Thursday, 3 August 2006

>>> New Look! <<<

Yah! Finally made an appointment with my fav hairdresser to get my hair cut! He trimmed off loads from my thick mop and thinned it down considerably. Now my head feel so light! :) I re-coloured it too, covering all the greys that I had and added red strands of highlight. Gosh, I feel so much better now, not having to tie my hair up constantly. Each time I'm down I've to get a proper haircut as I find the Brit hairdresser don't do a good job with my hair, especially the thickness of it! They just don't seem to be able to thin it and make a mess out of it instead. Hence, I've given up on having a hair cut in the UK and only do so when I'm back home.

Did a bit of shopping on my way home too and bought 3 mini skirts and 2 blouses! There was this shop having a 20% off too so it was such a good deal! Gosh, it feel good to be able to walk into a shop and buy clothes that actually fit me as I can't do that in the UK due to my petite size. I couldn't never buy any clothes off the rack as it wouldn't fit me properly. At least here, clothings are suited to the Singaporean girls sizes and hence, I've no difficulty choosing & buying clothes here! I think I shall dedicate this month to clothes as opposed to scrapping stuff! Haven't actually bought any clothes so far this year apart from today!

My dad wanted to bring the kiddos to a dinosaur exhibition but Ollie wasn't feeling too well in the afternoon. In fact both of them went into a comatose state from midday to 5ish! Poor souls, still adjusting to the time zone differences!!!

Right, I'm off to visit a good friend tomorrow. In the nite I do have a wine and dine function to attend courtesy of my dad who had booked us a table. Ha, kids will be coming along too! We have been to one such function before and they were kids too so it shouldn't be too bad.

Gotta go... eyes almost closing now.... TTFN!

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