Sunday, 30 September 2007

>>> OMG I Saw IT! <<<


I was up at 4ish in the morning and as I was getting ready to go to bed, I saw a mouse! OMG! I had to stifle my scream otherwise the entire neighbourhood would have heard me! I think the mouse was more shocked than I was as IT scarpered away into the boiler cupboard! Woke up hubby immediately to tell him and had him accompanied me to the toilet as I couldn't bear to go in there by myself! Made him promise to get rid of the bugger! We knew IT existed as we have found mouse droppings of late and even in my craft room! But seeing IT made it too real for comfort!

Anyway, the day was spent at Junction 7 crop, worrying over the little bugger, wondering if I'm ever able to stay alone in the house with full knowledge that IT actually existed and is running about happily and sniffing around merrily!

Hubby did put out a couple of mousetraps before we went to bed... let's see what happens tomorrow.....


OMG, IT is caught! Yup, IT has been caught by a mousetrap, that hubby put in the boiler cupboard. Have to say IT looked far smaller than what I saw and grey instead of brown. The one I saw was far bigger and browner but then in that heat of the moment, I could have been mistaken! Anyway, my hair simply stood on ends when I saw IT! Took a a few photos but I'm not even gonna reveal it as it's so gross! Hubby buried the poor bugger in the the garden!

Later Carolyn, a team member on UKS recommended me this sonic device that scares off rodents. Apparently it emits a high pitch sound that only these pests can hear and it drives them nuts and they disappear! I'm gonna get them and put them in every rooms in the house! Wonder if they do one for cats! Again, nothing against cat owners but I hate it when the neighbours' cats (that there are a few of them!!!) come into our garden to pee and poo! Why the hell can't they do it in their own home. What's worst when they do it in the kids' sandpit (we do have a cover but you know how kids are... they tend to forget to cover their sandpit container after playing)! So darn annoying and their poo really stink to high heaven!!!

Anyway, I'm glad IT is caught. Now hoping there isn't anymore of IT and its relatives about! TTFN!

Saturday, 29 September 2007

>>> It's Friday! <<<

And there' s no food in the house! We're out of food completely, no meat, vegetable ... nothing! But I didn't mind, it means no cooking! We had our usual curry takeaway but oh what a major disappointment! Firstly the popadum was soft... as in not crunchy! That is a major crime... how on earth can you munch on crackers that is soft! It was disgusting. Then the king prawn in the curry that we ordered didn't taste fresh! Hubby was mighty suspicious and we decided against eating it. so imagine, a king prawn curry without the prawns! I was so pissed. That's it! We are no longer gonna order from that takeaway. In fact I gave it a 2nd chance as we had ordered from the store a few weeks back and hubby mentioned that the standard of quality had gone down. I decided to try again but tough! It failed badly so no way am I supporting the store again! Just in case anyone living in Birmingham thinks of ordering from them... beware of The Planet Spice located on Coventry Road! AVOID at all cost!

The hunt is on for another curry takeaway! TTFN!

Friday, 28 September 2007

>>> More Domestic Chores! <<<

Hoovered the house thoroughly and glad to say it's sparkling clean now, free from dust! Thank goodness we only have carpet in my bedroom (haven't had the chance to decorate it yet) and the stairways (for safetly sake!) I absolutely dislike carpets as they smell over time... they somehow tend to absorb the smell within and although the occupants do not realise it, it does become evident to outsiders. When we were looking for houses 7 years ago, certain houses we viewed were a no no from the start due to the smell especially animal ones! Those who kept dogs where really very smelly. I'm sorry but the occupants may not realise it but outsiders can easily smell it outright! It absolutely put us off instantly. I'm not against people keeping pets but for goodness sake, if you are gonna sell your house, make sure the house doesn't smell of them! Apart from animal keepers, those who smoke is another smelly factor! It's amazing how you can easily smell it from the doorstep without even stepping into the house!

My BackPorch Memories Oct kit arrived. Wow, can't wait to get creating!

Heard a piece of good news! SIL is getting married! She was divorced but found a new love and he proposed on her 40th birthday! How romantic! Now I'm praying she doesn't get married next summer as we are due to go to Singapore! TTFN!

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

>>> Oo La La! <<<

I'm in a nesting mode at the present and I'm not even pregnant! Been organising my craft supplies yesterday as it has reached a dire state where I just can't bear to even look at it! Sorted out all my ribbons into ziplock baggies and colour coded them accordingly onto a book ring. Then sorted out all the papers that belonged to kits and where I've already created LOs with (mostly my DT kits). After creating 3-4 projects with them, I doubt very much I will touch them again. So in they went into my cropper hopper folders, sorted by colour of course! That was last nite!

