Friday, 18 August 2006

>>> A Day Of Dinosaurs! <<<

Finally got down to sorting out the scrapping boxes under the stairs. Took out some papers to sell off and some stash to bring home. There was still a box to be opened but as it was approaching 5am, had to go to bed.

Brought the kids to see the Dinosaur exhibition at the Science Centre. My opinion, quite comprehensive exhibition regarding the dinosaurs but as usual, didn't have a chance to look at them as I had to keep an eye on the boys as they went wild and was running from one exhibit to another. At one stage we lost Zac but found him strolling nonchalantly about! That boy sure can give me a panic attack. Then I got them into a sand pit where they were given a brush to look for bones. There was even a documentary on T-Rex/Teeny-Rex (as Zac calls him... doesn't he make it sound so adorable???) & Triceratop which was very interesting but the boys got bored so had to go out. Pity as I would have love to sit and watch it.

Went home after the exhibition but then brought Ollie to Orchard Road where I had to hand over some punches and books to a scrapper who had bought them off me. Then headed off to the Lego shop where I had promised them some toys. Darn shop is limited on small Lego sets but somehow managed to find something for the boys. Then headed to the bookstore to check out on scrapping mags and browsed through CK Sep issue but didn't find it worthwhile to buy it. Instead got myself some Micron archival pens at different nib sizes. They will come in super handy for journalling. Pity they only came in black!

Hardly scrapped this month and I've got assignments to complete. Hoping to do them this weekend or this coming Monday as I've got a scrap session coming up. The days are just flying by so quickly. Checked out the Homegrown blog where it is revealing the upcoming products for Trilogy and Hybrid! Wow! Great stuff coming out and just can't wait to lay my hands on them... mostly a lot of new items from CHA!

Met up with an old friend tonight and had a great time chatting about the past, present and future. We do share a lot of similar interests and it was fun being able to natter about what interest us a lot. Luckily mom agreed to babysit the boys and they were still up when I got back, apparently waiting for me to come back to show me their built Legos!

While coming back on the MRT (tube) at 11.30pm, it was jam-packed full of people and I'm wondering at that hour it is still so crowded! You would never ever find a bus packed full of people at that hour in Birmingham! In fact, I would never have gone out after dark in the first place using a public transport. Here, I rely on them a lot as I don't feel incline to drive as the MRT serves my need perfectly! I tend to go out at nite quite often in Singapore, partly it's cooler and the nite life here is so vibrant! I luv shopping at nite or eating out with friends. I'm definitely suited to the lifestyle of the Far East! I remember having a blast in Shanghai last Sept... having my hair washed and blowed dry at 11ish pm where hair salon doesn't close till midnite! What a laugh! It's a flipping bore in Birmingham unless you wanna get pissed drunk in those watering holes! Most shops are closed by 6pm and the only entertainment at nite is either to drink yourself silly or be entertained in a girlie bar! Not surprising I rather surf on the net at nite or watch CSI instead! Sigh! Best make the most of my next 2 weeks in Singapore before returning to the humdrum lifestyle of a SAHM! TTFN!

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