Saturday, 26 August 2006

>>> Teach! <<<

Helped a friend to teach a beginner's scraping class today. Have almost forgotten what it is like to be a newbie. We had prepared LOs for them but when they showed their photographs, I had to re-design their LOs on the spot instead. Thankfully it wasn't that difficult.

After the teaching session, had to do a spot of shopping for myself. Ollie was with me and he was as good as gold so I got him a Lego set which he wanted so desperately. Then I headed off to Giordano, my fav jeans shop (somehow, their jeans fit me without any altering!). They had a 20% sale so started rummaging the store. Found a pair of jeans that I liked but they hadn't my size which is waist 25. Any way, managed to lay my hands on a drop waist jeans and 2 tops. I will need to hunt down that particular pair in another store. They do have quite a number of stores around.
Got home at 10ish and fell straight to bed. The boys took a wee bit longer to sleep as they were apart the whole day. My parents had brought Zac to the zoo that afternoon and he was telling me what he saw that day! That boy knows his animals quite well!!!

Gosh, need to alter a tin for a friend who's arriving tomorrow as I'll be meeting her! Guess I'll have to get up wee hours to do a spot of altering! She wanted one of those Provocraft altered tin which she had seen one done by me. It will be a very belated birthday pressie for her. Best get it done so that I won't have to lug the tin back with me! TTFN!

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