This morning, threw out a loadful of choccies boxes... god knows why I was keeping them! So now I've got a shelf to use! Will be clearing out old mags too as I'm fast running out of space in my craft room and it's a proper bedroom on top of that! Would have sorted out all the bellies but I had to clear the pantry!

So the afternoon was spent clearing the pantry and throwing out 3/4 of the stuff in there! Hubby found evidence of mice pilfering in there and hence the clearout! True enough, found mice droppings and evidence of plastic bags broken into. Had to dig out all the tupperware that I possess to put food in it. I wiped clean all the shelves and re-arranged each shelf so that they are now sorted according to categories i.e. beverages, spices, tin food etc. Let's hope hubby will keep them the way it is as he has a knack of merely throwing stuff in there which seriously piss me right off! I'm the organised one where each and every stuff have a place to go. My logic is that if you know where they are kept, then you don't need to hunt for it. But he's the opposite, 'chuck them everywhere so that you have to hunt for it when you need it most!'

Rite, off to sort out my craft room.... got a load of stuff to chuck out/sell off and simply get rid of! TTFN!

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

>>> Eeks! <<<

We got mice in the house! Hubby found evidence of them raiding the food in the pantry (i.e. half eaten bread, holes in plastic bags etc). This is bad. I know they exist as we found their droppings about in the house and even in my craft room. We did set a mouse trap but failed to catch any! I've gotta clear out the pantry tomorrow and start putting stuff in containers now! What a pain! Damn the bloody mice! Have to make sure we don't leave food lying around now.

Was in Birmingham town centre this morning on a mission... to search for assessment books for my boys, notably Ollie! I'm gonna start preparing him for entry to the King Edwards Grammar School! There is absolutely no way I'm letting him go to the local secondary school as I'm not terribly impressed by the students there! I was once approached by a gal asking me to buy cigarettes for her. Also most of the gals look so 'sluttish', wearing skirts that just about covering their arses! Makes me wonder if they are there to study or to slut themselves! I just can't believe their parents would allow them to wear such short skirts in the first place and the school to allow them in! Anyway, I'm gonna start preparing my son for the entrance exams to the Grammar school! About time I put my teacher's training knowledge to good use! TTFN!

Monday, 24 September 2007

>>> Peace At Last! <<<

Today marks the day where both boys are in school full time, leaving me a good 6 hours of freetime! Zac finally starts full time from today onwards and what a relief! He was beginning to get bored and was asking me when he could have his meals in school and when he could see his best friend (who incidentally is in the same school albeit different class). Oh well, he sure did have fun with his best friend and even carried on when we went over to the Juniors to pick the older kids up! He has an elder sister in Juniors too.

As for me, tidied the house, did the usual boring chores and settled down to craft. Finished off a CJ... for once, I'm on time! Then, did some ATCs for swaps! Wayyyy behind schedule for that!

Weather's awful! There's even tornado in areas in Nuneaton! Gosh, looks like summer is well and truly gone!

Was watching a documentary on ITV whereby there's another more deadly bacteria ESBL E Coli that exists in chicken from non-EU countries!!! There's only 1 group of antibiotics that can treat it and it does kills! Gosh, makes you wonder whether it's time to go vegetarian!!! Also on the news is another deadly virus that hit a cow, bluetongue and it seems the only way to stop it is for the cold weather to descend on us as it will stop the virus in its track! Can't see that happening anything soon though but who knows, with such freaky weather we have this year, might just happen! TTFN!

Sunday, 23 September 2007

>>> Life Is Made Of ...<<<


Train ride at the Amusement Centre

Fun at the bouncy castle
At the playground

Another fun equipment at the playground

Helping with the locks at Hatten Locks!

Went to Warwick Park in the afternoon to make the most of the disappearing summer! Weather was ok, the usual gloominess but thankfully it didn't rain. The kids had a ball in the Amusement Park, trying out all the rides and games. We had a little snack and then headed to the playground for them to expand their energy further. Have to say it was a brillant playground with great play activities. I'm really impressed with the equipment.

It started to rain as we reached home! Just as well we did enjoy ourselves! TTFN!

Friday, 21 September 2007

>>> Scrap For Fun! <<<

Finally had a chance to scrap for myself, just moi alone without any DT commitments and boy did I enjoy it!!! Made use of Scarlet Lime Sep kit (a debut kit) that I bought and it contains such yummy goodies! Here's my effort:

This LO came along pretty quickly and with all the fun elements, I totally luv it! Think I'm gonna frame it and put it in my craft room wall which is a little bare. Check out the cute stamps (journaling spot and wings) from the kit. That was what prompted me to buy the kit!!! I confess to having a serious weakness for stamps!

