Sunday, 6 August 2006

>>> Shopping! <<<

Left the kids with my parents and hubby, my brother and I took off to Sim Lim Square, a well-known electronical shopping centre, 5 stories high filled with electronical products eg. cameras, camcorders, computer peripherals etc. A bargain galore to any keen electronical geeks or even normal shoppers aspiring to buy cheap products. I tend to buy computer parts from there. Hubby was on a mission to check out the latest Sony PSP handheld game set. Someone has asked him to check the price out. I wanted to get a wireless card for my laptop but was lured by the cheap laptop/notebooks available and was desperately trying to persuade hubby into getting one. My current one is at least 4 yrs old and is sadly lacking in disk space as well as latest technology, not to mention it's coping badly with my current needs. My brother bought himself a new casing ... he's gonna build himself a new computer as the current one is playing up. Hubby got some sound advice regarding the latest Sony handheld set and decided against buying... rightly so as #1, he doesn't play games at all #2, he's far too busy with work to even get involve in games & #3, we don't want Ollie to be addicted to playing computer games at such a young age... nothing worst than becoming an unsociable geek!

Later, got my brother to drop us off at Orchard Road, the main shopping area in the capital. Hubby headed to Takashimaya, a Japanese shopping mall to look for a shirt and a tie. I was browsing around and found some scrapping embellishment that didn't cost a bomb. Grab a plastic alpha set that is akin to the Heidi Swapp kind, some alpha initials that allow ribbons to be threaded through and a box of screw brads. Could have picked more but didn't want hubby to moan at the amount bought. Later headed towards a scrapbooking store and picked up a pack of 7 Gypsies 97% tags (something I've been dying to lay my hands on) and a Heidi Swapp alpha mask selling for S$12.90 (4.30 pounds). Was about to pay when I was told that I could use my Scrapper's Loft card to get a 15% discount. Hence, the items went back to the shelf and I told them I would re-appear the following day with my card!

Then hubby and I sat down at Coffee Bean and ordered some drinks and watched the world go by. It was nice to be able to go out without the kids. We reached home at about 7ish and both the boys were sleeping. Apparently Ollie grew tired of waiting for us to come back. We had promised to bring him swimming. It was a big mistake letting them sleep as it screwed their sleeping hours later!!! TTFN!
(p.s. under IE, not allowing me to load pictures.... sigh... will have to wait till I get a chance to use Firefox instead!)

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