I was yawning big time there! Later my dad informed me that a friend of him told him about the waiting time... if only he had mentioned earlier.....!!! Anyway, my sons were given one month extension even though we just needed 4 days!

Hence the whole day wasted! I think it would have been far easier to head out to Johor Bahru, Malaysia for a day trip instead of queuing up like an idiot!!! TTFN!

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