Oh, had a letter from Tesco today! I had complained to them about their one month overdue item on the shelf and today, they apologized and gave me a £5 money card! Wow! I'm suitably impressed by their customer service. At least they showed interest in what their customers are saying and act appropriately. See it does pay to complain.

The Charity Crop organisers (that's Morag, Nikki and moi) had a photo shoot today to publicise the event in the local newspapers. Ohhh, I'm definitely gonna be scrapping that photo. Incidentally, we only have very few places left! Gosh didn't realise how popular it was going to be and I'm so glad. I'm hoping it will raise a considerable amount of money for Cancer Research UK and we have had such good response from sponsors of the event. We have had donations locally and internationally as well. We are now in the midst of planning the event and making sure it will be a fun-filled day! TTFN!

Thursday, 20 September 2007

>>> Finally Done It! <<<

Haircut that is! I've finally done it and had my hair cut which hasn't been near a scissors for over a year. It's been growing and getting rather unruly and needed a good trim. My phobia was going into any hairdresser as most of the time I'm so unsatisfied with the outcome. My hair is very coarse and very thick at the back and need thinning. However, I find that most English hairdressers are unable to thin my hair satisfactorily. So where did I go and cut it... at a Barbers' instead! There is this guy who's dad has the same kind of hair as I do (well, he's a Malaysian) and his son is used to cutting such type of hair. Hence, I begged him to do mine and he did a satisfactorily job. I even got him to give me a fringe! I'm pretty pleased with it. Had the chunk lobbed off and now it's shoulder's length. I used to have it tied all the time. It's great to be able to move my head freely without hair in my face! Now to condition it thoroughly as it's very dry. Was at a supermart trying to look find a suitable moisturiser hair product. Then I decided to go back to basic.... use olive oil instead! Now to find one that isn't used for cooking! I just don't want to stick too much chemicals onto my already damaged hair!

I might wack it shorter once I get used to the length! It would be too much of a shock system to suddenly go from so much hair to hardly any!!!


Tuesday, 18 September 2007

>>> Mere Ramblings! <<<

This was what we did yesterday!

The boys cycling ahead!

At the adventure playground.

Zac with no bread to feed the ducks. He should have saved his crusts!

Moi on my bike, all bundled up as usual. I'm only comfortable in temperatures 30 deg C and above!

Yup spent the day at Kingsbury Waterpark and had a ball of a time. Weather was great and just terrific for cycling. As usual, had a slight drama where Ollie and myself lost sight of hubby and Zac. He had asked us to go ahead and so we did then as we waiting at a junction, both didn't appear. So we cycled back and couldn't find them. Decided to go back to the carpark to wait for them and Ollie had a play in the playground. Half an hour later, still no sight of them and stupidly I had forgotten my mobile... typical! So back on our bikes, we tried to look for them and had a great time cycling. We did eventually join up with them when we took another route next to the railway lines and saw them in the opposite direction!

Before going back, we had a ride on this miniature railway train. Gosh, they built a huge railway track and we had a fun time on the train! The track is new as it wasn't there before and I'm sure they will be expanding the lines.

I'm hoping we can do this more often before the weather gets too cold. Just irks me that we barely had enough warm weather this year and it's starting to get cold again! The weather sucks here! TTFN!

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

>>> LOs To Share! <<<

Here's some LOs created using BackPorch Memories Sept Solo kit comprising of Scenic Route Ashville papers:

Decided to play with masking technique and re-discovered gesso! Think I'll be using that more often!

A 6x12" LO using Fancy Pants transparency as the base! Ok, I just had to scrap this photo of Zac in the toilet playing his DS!!! Was looking for him in the house and found him in the toilet deeply engrossed playing with his DS. Where on earth does a 4 yr old learn such stuff???

This is a laminated mini album. Basically I laminated papers and photos and added the embellishment on the outside. Took the idea of Morag, scrap buddy, who made a lovely album and decided to try one for myself. Applied the 'KISS' (Keep it Simple Stupid! LOL) method and finished it within 3 hours! I normally balk at doing mini album as it would take me days to complete and by then, I start getting bored. However, this new method means I actually complete it within hours and get to see the finished work. Hence I'm starting to enjoy making mini albums now.


