Sunday, 20 August 2006

>>> Like Fishes In the Water! <<<

Completely chilled out today! Wanted to bring the boys to the zoo but they weren't interested and wanted to go swimming instead so we went to the local pool at 5 pm. It was packed with people but it's to be expected on a weekend.

Headed towards the water slide where Ollie & Zac had fun under the jet sprays and waterfalls. Ollie then tried some underwater swimming while Zac explored the pool under the watchful eye of my dad. I entertained Ollie. Then after a short break of Oreo biscuits (boy do the boys and myself love those biscuits!!!), we went into the deep end where we tried to get the boys to swim properly. Played a game of cat and mouse where Ollie had to catch Zac and moi. I attempted to swim while holding on to Zac's float and found myself going out of breath quite rapidly! Gosh, stamina level quite pathetic!

Had a chat with hubby and was informed that his cousin's little boy (about Zac's age) drowned in a pool in Spain. They had migrated there. Gosh, my sympathies with them and a terrible thing to happen. Hubby told me to watch the boys when they swim.

Got a scrap session tomorrow with my friends and am hoping to get something done but my two boys are coming along so whether I do get anything done is another thing! Anyway, my friends' kids will be there too so at least they will have company. Need to sort some photos out now! TTFN!

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