Friday, 4 August 2006

>>> Catching Up With Friends! <<<

Spent the early morning watching CSI Miami Series 4 (the latest one). Found out that my brother has bought the entire series of the CSI (all 3 of them)... BLISS!!! Guess who will be in seventh heaven watching her fav TV programme! But first, need to watch the latest episodes of CSI Miami, followed by the older series of CSI Las Vegas as I've missed them! Man! This holiday is turning out better than expected!

In the afternoon, caught up with a good friend of mine who owns an online scrapping store. Went to her apartment to luxuriate in all the scrapping stash! I just went straight for the Making Memories tiny alpha stickers which I've been dying to lay my hands on. Stopped myself from picking up any foam stamps or papers for the moment!

Later in the evening, had a wine and dine function at my dad's club. As it was informal, kids were allowed and the theme was to celebrate National Day... yup, Singapore is turning 41 on 9th August. It was quite enjoyable, free flow of wine and every table was given a bottle of champagne too! I skipped the alcohol bit and focus on the food instead. I'm not a drinker and don't really like the taste of alcohol. I can drink if I want to but prefer to abstain most of the time! The boys were quite excited and Oliver was so taken in by the bit when they started to celebrate National Day by singing patriotic songs and cutting the cake. Have to say, brought a lump to my throat and only increased my yearning to be back home for good!!!
Rite... off to bed now as I've got a crop tomorrow and will be meeting more local scrappers as well as the creative team members of the Scrapping E-zine that I'm part of. Finally get to see them in person as opposed to mere communication via the forum! TTFN!

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