Sunday, 27 August 2006

>>> Celebration! <<<

Whoopee! Met up with my ex-teaching colleagues and best friends today! There are 5 of us in a group and we used to hang out together and it made working life so much easier as we could pour our frustration and jubilation on each other and we would celebrate our outing with a meal. Then slowly we split up and 3 of us moved overseas and we would miss each other each time we came back. But today after god knows how many years, we finally came together and it just felt as if we never left each other at all! We nattered about the good old days and gossiped about other ex-colleagues and found out some have already retired while a couple has passed away due to cancer. Suddenly it just strike me as how old we are getting on.

Anyhow, four of us met at Agnes' house where I had my two boys with me. She has a swimming pool at her condominium and while they swimmed, we nattered away!

After that, brought my boys back home and I left with them for dinner at a well-known restaurant tucked away in an industrial estate! Agnes and Melissa have antennas for searching out good food haunts! Finally met them all including some of their spouses too. Food was great too, a big spread and I felt so bloated when I finished!!! To celebrate the momentus occasion, we decided to pick a number each and buy a lottery ticket for tomorrow. The draw is out tomorrow and if, and only if, we win, ha, no hesitation about extending my stay in Singapore!!! Already they were making plans to go to Johor Bahru, Malaysia for a day trip on Friday.... ahhhh I wanna go!!!

Best mate Ellen, also part of the group, came today on an early morning flight from Shanghai. Went over to her place after dinner for another good tete-a-tete. The last time I saw her was last Sept and it felt so good to be able to chat face to face as opposed to cyberspace! What an awful timing to leave when she is here as I would luv to spend time with her. Feel really pissed off! Managed to even decorate a Provocraft tin for her too!

Got home close to 1am and was thoroughly knackered. Haven't been sleeping well the last few days and went into deep sleep. Haven't even packed too! Guess who will be frantically packing in the wee hours of Tuesday morning!!! TTFN!

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