Tuesday, 15 August 2006

>>> Lego Galore! <<<

Stayed at home with the kids in the morning. It rained like cats and dogs with lightning too so thought it would be better to stay in instead. Hubby did pop out to the Lego store to get them some Lego sets as he had promised them.

The boys were delighted to see him or rather the toys when he got in. He had gotten a small dinosaur set for Zac and a fairly big car set for Ollie that he had to fix himself as it was slightly out of the age range for Oliver. He only got it as it was half price. He had bought a third Dinosaur set but kept it away for tomorrow.

In the afternoon, we had wanted to go to the Science Centre to see the Dinosaur exhibition but the kids wanted to fix their Lego set instead. Moreover Ollie was having a cold too and sniffing badly so we gave it a miss. Instead, daddy and the boys played with Lego. Oh well, might as well spend the last second day with them as he won't be seeing them for the next 2 weeks.

In the evening, we attended a food celebration of my dad's friend. They held a food feast in honour of the Hungry Ghosts (which is this month ... basically they give offerings to the ghosts to aplease them. They also burn paper money, any modcons etc. to ensure the next afterlife is comfortable. This practice is done by the Taoist religion.) Anyway, we just ate the food!

My dad's friends were amazed to see the boys... how fast they had grown and everyone thought I had a boy and a girl... as usual, they had mistaken Zac for a girl! Not surprising as he is always mistaken for a girl despite putting him in male attire. I think it's partly his hair as it's like a bob but since he has such fine hair, can't imagine him in any other hairstyle. Gosh, sometimes I really did wish he was born a girl instead!!!

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