Tuesday, 22 August 2006

>>> Shopping! <<<

It's a day of shopping today! Brought them to Popular book store where I picked up some English, Mathematics and Science assessment books for Ollie. Then we went into Ang Mo Kio town centre where the two boys chose a superhero costume. Zac picked up an Incredible one while Ollie had a blue PowerRanger.

In the evening, Ollie had private tennis coaching. He didn't do too badly, and was able to hit balls using his forehand as well as backhand. The coach said he had good ball sense so I might arrange another last session before we leave.

Received several calls today from my good friends who are ex-colleagues too. We met each other in a primary school when we were teachers and became great friends. Then 3 of us left for overseas (UK, China & Malaysia) while the other two continued as teachers. Now, all 3 of us are back, well, at least one will be back this coming Sunday so we are having a meetup this coming weekend. It would be so good to be able to see them again and have a good natter.

Right off to scrap if I can... TTFN!

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