Here's some LOs created using Homegrown Sept Trilogy kit. Papers consisted of Bo Bunny and Fancy Pants:

Lots of the boys' school photos. Figured I need to get them out of the way asap! Here's Zac's first day in school.

Ollie's artwork on display at Infant School.

Ollie's first day in Juniors.

Zac's at Nursery last year. Noticed how long his hair was then! LOL! He was constantly being mistaked as a girl!

A 6x12" LO. Luv this size for its ease and simplicity!

This is a mini album created using Bo Bunny papers. Used the 'KISS' method and completed it within 3 hrs! Quite pleased with the result!


>>> Booster Jab! <<<

Poor Zac had to have his booster jab today. He had no idea what was in store for him and played happily at the clinic in the toy corner. Hubby actually came from work to give support and I'm glad he did as the experience freaked me out. Got into the nurse's room and she hadn't prepared and we were witnessed to her ramaging for the jabs.... not very reassuring! To be honest, I'm so against the jabs but hubby so darn influenced by the media, felt it was necessary! Having got her jabs ready, the nurse realised she forgotten the paper work and had to nib outside to get it! The moment came and hubby had to hold Zac firmly. The first shot given and Zac was a little stunned. He didn't cry yet but when he came to the second shot, he started to bawl a little and tried to push the nurse's hand away. So I had to restrain his hands and legs while hubby held him tightly. Poor soul really cried when the 2nd jab was given. Just as well I wasn't holding him as I would have stopped the jab!!!

Thankfully he was ok later and went off to school in the afternoon. As a reward, he did have a long play on his DS. Will have to monitor him for the next few days to make sure he doesn't suffer from any side effects.

After sending Zac to school, I went to Tesco in the hope of exchanging an overdue date item! I had bought a tin of Temptation mixed fruits and nuts on Sat and when I wanted to eat it the next day, I discovered it was more than a month overdue!!! I couldn't believe it and had to get hubby to double checked the date but there was no mistake. I can't believe Tesco would sell an overdue item to the public. At Tesco, I was told I had to go back to the original store, Tesco Solihull, if I wanted to exchange the product otherwise I could get a refund. I opted for a refund but then as the grocery was bought using hubby's credit card, hence I couldn't get a refund as I didn't have hubby's credit card with me! So I'm stuck, can't exchange nor get a refund! So darn annoying and I refused to drive the extra miles to exchange for a product that is worth 99p... my petrol expense would be more than that! Absolutely disgusted and I shot a letter of complaint to their customer service. Let's see what response I get. Here's the proof:

The irony: trying to buy something healthy to munch on and you end up with a product that is more than a month overdue!!! Normally I would check but that day I had the boys with me and they were misbehaving so I just had to grab the item quickly! Well, never again... in future I will check every item I buy as getting a refund is such a hassle! TTFN!

Saturday, 8 September 2007

>>> The Routine Commences! <<<

It's Saturday and the routine has started. I'm afraid staying in bed isn't an option as Ollie has swimming lesson at 8.30am at the local baths. Then at 1.30pm, we re-enrolled him for Mandarin classes. We put Zac in too but later was told he was a wee bit too young as he's still under 5. Hence we were told to come back after Xmas but I think I'll wait till next year's enrolment as he is required to do some writing and he was concerned that he couldn't write. Well, he's still getting to grips with his pencil. We were told that it was due to insurance cover that stipulate coverage for kids 5 and above! Oh well, another year's wait won't harm him and anyway, I can teach him using Ollie's books. I really do need to speak to them in Mandarin.

The afternoon was spent in Tesco doing grocery shopping for the week. It's amazing how long one can easily spent at the supermart especially with 2 kids! I had to stock up food as my boys are getting hungrier by the day. They will start hunting for food immediately after dinner!!! Dread to think of the food bill when they hit their teens! I reckon we'll probably spend the bulk on food.

Rite, off to do some creating as deadlines are looming! TTFN!

>>> Actually Did Some Housework! <<<

Oh gosh!!! I cleaned the bathroom today. Usually not one of my fav chores and I avoid it as much as I can however, it has reached a stage where it was beginning to get slimy and green, yes green and I realised I couldn't ignore it further. So after sending Zac off to school, I came home, armed with rubber gloves and a scrubber, headed towards the bathroom to give it a good clean out! Have to say, it wasn't as bad as I thought and I finished it up in 20 mins. Now it's sparkling! Let's see how long that will last before I do the next clean up!

