Tuesday, 1 August 2006

>>> Sleep Depravation! <<<

Any idea how sleep depravation actually takes its toll on you? Well, it leaves you extremely grumpy and irritable not to mention the urge to sleep non-stop! Unfortunately, I can't sleep very well on the plane and so I was in-between sleeps while attending to the kids too as they both woke up intermittently. I was trying to find a comfortable sleep position too while not getting into a cramp position. I really marvel at those who can really sleep onboard!

Anyway, about 8.30am (European time), they started serving breakfast. As usual, they made a boo boo with my kids orders and only managed to find 1 child meal while the other one went missing (presumably given to another who didn't order it!) So my youngest had the adult meal. It was all omlette meal which both my kids didn't fancy. In fact they didn't feel like eating at all. Both of them managed to puke as well and guess what... they were't any puke bags too. Luckily I had saved some of the plastic bags that held the headphone and blankets so I was able to use those! Eventually we touched down Singapore at 4.20pm (Singapore time). Got our luggage and met my parents who were ever so excited at seeing the boys.

Got home to my parents' place where we had a change of clothes and chilled out for a while. Then in the evening, brought the boys out to the park for a while. Gosh they had fitted an exercise area where they were built in machines for exercising legs, tummy etc. It was just amazing... now who needs the gym when you can work out for free (will take a pic as I had forgotten my camera!) Then we headed to the shops to get some breakfast cereals for the boys.

By 9pm, I was totally shattered and knackered. All of us went to bed. How long we slept... that would be another story... TTFN!

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