I need to tackle the boys' room. They seriously need some good storage space and a writing table. Will have to take a look at Ikea's Pax system to sort something out. That goes for their clothes too. I'm fast running out of space to put their clothes and seriously need to remove their 'can't wear anymore' clothes! On the subject of that, I do need to clear my wardrobe too. I've got tons of stuff that I've not worn in years and god knows why I'm keeping them!!!! I seem to be wearing the same stuff all over so about time I get rid of those 'out of sight, out of mind' clothes! I was hoping to do that when my mom came over as she's good at throwing stuff out but the mere thought of cleaning out just reduced me to a state of immobility! Besides, majority would be her clothes as mom has a habit of buying clothes 'cos she like them and 'cos it's cheap. She has store cards that give her a discount and she indulges in spending them on clothes, some of which she hardly ever wears and passes them on to me. OK some of the stuff she buys are ok but not a lot of them which I can't find myself wearing them to be honest!!! Sigh! I seriously dread the thought of moving house.... there would be a gigantic amount of stuff to clear away. To think when we moved in here, we hardly had anything as hubby was living with his mom. Now, I shudder just to think of the stuff we have to clear from the loft alone!!! TTFN!

Friday, 7 September 2007

>>> First Day of School! <<<

for Zac!!! Yup he started Infant school today (well, Thurs, 6th Sept) and he was kinda excited. Have to say he looks far too grown up in his uniform! Can't believe how fast time has flown.

Initially he's goes in the afternoon from 1pm to 3.25pm. He will start full time on the 24th Sep. That's way too long in my opinion.

He was ok going into class. First he had to pick his name tag and then he walked straight in without fuss. He looked around and then came to me and ask if he could use the computer!!! Typical! I told him to ask his teacher.

Came back for him at 3.25pm and he was smiling. Think he enjoyed himself and told me he spent his time playing on the computer!!! Oh dear, let's hope he does play with other stuff and mixed around. TTFN!

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

>>> Official Day In School! <<<

It was Ollie's first day in school at Juniors! It's a new school too although it's not entirely new to him as it's located next to his Infant School and he did have violin orchestra practise there. He wasn't too keen to go but seeing his friends, he was ok. Gosh, can't believe he's growing up fast!

Incidentally, he has a male teacher this year.... mmm gotta put on my thinking cap regarding gifts... not easy making gifts for male teacher. TTFN!

>>> What A Dork <<<

I am!!!! Woke up early this morning to send my son to school, his first day where I took photos etc. only to find the compound eerily quiet, devoid of pupils and parents!!!! Duh! Had to go back where I checked the date only to find it's tomorrow! How on earth did I ever think it was the 3rd! Wasted my time getting up early for nothing! I'm always getting school dates wrong despite writing it down on the calendar. I really have to try to get on top of such stuff!!! Maybe I need to do do a planning diary for the boys.... mmmmmm a scraping project perhaps? TTFN!

Sunday, 2 September 2007

>>> Simply Chillin' Out! <<<

The last holiday weekend before the boys start school. We merely chilled out on Sat and caught a Transformer movie in the evening. The boys were mesmerised by it as they have been playing with their Nintendo DS Transformer game and know the characters by hard. I've to say, I did enjoy the movie and it was gripping with excitement. The boys even wanted the DVD when it does come out. After the movie, Ollie dragged us to the the arcade where there was one of those machines to pick toy out and there was a selection of transformers dolls. Left with no choice, we tried and got a toy with the first try. Of course we had to try for a second doll but without success. Hence the doll was eventually given to Zac when he made a fuss!

Sunday is another chillin' out day! The boys didn't feel like going out and preferred to play with their DS! Hubby pottered about in the garden. He even managed to get a bamboo plant for the new plot land. As for myself, caught up with my crafting that needed to be done!

I leave with a LO created using BackPorch Memories Sept Solo kit featuring Scenic Route Ashville papers:

Excuse the bad scan! My scanner just dislike yellow/orangy kind of colours!!! Beside it was pretty lumpy hence the slight shadow.

Hop over to the BackPorch Memories forum as a new set of challenges as well as a Guest DT spot is now on. For every challenges attempted, you earn a ticket for a prize draw at the end of the month. Paula does great prizes, coming from one who experienced her generosity! TTFN!

Saturday, 1 September 2007

>>> LOs To Share! <<<

Here's some LOs I did for Homegrown Summer Survival programme:

LO created using WRMK Brillance papers and Rusty Pickle Island Summer paper.

Papers by Creative Imaginative Narrative and Love Elsie Toby papers.

LO using Rusty Pickle Island Summer papers.

Another Rusty Pickle Island Summer papers

LO using Love Elsie Toby papers.

A 12x6 LO using Rusty Pickle Island Summer papers.